Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Sunday sort out.

- Sunday always comes around so quickly and if I am not earning a crust at work all day I am more than likely nurseing a hangover and slobing around in my p-jays
 oh and eating last nights left over pizza… 

That's why Saturday nights were invented thought right?

[Me and my lovely friend Andy who conveniently works behind the bar ;)] 

Today I am doing just that.

I look really interesting too!

My fake tan has started to go patchy around my wrists where the nightclub admission bands have rubbed it off, there is the reminance of coatings and coatings of waterproof mascara that has clumped on the end of my eyelashes, my hair has that much hairspray in it that it is actually sporting a Marge Simpson style. And my face is nice shade of pasty white aside my bloodshot eyes and dark circles.

So I think all in all I look pretty glamorous and I feel dazzling dah-ling.


So in times like these there is only one thing to do and that is spruce up and top up resources ready for another week.


On the nails we have..

Deborah Lippmann ' Razzle Dazzle'
Okay, I know that this was "soo last Christmas" but who cares I absolutley love this sparkly beauty 
I am wearing it with a basecoat and topcoat of Patons 'Nail Hardener'
I always find that this little miracle worker prevents my nail polish from chipping for around 10 days.

I attempted to wake myself up with my old favourite from Lush.

 I absolutley love the scent of 'It's raining men'. If you have ever smelt this product or have tried Honey I washed the kids you will be familiar of that yummy treacle cake smell. 

On my face I cleansed with

  Liz Earle Cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser and left the Dead sea spa Magik 'Delicate boosting mask' on my face for around 5 minutes. I then used the Derma v10 Conditioning toner and finally moisturised with Cliniques 'Dramatically different moiusturing lotion'.

I have topped up my tan for a new week with 

Johnson's 'Holiday skin body lotion' NIGHT' 
This smells like biscuits there is no denying it but I like to put a gradual tanner underneath my fake tan to  give a more even coverage and a more intense colour result.
As predicted I have used the St Moriz 'Instant self tan lotion'
I have decided I love the lotion far more than the old hack mousse. I find you don't have to endure the 'dirty phase'.


To try and revive my newly cut and coloured hair, I used the

  Henara 'Henna shampoo which I have written a post on before. CLICK TO READ PRODUCT REVIEW and then just left on the Casting Creme gloss conditioner that came with my little box of 'Black Cherry' hair dye.
I then just popped some mousse through to add texture and heat protectant spray. I feel as though I am starting to get quite a bit of product build up from all the stuff I put in my hair so I tried to stay clear of colouring foams and shine sprays etc.

And after all of that….

I feel sooo much better! 
Now to tidy my room up and have a brew!




  1. Great post, loving your blog :)

  2. great post, love lush things and really want to get some deborah lippmann nail varnish, do you recommend it as a decent nail varnish that doesn't chip straight away?

  3. i love this type of posts please do more xx



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