Thursday, 12 April 2012

Nail Nirvana.

"I just died and went to nail polish
-  anon

- Just yesterday I found myself in nail polish nirvana and I couldn't help but feel unusually smug tracing my hands across what seemed like billions of glass jars containing the shiny stuff knowing that my newly grown, healthy talons would look super good sporting a new shade. 
Until the very day of my 18th birthday I was always one of those girls with stubby, half eaten fingers painted slap dash in very unslightly chipped black nail polish (another favourite was lime green) hanging off the tiny piece of fingernail that I had.

Disgusting, I know...

Throughout my nail gnashing years I would have acrylic and gel nails squashed on top of a not very sturdy foundation resulting in years of knackered, weak and flaky nails that quite frankly I was embarrased to have on show.

Fast forward to January 2011 and I swore I would never bite my nails again. This predictably, all fell by the way side during my exam period, the stress of my A levels resulted in my fingers bleeding onto my exam paper and having to endure crazily sore fingers for a good fortnight afterwards however, post exams I made the effort to keep my nails nice and pledged never to go back to my nasty ways.

And I didn't.

Yesterday it was confirmed by myself that W7 are a baragin dupe brand for OPI.
I have a fair few OPI nail polishs' including 'Spark De Triomphe', 'My Private jet' and 'Road House Blues' in my collection that my auntie has brought here for me when she visits from America but aside from that my nail polish collection is mostly made up of the W7 brand. 
And we all know why, W7 nail polish at £1.99 is simply barginous but with quality assured. 

I popped into barginous beauty store 'The Look' in Leeds and found that they had expanded their W7 nail polish collection vastly and I was greeted by some AMAZING shades.
I steered my greedy eyes away from the glitter polishs' having realised that no matter how stunning they look on the nail, they are an absolute nightmare to take off! 
I usually change my nail colour every two days so for me, glitter was a no go this time.
I found a beautiful dupe for my all time favourite OPI shade
'Lincoln Park After Dark'

Just looking at that shade just makes me want to wear it!

I also found super dupes for 'Big Apple Red', 'I'm Not Really A Waitress' and 'Isn't It Romantic?'
However, one polish that caught my eye on an instant was this beauty…

89 Metallic Jupiter

Isn't it delicious?

I love that I look at it and it is pink, it is purple and it is blue, infact it is pretty much every colour imaginable! And although the eye can deceive it isn't actually glitter.

Pretty darn cool huh?

I also popped into Primark and picked myself up my 'bloggers blazer' dupe.
You know that mint green/turqoise one right?
I decided I didn't actually like the colour on me at all so I opted for the red one instead. A much more  wearable colour for me.
It's safe to say, I love it!
I also snapped up this blouse from Primark too, just because I thought it was super pretty!

Love, Holl



  1. Wow, unusual color!

  2. the nail polishes look amazing! xx

  3. ohh myy god, i cannot wait to get my hands on that xx


  4. Its look really awesome! Love gel nail polish :)

    gel nail polish


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