Monday, 9 April 2012

Night time eye makeup, Emerald smokey eyes.

"Is a smokey eye something that 
Happens to girls on a night?"
-  My friend, Jack Appleyard.

- It was around a week ago that I posted my 'Everyday eye makeup' step by step tutorial. If you want to see that post click the link is here. It was a super wearable brown and gold tonal eye, perfect for wearing in the daytime and a look I wear every single day due to it's softness on the eyes and it's forgiving nature when I am in a mad rush trying to blend all my shadows together to be out of the door for 7:15!
Since posting that tutorial I had a few people on Twitter (@holliebradbury) ask me what kind of eye makeup I opted for on nights out and when I went out for dinner and if it was the same as my everyday eyes.

 I do like a little bit (okay a lot) of drama and smoke when it comes to my night time eye makeup. I have often found that the standard black, grey and white smokey eye doesn't really complement my eye colour and skin tone very well and can result in a quite harsh and artificial look. I think you have to be super careful with your blush and lipstick/gloss shade with the basic smokey eye which is why I tend to work with colours that compliment my skintone and eye colour but also pair well with my favourite bronzer, blush and lipstick and with this taken into consideration after much dabbling over the years I found my ideal smokey eye. 

Naturally I have very fair skin and super dark hair although you know that these days I sport plenty of tan and have my hair a dark cherry red, but one thing I can't change is my eye colour. I personally think smokey eyes look better when applied next to brown or hazel eyes however,
 Aside my naturally blue toned skin or aside my orange glow this deep olive smokey eye applied on my greeney/grey eyes works beautifully against both my real and false skin tone and will absolutely suit any eye colour.

It just so happens that this evening I am going out. Thankfully I feel a lot better and I am very ready for some serious cocktail blind dancing!

- When wearing a fairly dramatic eye I prefer to apply my eye makeup first and my foundation and other facial products secondly as the highly pigmented, dark shadows tend to have a lot of fall out under the eyes which causes smudges and shadows. Not great when you are looking for a flawless finish! 

1. Prep and Prime.

I have already applied my primer which is the same Urban Decay Primer Potion that I used in my everyday eye tutorial. When working with highly pigmented, dark eyeshadows it is important to use a primer to help prevent the colours from creasing above the socket line and below the lower lash line which results in smudgey panda eyes. The tacky surface that the primer provides helps prevents this although your foundation alone can also work in the same way and if you use a little touch of concealer on your eyelid up to your brow bone this is also very effective. 

2. Base colour.

Using a fluffy blending brush from No.7 I like to apply the No.7 shade Khaki 50 a lovely golden toned green with hints of gold irredecance. I apply this all over my eye lid to just above my socket line ensuring it is nicely blended.

3. Outer V colour.

For the outer portion of my eyelid I use Green Smoke by MAC. Although I do also like to change this up with Sumptuous olive also by MAC. Green smoke is a lustre and is only 2-3 shades darker than my base colour Khaki. It carries the same irredesance and silver flex are sprinkled amongst the main green shade. I just apply this in my outer V, sweeping any excess through my socket line. 

4. Socket Line / Crease / Upper Lashline.

Using a fluffy blending brush I take Black Olive from my Front Cover pallette through my socket line. Black Olive is a matte blue toned black/brown. I usually repeat sweeping this shade through the crease 3-4 times to intensify the colour. Any excess I sweep underneath my lower lash line. Taking a pencil brush I like to also take Toasted from the first Urban Decay 'Naked Palette' across my upper lash line.

5. Lower Lashline and the inner potion of the eyelid.

I absolutley adore this shade from Loreal 'Chrome Shine'. I take the beautiful 117 Dazzling Khaki and sweep it though my inner eyelid toward the centre portion to really set my eyes a light and sparkling. I cannot tell you how much I love this shade it is a true beauty. I will let the pictures do the talking! Finally on my lower lashline I take my old favourite Half baked from the first Urban Decay 'Naked Palette'. 

6. Extra touches.

Following the application of all my eye shadows I used my true black eyeliner from BeautyUK and apply that to my tight line and water line before smudging a little on the outer corner of my lower lash line. I then curl my eyelashes and begin to apply a few coates of my favourite mascara MAC Zoom Lash a great little product for dramatic eyes!
For my night time look I also like to apply some false eyelashes for extra drama, the ones I am wearing tonight are from Bodycare's own brand 'Technic' and cost me a mere pound! They do look somewhat artificial but worn with this look they don't look half bad at all.

Love, Holl




  1. Your make up looks gorgeous! Deffinatly gonba have a go at recreating it! :) x x x

  2. This looks amazing, the colours go together beautifully :)! xx

  3. I LOVE the look of that L'Oreal eyeshadow! Your eyes look amazing Hol, I suck at doing smokey eyes so it's definitely helped me! :-)


  4. thats so pretty xx



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