Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Chronice...

"Audiences in London called me the girl with the black cherry eyes"

- Maureen O' Hara

The Chronicle

- This entire week has felt like the day before your birthday or the night before you're due to go on a holiday. It could be said I have been feeling suitably inpatient.

All for a fabulous reason though.

Although I am pretty sure you may have already heard about this from the other girls, myself briefly and/or our constant 'countdown' tweeting...
This coming weekend I am super happy to be packing my tiny suitcase and popping over to South Yorkshire, Sheffield to stay with the lovely Lauren of Laurens Dressing Room.
I will be joined by the gorgeous Karris of Karrisx somebody who I have followed on YouTube for years and I have always wanted to meet her outside of the online beauty community, actually i'm quite nervous about meeting her in the flesh because she's such a well known YouTuber and Blogger!... And of course I will be reuniting with the gorgeous Maxine of maxinecassidy a super lovely girlie who I met way back at the #leedsbloggermeet in November.
I am particually looking forward to spending the weekend with my fellow beauty bloggers who will get my urge to instagram every plate of food i eat, tweet 7236 zillion times a day and respect the several layers of necessity fake tan before our glam night out - All of which are things my friends and family and don't quite understand.

I am pretty sure we will be hitting Meadowhall before Maxine joins us later on in the day so if you are around and about in Meadowhall on Saturday please pop on over and say hello if you see us! I know that I am not much of a well known blogger but Karris and Lauren certainly are so i'm sure they'll apreciate it. ;)

Anyway, I will be posting tomorow with a 'what's in my suitcase' post as a few people were interested in seeing how I am going to fit so many items of clothing and makeup in a teeny tiny suitcase.

Challenge accepted.

I know it's super sad but I have my outfit all thought out for the day and the night already.
sad Holl, very sad.
 I am thinking my leopard print shift dress, opaque black tights and my cherry red blazer for the daytime and ofcourse my 'peacock' dress for the night.
I wore this dress last weekend for my friend Ben's 18th and although I spent half of the night super poorly with a nasty tummy bug I am no Victoria Beckham and the dress bares no grudge on me,  it shall get it's chance to sparkle!
I'm not sure if you saw my tweetpic of that night but incase you didn't, it looks a little something like this.

Dress - Apricot concession at New Look
Shoes - Vintage
Bag - New Look
Lipstick A Bodycare cheapy! Featured in This Post

Now there is a sight you don't see very often.
Me, without fake tan!
You can tell I really wasn't feeling well!

I also picked up these amazing false lashes from Boots
It is not often that I will fork out for an expensive pair of falsies as they usually get ripped off and disguarded somewhere in the taxi or my bed after a night out but something about the natural glamour of these really spoke out to me. They are from the 'Ardel' range.

I am also thinking that tomorrow I will post an updated 'What's in my Makeup Bag' What do you think?

And the finish I have just purchased this beauty! 
Come to bed red Butter London £12.
What sold me was not only this my perfect true red. Was this glam tagline
"The sexiest red lacquer in history, by butter LONDON. A butter best seller for “Coco” wannabes."
Yes, please and thank you!

And I think that is all for this evening, i'm sorry this was a bit of a random post but I just wanted to check back in with everybody and let you know about some up  and coming posts and the generally waffle on as usual.
Happy Thursdays!
Love, Holl


  1. Cool outfit and such fun shoes!

  2. those leopard booties are gorgeous! super cute blog! xx

  3. those eyelashes are so cute xx



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