Sunday, 15 April 2012

Barginious Beauty Favourites

"I only want to see you laughing
in the purple rain."
-  Prince

- This weekend I literally have not stopped listening to this song after hearing Chelsea Redfern sing it amazingly on Britains got Talent. Due to my random and always irrelevant titling it was only right to throw it in as todays wild card post title.


I spent the late afternoon with my parents at Temple Newsam, the best part was nibbling on 'millionaires shortbread' and drinking creamy hot chocolate in the little tea room. I love millionaires shortbread it is my favourite, my dad and I used to try and make our own but it never turned out quite right and I would end up scraping a caramel and chocolately mess from the bottom of a bowl with a fork and devouring it that way. It could however be said that millionares shortbread is the way to my heart.   ♥  

- Mustard snood - New Look
- Leopard Print T-shirt - Urban Outfitters (is usually much longer in legnth but unfortunatly my mum shrunk it!)
Brown leather jacket - Primark
Retro blue skinny jeans and belt - Primark
Sunglasses - TK Maxx

 So without further ado here is another one for you which has absolutley no relevance to purple rain or millionares shortbread, instead we have a Bodycare 'pick of the week.'

As a beauty product addict, I find myself weekly scouring the shelfs of Bodycare for a good hour looking for barginous products that I can fall in love with.


PrettySmile 'Pearl Shine Lip Gloss' - Roll on with Q10
"Coenzyme Q10 protduces engery that fuels cell growth and also protects our skin from getting damaged…"
- Bodycare 99p.

- After throwing this product into my basket on a whim I honestly think I have found my perfect lip product. Although my makeup collection houses many, and I continue to purchase them time and time again, I dislike the gloopyness of lip glosses and I hate the stickyness or drying nature of lipsticks. This product sits somewhere between lip balm and lip gloss and I love how it glides on the lip super smoothly and leaves your lips feeling moisturised whilst adding a beautiful sheen of pretty pink pigment. 

Beauty Formulas 'Apricot Facial Scrub'
"Suitable for all skin types, for smoother softer and more radiant skin."

- Bodycare 99p

- After joining the Liz Earle 'Cleanse and Polish' hype earlier last year, I threw aside my facial exfoliators and never touched them again. I was thinking to myself that I hadn't used a good exfoliator for my face in a long time and made the pledge to scout one out. This product is very similar to the 'Aapri' apricot scrub but at a fraction of the price. It is gritty but not to the point of the exfoliating beads causing you irritation. The formula is light and creamy and on my first use it left my skin feeling super soft. I like to use this with my LE C+P muslin cloth.

Technic Nail Polish 'Mars'
-Bodycare £1
- My perfect summer coral. 




  1. Love that nail varnish! Can't find a bloody body care in Cardiff :( xx

  2. Oooo love your purchases! Love a bit of coral for summer... if we ever get any of that this year.


  3. You've gotta love body care!

  4. love the purchases! will have to look out for these instore! xx

  5. Oooh nice!

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