Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Primark Haul.

Pretty in Pink

- This morning I met up with the lovely Emma from Aramis and Designer Fragrances in the Harvey Nicholls bar. It really was a beautiful morning and I felt rather summery in my cream chiffon blouse and oversized, totoiseshell sunglasses. We had a lovely time chatting about different fragrances and sipping on Mock-i-to's and Indian summer cocktails, non alcoholic I might add, it was far too early for wine time..although in my opinion there really should be no time limit on when 'wine time' can commence. That said, when I came home I cracked open some Pimms and sat in the garden drinking it and enjoying the sunshine.

-Before I left Leeds I couldn't resist not having a few sneaky detours inside my favourite shops. I popped into Primark and picked up a few bits and bobs.

Now, brace yourself

everything you will see is totally not atypical Holl.

However, today I felt a little more 'girly' so to speak and cast away my usual black, leather look leggings and leopard print blouse aside for some more 'romantic' pieces.

I saw these sat pretty on the shelf alongside a few other floral designs that I am talking myself out of buying because if i don't I know I will be straight back there to buy them.

[Hot pink floral wedges - Primark - £16]
-I absolutley love these! They are perfect for the spring/summer season I can't wait to wear them with a nice tan and a summer dress or teamed with pale skinny jeans as a statement shoe.

[Hot pink summer blouse -  £7 - Primark]
- I picked this up as it will go with my little 'blue skinny jean, floral wedge' ensemble. It is really nicely cut and very pretty and feminine, as look I am now seeking to sport more often.

And to complete…I couldn't not buy a new hot pink polish to finish it off!

[Rimmel nail polish - £4 - 260 Funtime fuchsia]

- This evening calls for me catching up on the latest Cosmopolitan, Grazie and Glamour issues and having a Lush bubble bath, probably watching Made In Chelsea season 2 AGAIN! Okay, there is really no probably about it, I know that I will have my MacBook Pro strategically placed in the bathroom so that I can watch #MIC whilst having a good soak.




  1. omg those shoes are beautiful!I need to get myself down to Primark!


  2. loving all the brights :) shoes are gorgeous :) xx

  3. Oh wow... those floral wedges are fab!! I was in Primark yesterday and didnt see them.. :( x x

  4. im in love with your shoes !!! They're gorgeous :)

    Beautiful Dreams

  5. love those shoes xx




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