Monday, 30 April 2012

Review: Montagne Jeunesse 'Skin Heroes'

"A bit of lusting after someone  does wonders for the skin"
- Elizabeth Hurley

- It wouldn't be an understatement to say that just over a year ago I never bothered with any fancy form of skincare. My 'routine' consisted of a few swipes over my face with a Simple wipe.

I had absolutely no clue about skin types and where I fell in terms of the 'categories.'
 I now know that I have combination skin. 
I am spot prone in particular areas such the sides of my nose and my forehead and have a slight oilyness through my T-zone.
But the rest of my face is absolutey fine with no dryness or oilyness.

After a little while of reading various beauty blogs and magazines I tried and tested many skincare products and eventually found myself a practical, everyday routine using products that work effectivley for me.  I will probably pop up an updated skincare routine at some point.

One thing I have always done pre skincare routine was once a week (usually Sunday evening) have a lovely Lush bubble bath with my favourite bath bomb 'Twilight' and throw on a relaxing face mask. 

For the past fortnight I have been putting the Montagne Jennesse 'Skin Hereos' masks through their paces in a will to find myself a new favourite.

Available at ASDA for a barginous £1.49 I am suitably impressed with these masks and in my face mask history shall we call it, I have tried many. Something I like about this product is the fact the skin heroes masks are sutiable for vegatarians and use natural ingredients. 

A funky feature of these masks is the two step application method.

Each mask contains a different active ingreident to help give us super gorgeous skin.
The mask above is the 'Shine Control' mask with step one containing Argan oil and Acai berries to balance oily skin. After you have had the mask on you apply the balancing moisturiser which also contains the active ingredients that help out your skin problem. 
I love the moisturiser it is so lovely and when applying my foundation the day after it applied so smoothly and looked flawless.

The formula of the masks vary. Some, like the Shine Control are creamy in consistency and some of the more tea tree masks are more like a gel formula.

The range also contains a product that is a god send if you are like me and have larger pores around the bridge of your nose. Unfortunatly I couldn't try these Pore purifying stipes properly as I have my nose pierced so one side didn't get the full potential. But the side that did, after a week of using the stripes I noticed a difference in my nose pores and they were considerably reduced.

Due to the skin mishaps and problematic areas that I mentioned earlier, the 'T Zone' and 'Break out' masks are my favourites. Both contain T-Tree, an ingredient that always works on my agrevated forehead.
I am going to switch up between the two as my Sunday night bath masks.

I love the 'Skin Heroes' range as there is a mask to combat any skin problem, helping us on our way to flawless faces! You get so much product in one little sachet, I must admit that one sachet would cover two faces so you can apply very generously!

Which mask will be your skin hero?
Love, Holl


Sunday, 29 April 2012

April Glossybox: 'The Natural Box'

"Didn't you know? Green is the new black!"

-The Glossy Girls

- It was no suprise that I couldn't hear the postman apparently hammering on our front door on Friday afternoon at precisley 12:55.
I was apreciating Drake's 'Take Care' album. 
Specifically the song 'Lord Knows'.
And when I say apreciating, the chandelier in our living room was shaking violently to every bass thump, my collection of perfume bottles were sliding off my shelves and collecting on my bedroom floor in a sporadic jumble and I was singing at the very top of my voice whilst bleaching the red hair dye and fake tan out of the grout in the bathroom tiles. 
With all that going on, old posty had to grab my unsuspecting mother as she got out of her car to hand her a package that 'needed to be signed for' and 'was too large for the letterbox'.

Welcome, April Glossybox.

The easily recognisable, dusky pink Glossybox has been replaced temporarily this month with a 100% biodegradable rustic, taupe box.
Glossybox were embracing 'Earth month' with their latest monthly offering by supporting the brands that help the environment by producing products with natural packaging and ingredients.

Although I love the concept. I couldn't help but roll my eyes when I opened the lid, untied the ribbon and carefully peeled back the signature sticker from the tissue paper.

Shower gel.

Now, I have absolutley nothing against the product itself. The Ayuuri Natural body wash is very pleasant to use. And I was super pleased to see a full sized product thrown in.
The 'Neem' body wash is very invigorating first thing on a morning getting a hit of tea tree, peppermint and ecualyptus oil. Neem is apparently an anti inflammatory, anticeptic and anti fungal and is prized in India for it's ability to promote healthy skin.

