Sunday, 25 March 2012

Primark & Avon Haul

Keep on
Haulin' xo

- My week has literally been spent! I have blown my wage a little prematurely on numerous jugs of 'Sex On The Beach', Pina Colarada and pepperoni pizza post night out. However, not all is lost, I did manage to pop into my usual haunt Primark and I also managed to get my nose stuck into the Avon catalogue.

This week I wore this dress from Blue Star, I must have bought it about two years ago and have rarely worn it. I found it sitting patiently waiting in my wardrobe for it's debut. Without further ado it was on and was teamed happily with my pink floral wedges from an earlier post this week.

[A rather awkward stance I must say ha ha! My friend Charlotte was rushing to take the picture as our taxi was getting grumpy outside]


Onto the hauling….


Pretty Pjarma playsuit £5
- I love this, I haven't bought any new pjay's for a long time and when I spotted this little playsuit hanging up I had to snap it up. I love the vintage, pretty print and the overall fit is just really cute and girly. Perfect for the summertime and the warmer nights I reckon! Time to cast aside my leopard print fleece bottoms and hot pink hoody top and say hello summery pjays!

Elasticated, vintage head band - £2.50
- All winter i have been obsessed with my furry leopard print ear bandeau and I am sad to not be wearing it daily to help keep my ears nice and snug now the weather is getting warmer! So, just like my pjays! It has been replaced with a spring/summer version! i love the flower applique on the band and I think it will compliment a messy bun really nicely.

'Shirt about town' - Ivory - £4
- I am literally obsessed with these tops at the moment I have one in taupe, another in brown and a black one. It was only right to add a cream one to my collection. These tops are just so floaty and light and spring like. I like to purchase mine in a size bigger to add to the 'floatyness' and so that the back covers up my bum as these tops look great with leggings and jeggings! I usually wear mine with dark navy jeggings.

Make up bag - £2.50
- I would be lying if i said I needed this. I have about a million makeup bags but obviously the leopard print and the cute bows swung this one for me. And like her a handbag, a girl can never have too many makeup bags! After all it does have to be fit for purpose, housing all my treasured beauty products!


Far Away 'Exotic' - £11 with free gift
- I first smelt the original 'Far Away' when I was around seven or eight years old in a talc powder form and I fell in love with it then, I would spinkle the scented poweder in my hair because I loved the smell, as you can imagine white powder, dark hair? 
what were people thinking?
Anyway, I never rediscovered it again until the new Avon catalogue came out and I unearthed the new version! I ordered it right away as the scent reminds me of holidays, sun tan lotion and pina colarda cocktails, It really is exotic and I want to make this my 'daytime' scent throughout the summer.
And better still, because I purchased it on release it came with this beautiful, pashima scarf. The colours are my favourite colours and I love the softeness and legnth of the scarf.

B E Autiful

Finally I ordered this cute little number.
Hello Kitty overnight bag £11.
- Whenever I sleep out, I never have a specific bag to keep all my overnight things in and I end up toteing a huge, heavy bag full of my normal hangbag things and then my pjarmas and the next days clothes. When I spotted this in the catalogue I snapped it up on my list right away. I love hello kitty and I love the way she has been made into a little cupcake!
It isn't overly huge but perfect for a little over night stay. :)



  1. Ahhhh how cute is that Hello Kitty bag, love it x x

  2. Great post like the leopard print makeup bag :) x

  3. aww i want that hello kitty bag because i have the exact same problem xx


  4. Like what you bought, I havent been to Primark in ages (uhm last month :)..) have to make a quick trip soon! Ixx


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