Monday, 30 April 2012

Review: Montagne Jeunesse 'Skin Heroes'

"A bit of lusting after someone  does wonders for the skin"
- Elizabeth Hurley

- It wouldn't be an understatement to say that just over a year ago I never bothered with any fancy form of skincare. My 'routine' consisted of a few swipes over my face with a Simple wipe.

I had absolutely no clue about skin types and where I fell in terms of the 'categories.'
 I now know that I have combination skin. 
I am spot prone in particular areas such the sides of my nose and my forehead and have a slight oilyness through my T-zone.
But the rest of my face is absolutey fine with no dryness or oilyness.

After a little while of reading various beauty blogs and magazines I tried and tested many skincare products and eventually found myself a practical, everyday routine using products that work effectivley for me.  I will probably pop up an updated skincare routine at some point.

One thing I have always done pre skincare routine was once a week (usually Sunday evening) have a lovely Lush bubble bath with my favourite bath bomb 'Twilight' and throw on a relaxing face mask. 

For the past fortnight I have been putting the Montagne Jennesse 'Skin Hereos' masks through their paces in a will to find myself a new favourite.

Available at ASDA for a barginous £1.49 I am suitably impressed with these masks and in my face mask history shall we call it, I have tried many. Something I like about this product is the fact the skin heroes masks are sutiable for vegatarians and use natural ingredients. 

A funky feature of these masks is the two step application method.

Each mask contains a different active ingreident to help give us super gorgeous skin.
The mask above is the 'Shine Control' mask with step one containing Argan oil and Acai berries to balance oily skin. After you have had the mask on you apply the balancing moisturiser which also contains the active ingredients that help out your skin problem. 
I love the moisturiser it is so lovely and when applying my foundation the day after it applied so smoothly and looked flawless.

The formula of the masks vary. Some, like the Shine Control are creamy in consistency and some of the more tea tree masks are more like a gel formula.

The range also contains a product that is a god send if you are like me and have larger pores around the bridge of your nose. Unfortunatly I couldn't try these Pore purifying stipes properly as I have my nose pierced so one side didn't get the full potential. But the side that did, after a week of using the stripes I noticed a difference in my nose pores and they were considerably reduced.

Due to the skin mishaps and problematic areas that I mentioned earlier, the 'T Zone' and 'Break out' masks are my favourites. Both contain T-Tree, an ingredient that always works on my agrevated forehead.
I am going to switch up between the two as my Sunday night bath masks.

I love the 'Skin Heroes' range as there is a mask to combat any skin problem, helping us on our way to flawless faces! You get so much product in one little sachet, I must admit that one sachet would cover two faces so you can apply very generously!

Which mask will be your skin hero?
Love, Holl



  1. I love the De-Clog Pores too! I have two left to try out, I've not decided on my favourite yet! Great post!

  2. I can't wait to try more of these,glad you liked them as I love them too. You can see a review I did of a peel off mask here -

  3. these look so good! great review, thanks! :) xxx

  4. Id never heard of these but I'm definitely going to be trying these out after reading this review! xxx


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