However lovely product aside, I am dissapointed in Glossybox's lack of variety between boxes.
I mean, Did I not have a shower gel last month? The month before? and the month before that? My shower rack is getting a little congested!


Next up is a lip balm from Figs and Rouge, another full size product. This product tastes identical to Turkish Delight or as though you are eating a rose bush. It's a quirky, vintage-esc little tin to throw into your handbag though and the balm itself is actually super moisturising which is ideal if you are like me and are prone to dry, chapped lips - resulting in your favourite MAC lippy looking ridiculously cakey on your lips. Ruby Woo I am looking at you!

Amongst the other products in the box I only really took a shine to one other product and that is the Inika cosmetics eyeliner. Luckily this came at a good time as I had left my black kohl liner at college. It is a creamy formula and applies to the tightline and waterline smoothly.

The remaining products were a Kai perfume oil and a Caudalie serum for the face. Just the bog standard box fillers in my opinion.

Although I love the Glossybox concept, time and time again I just tire of seeing the same products. I think the only product I have repurchased post Glossybox trial was the HD brows kit, that was a winner.
Glossybox really need to give us some more winners and not an endless supply of shower gel or perfume samples!

Are you still subscribed to Glossybox? Or have you found a better alternative?
Love, Holl


Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Chronice...

"Audiences in London called me the girl with the black cherry eyes"

- Maureen O' Hara

The Chronicle

- This entire week has felt like the day before your birthday or the night before you're due to go on a holiday. It could be said I have been feeling suitably inpatient.

All for a fabulous reason though.

Although I am pretty sure you may have already heard about this from the other girls, myself briefly and/or our constant 'countdown' tweeting...
This coming weekend I am super happy to be packing my tiny suitcase and popping over to South Yorkshire, Sheffield to stay with the lovely Lauren of Laurens Dressing Room.
I will be joined by the gorgeous Karris of Karrisx somebody who I have followed on YouTube for years and I have always wanted to meet her outside of the online beauty community, actually i'm quite nervous about meeting her in the flesh because she's such a well known YouTuber and Blogger!... And of course I will be reuniting with the gorgeous Maxine of maxinecassidy a super lovely girlie who I met way back at the #leedsbloggermeet in November.
I am particually looking forward to spending the weekend with my fellow beauty bloggers who will get my urge to instagram every plate of food i eat, tweet 7236 zillion times a day and respect the several layers of necessity fake tan before our glam night out - All of which are things my friends and family and don't quite understand.

I am pretty sure we will be hitting Meadowhall before Maxine joins us later on in the day so if you are around and about in Meadowhall on Saturday please pop on over and say hello if you see us! I know that I am not much of a well known blogger but Karris and Lauren certainly are so i'm sure they'll apreciate it. ;)

Anyway, I will be posting tomorow with a 'what's in my suitcase' post as a few people were interested in seeing how I am going to fit so many items of clothing and makeup in a teeny tiny suitcase.

Challenge accepted.

I know it's super sad but I have my outfit all thought out for the day and the night already.
sad Holl, very sad.
 I am thinking my leopard print shift dress, opaque black tights and my cherry red blazer for the daytime and ofcourse my 'peacock' dress for the night.
I wore this dress last weekend for my friend Ben's 18th and although I spent half of the night super poorly with a nasty tummy bug I am no Victoria Beckham and the dress bares no grudge on me,  it shall get it's chance to sparkle!
I'm not sure if you saw my tweetpic of that night but incase you didn't, it looks a little something like this.

Dress - Apricot concession at New Look
Shoes - Vintage
Bag - New Look
Lipstick A Bodycare cheapy! Featured in This Post

Now there is a sight you don't see very often.
Me, without fake tan!
You can tell I really wasn't feeling well!

I also picked up these amazing false lashes from Boots
It is not often that I will fork out for an expensive pair of falsies as they usually get ripped off and disguarded somewhere in the taxi or my bed after a night out but something about the natural glamour of these really spoke out to me. They are from the 'Ardel' range.

I am also thinking that tomorrow I will post an updated 'What's in my Makeup Bag' What do you think?

And the finish I have just purchased this beauty! 
Come to bed red Butter London £12.
What sold me was not only this my perfect true red. Was this glam tagline
"The sexiest red lacquer in history, by butter LONDON. A butter best seller for “Coco” wannabes."
Yes, please and thank you!

