Sunday, 8 April 2012

I'm back!

Why did we ever stop
drinking these?

- After three days confined to my sick bed feeling as though I had taken part in a 24 hour hike throughout Siberia and a day jogging through the Sahara desert, by day four…I was literally going crazy.
Thankfully, one of my best friends Sarah was / is having a better time at the other side of the world.
The jammy lady is only in New York City! My 'get well soon' card came in the form of multiple Facebook posts and tweets of
"all things fabulous in the big apple."
This particually made me smile as Sarah and you guys know how obsessed I am with Sex and the city and miss Carrie bradshaw and mr Big oh, and Cosmopolitan cocktails. 
My love for the drink spirals out of control and more or less came to a head when it was super sunny last week and my friends and myself were sunbathing on the field. I scarily found myself in the Asda supermarket near my college buying multiple £1 cans of the bloody stuff in my five hour free period.


Alas, aside a very annoying tickly cough I feel back to my old self which is great. 
So when I feel myself, what do I do?

I dye the old mop of course!
fourth time this month? twelfth time this year? already?!

I popped into Superdrug on my dinnerbreak on the look out for a dye I used way back in September, that I absolutley loved. Although I know I am a bright redhead at heart I often like to deepen the shade darker and generally mix up the look.
After pacing the aisle numerous times giving the blonde dyes a quick scowl and the honey highlights a dirty look I found my old friend.

5:46 "Plum Passion"
A gorgeous deep, dark red. Exactly what I wanted to even out the gingery, copper tones last weeks sun and a few sessions on the sunbed had caused. Since having the dark, chocolate highlights and slices through my hair in a bid to make it look thicker I figured this deeper colour would blend them a little better and complete the look. At a barginous £3 you really can't go wrong and as a self confessed hair dye vetran the quality of the own brand dye provides an all over colour just as wonderful as some of the  more well known and widely used brands such as Loreal and Clairol. The colour on the box looks much more orange toned red than what the shade actually comes out like. My finished colour is a more purple toned red, although in different lights it looks a whole amalgamation of different reds, berrys, purples and blacks.

And blending with my dark highlights and slices….

If you read my post way back in November on the amazing "Leeds Blogger Meet" (If you would like to see that click here ) you will know that myself and the amazing Lauren from "Laurens Dressing Room" hit it off like a house on fire. I am such a saddo that the other night I spent a good hour on her fabulous blog catching up on all her posts. I came across a post she had written about GOSH's 'Wild Lilac' nail polish. I thought that the lilac shade on her nails looked beautiful and perfect for spring!
Whilst in Superdrug I popped over to GOSH to find they had not stocked the GOSH counter, which I often find they are very hap hazzard in keeping up with the GOSH counter!
It was then that their next door neighbour Barry M offered me a better alternative.

I also picked up a new glossy black nail varnish from MUA for £1. Because black, never gets old.

I am really happy to back on the blogging scene once again and super happy at the moment! 
Thankyou for bearing with me! Plenty of SATC, Ugly Betty and cuddles set me right again and I totally recommened it if you have this horrid fluey type bug. Normal blogging has resumed! 
Love, Holl



  1. can you follow my blog please I'm just starting it up. Your my blog inspiration :) xx

  2. Great post Holly! Missed you :) I've always wanted to try cosmos - I will make it my summer drink!

    My hair's bright red just now and your colour with the darker shades look amazing! xxx


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