Wednesday, 21 March 2012

RHA Limited Edition 'Couture' Headphones

The night city grows
 Look and see her eyes they glow.

- I am currently sat in my usual 'blogging position' on the edge of my bed with my 'I love London' mug in my left hand hand listening to my current favourite, favourite song.

You may know it as the Made in Chelsea, season two theme tune.

Yes that's right, it is Midnight City by M83.

If you haven't heard it, seirously give it a listen.

- This is the song I imagine playing (if my life was a film of course) when I first step into the big smoke  to live there for good and embark on my magazine journalism dreams.
Literally everytime I hear this song I can see myself stood in the middle of London Kings Cross.


…. Today I was greeted by a small package that has changed my life already.

All hail my new music sensations….

[SA-700 Vintage headphones]

These badboys have turned my Midnight City loving upside down.
-You know when you listen to music through some really, really good earphones and it's really clear and bassy and just makes you want to get up and dance like you are in a club, all other sounds are blocked out and you can just here your favourite song playing really loudly.

That is EXACTLY what these beauties do!
I have had my fair share of earphones over time, I was currently using the Apple ones provided with my iphone and I thought they were good…
Untill I met these!!!

"The Couture Vintage is unlike any other headphones on the market, combining high performance audio with an intricately designed ear cup. It features a quilted headband for additional comfort , as well as a detatchable tangle-free cable.
Sophisticated, stylish and elegant, the Couture Vintage appeals to music-loving girls of any age."

How cute are the little vintage inspired ear cups!!! and they are purple!!!! purple my favourite colour!
Gosh it is love.

"Couture brings together RHA's audio prowess with the aesthethic and flair of some of the world's leading artists, and designers. The result is unique, beautifully crafted, limited edition headphones with professional sound quality. "

- These headphones retail at £49.95 


Should you want to grab these beauties with your mitts like I have.
You can use my 50% discount code!

50%!!!!! *eeek*

That makes these total gems retail at a baraginious £24.97
Well worth the money!!! Believe me.
When you go to checkout pop in the code HOLLIE50 for your discount.

As you can see my iphone is getting on very well with the new purple lovers in my life the lead for the headphones is universal and will fit any mp3 player! 

Anyway, I am going to enjoy dancing around my bedroom like a loon to some Westlife now ha ha!

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  1. these look fab xx



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