And I think that is all for this evening, i'm sorry this was a bit of a random post but I just wanted to check back in with everybody and let you know about some up  and coming posts and the generally waffle on as usual.
Happy Thursdays!
Love, Holl

Monday, 23 April 2012

Mascara Madness...

"You know, you go home and 
              try a new mascara….
I guess a male CEO can't do that..."
- Angela Jung, chairman of AVON cosmetics

- Aside from foundation, one of my favourite products to repeatedly switch up is mascara. 
I like to buy different mascaras in the will to find a truly brilliant lash thickener / extender / volumizer / seperator and legnthener in one little barrel.

Although I have tried countless mascara's offering to make my peepers look truely fabulous, I have had a mixed experience with many. Some providing great volume, some giving absolutley no seperation, others far too gloopy or too dry and difficult to build up any product. Then in other brands I found the brush was impractically shaped or the bristles gave no momentum to my lashes blah, blah blah….


Through trial and error and a little impatience I have found four mascaras that when used alone fit the lash criteria perfectly but also when used together, create momentous results and, better still they are all reasonably priced keeping any budget beauty queen happy.

1. Legnth

Vivo Cosmetics Legnthening mascara "Transforms lashes with dramatic effect" £1.50
- "Our Lengthening Mascara is the world’s easiest cheat sheet to long, fluttered lashes. Encased in a gorgeous purple tube, it has a long wand that spirals around to create length with added drama. It’s perfect for short lashes too because the wand is the ideal shape and style to help add much needed love to short lashes – making them long and fluttery! It also comes in three shades so you can choose between black, waterproof black and black/brown – depending on your mood! The waterproof black is particularly great if you’ve just been watching soppy love movies in the cinema!" 

2. Seperate

Clinique High impact mascara. £16.00 
- "High Impact Mascara is a multi-benefit mascara that adds maximum volume with definition and length. Specially developed brush and formula work together to dramatically thicken lashes while separating."

 3. Volume

MAC Zoom Lash £14.00
- "Major drama. Lasts all day, creamy, velvety formula builds density and conditions. Feels light, supple. Ultra sculpted brush has three sided fibres to embrace and seperate each lash, hugging every curve. Coats in one stroke from root to tip. No smudging."

4. Extra Volume
The Body Shop Super volume mascara £10.00
- " Our classic mascara gives lashings of volume, intense colour and coats without clumping.
  • Lashes appear more volumised
  • Non-clumping
  • Ophthalmologically tested

  • Suitable for contact-lens wearers"

As I am sure you have seen on some of my eye makeup tutorials, a few of these little gems have showcased their brilliance. All four products definitely live up to their mighty taglines and are well worth a try if like me you are looking to fulfill the lash criteria.


Friday, 20 April 2012

What I wore on Friday…..

"Hey I heard
You were a wild one"
- Sia.

Blazer - Primark
Dress - Zara
Bag - Urban code @ TK Maxx 
Necklace - Primark
Tights - Primark
Lipstick - MAC 'Ruby Woo'

- I'm sooo sorry for not posting yesterday, I got drenched when a coach drove through a puddle and splashed me and I looked like a drownd rat! Tonight I am going to Nando's yumyum! But first i'm paying a visit to my Grandparents brews all round!!
Just a simple outfit today, but I think the statement blazer adds the va va boom!
I shall be attending my best friends 18th party tomorrow night so will show you my dress!
Have a great weekend everybody

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

What I wore on Wednesday...

"You are the star, win the applause
you're a native New Yorker"
-  Odyssey

Coat - Primark
Blouse - Primark
'Wet look' leggings - Primark
Earings - New Look
Ring - Select
Battered UGGs - A store in America four years ago

- Here is Wednesday edition of 'What I wore today' 
Wednesdays are my least favourite day at college, they are super boring as I have five free's in a row and then today I arrived at my last lesson after hanging around for five hours to find out that it was cancelled!
Never the less, I utilised my time wisely by getting my coursework tidyed up,  eating Morrisons potatos 'Criss Cross'' with BBQ sauce, finishing some psychology essays *yawn* and shopping!!!!
I bought lots of beauty goodies and 
I picked up a gorgeous dress for next Saturday when I go to stay with the lovely Lauren from Laurens Dressing Room, I will be in sunny Sheffield with Karris and Maxine I am sure you have all come across all three gorgeous girls on Youtube or Twitter. I bought my dress from a concession line in New Look and it so unique I can't wait to show you

Love, Holl


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

What I wore on Tuesday..

