Friday, 2 March 2012

A new 'do'

"Just take a little off the length"

- After finishing college at 10 o'clock this morning and walking through the college main building on my way out and seeing this. 

I felt rather joyful knowing the weekend is upon me and I had a whole day of doing absolutley NOTHING. Woo Hoo
And when I have nothing to do…
I shop 

Although this time I hit the hairdressers. It was a rather odd impulsive act that took over me and given that I haven't been to the hairdressers for about 18 months and the last time I had my hair cut was shortly before my 18th birthday. Instead of visiting my usual haunt I decided to try and have a speedy cut at the walk in hairdressers 'Supercuts' 
cheap and cheerful and I only wanted a trim.

Four hours after sitting in the chair.

Here I am.
Hair MUCH shorter and highlights, dark chocolate brown ones to be precise.

Basically my hair was knackered from the constant straigtening, extentions, backcoming and dying so I was advised to have a good inch and a bit taken off my hair, at first this didn't look bad until she actually snipped it and I wondered where four years of growing out an inverted bob had gone?

Never the less my hair hair feels much, much better and is now restored to a lovely condition which in theory should enable it to grow nice and lush.

As for the 'slice' colouring, I first chose a dark berry red that didn't show up AT ALL, so for free she mixed up a much, much darker chocolate brown and popped that through my hair and I absolutley love the dynamic blend it wooshes through my red. I think it is a rather mature colour ha ha.

I always hate waiting so long in foils but today I felt relaxed and felt a new season meant a new do!

Love Holl



  1. Love the cut and the colour looks gorgeous! Just gives it that something a bit different!x

  2. Looks beautiful, the cut looks great :)

  3. Ohhh you look fabulous Hollie!! xxx

    Tor @ That's Peachy fashion blog xx

  4. i love it!! absolutely beautiful Hollie :) x x x

  5. Oh my goodness, you are SO gorgeous! Holy crapola, your hair is to die for! Congrats on your picture in college too by the way :) I know what you mean about the foils, haha I used to always get bored when they were in and try sneak them off. So worth it because it's lovely :) xx

  6. Ooooh your hair looks gorgeous! xx

  7. it looks gorgeous xx

  8. Love your hair! It looks gorgeous!! x

  9. Gorgeous! Especially love the colour! :) x

  10. your hair looks gorgeous! x

  11. Your hair looks beautiful <3 xxx

  12. This is so so nice! Making me want to have abit more than usual chopped off!
    Ashlie x


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