"This aint no movie no,
no fairytale conclusion.."
-  John Legend

Jacket - Primark
Dress - Blue Star
Neck lace - Primark
Rings - New Look + Miss Selfridge
Military boots (unseen) - River Island

Lipstick - Mac 'Ruby Woo'
Foundation - Bourjois 'Healthy Mix'
Eyes - Naked Pallette see 'Everyday eye' tutorial  HERE
Bronzer - Nars 'Laguna'
Nails - Barry M 'Berry Ice Cream'

- So here is Tuesdays edition of 'what I wore today'. I decided  after many requests for me to start doing more fashion posts,  I would blog a whole week of different outfits that I have been sporting. 
And I also recieved a comment on one of my posts saying 'we never see what you actually look like' so yes, haha! here I am!
Love, Holl


Monday, 16 April 2012

What I wore on Monday...

"Twenty-four hour shopping in
-  Blondie

Blazer - Primark

Top - H and M
                                                                Skinny Jeans - Primark
                                                                  Rings - Both Primark
                                                               White Loafers - Primark
                                                          Bag - Edina Ronay at TK Maxx
                                                                      Scarf - Primark

- Just a casual ensemble with a dash of colour for the trecherous ease back into 6th form life! I just keep crossing off the days in my diary! 7 weeks to go!!!!

Love, Holl xo


Sunday, 15 April 2012

Barginious Beauty Favourites

"I only want to see you laughing
in the purple rain."
-  Prince

- This weekend I literally have not stopped listening to this song after hearing Chelsea Redfern sing it amazingly on Britains got Talent. Due to my random and always irrelevant titling it was only right to throw it in as todays wild card post title.


I spent the late afternoon with my parents at Temple Newsam, the best part was nibbling on 'millionaires shortbread' and drinking creamy hot chocolate in the little tea room. I love millionaires shortbread it is my favourite, my dad and I used to try and make our own but it never turned out quite right and I would end up scraping a caramel and chocolately mess from the bottom of a bowl with a fork and devouring it that way. It could however be said that millionares shortbread is the way to my heart.   ♥  

- Mustard snood - New Look
- Leopard Print T-shirt - Urban Outfitters (is usually much longer in legnth but unfortunatly my mum shrunk it!)
Brown leather jacket - Primark
Retro blue skinny jeans and belt - Primark
Sunglasses - TK Maxx

 So without further ado here is another one for you which has absolutley no relevance to purple rain or millionares shortbread, instead we have a Bodycare 'pick of the week.'

As a beauty product addict, I find myself weekly scouring the shelfs of Bodycare for a good hour looking for barginous products that I can fall in love with.


PrettySmile 'Pearl Shine Lip Gloss' - Roll on with Q10
"Coenzyme Q10 protduces engery that fuels cell growth and also protects our skin from getting damaged…"
- Bodycare 99p.

- After throwing this product into my basket on a whim I honestly think I have found my perfect lip product. Although my makeup collection houses many, and I continue to purchase them time and time again, I dislike the gloopyness of lip glosses and I hate the stickyness or drying nature of lipsticks. This product sits somewhere between lip balm and lip gloss and I love how it glides on the lip super smoothly and leaves your lips feeling moisturised whilst adding a beautiful sheen of pretty pink pigment. 

Beauty Formulas 'Apricot Facial Scrub'
"Suitable for all skin types, for smoother softer and more radiant skin."

- Bodycare 99p

- After joining the Liz Earle 'Cleanse and Polish' hype earlier last year, I threw aside my facial exfoliators and never touched them again. I was thinking to myself that I hadn't used a good exfoliator for my face in a long time and made the pledge to scout one out. This product is very similar to the 'Aapri' apricot scrub but at a fraction of the price. It is gritty but not to the point of the exfoliating beads causing you irritation. The formula is light and creamy and on my first use it left my skin feeling super soft. I like to use this with my LE C+P muslin cloth.

Technic Nail Polish 'Mars'
-Bodycare £1
- My perfect summer coral. 


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