27 May 2012

Monthly Favourites...

Hot  picks from
the month of May

Weekend   #instagram
New Primark Sandals bought for a barginous £6 down from £15 - Enjoying a little sunshine with the roof down and sporting my new sunnies -Sundays summer outfit. Enjoying a family BBQ on Saturday night with my mum and dad complete with homemade chips yummy!

- It feels like an eternity since I last posted or filmed a 'monthly favourites.' 
This is probably down to me using  favouring my old loves and not really switching them up in time to give new products a fair trial in time for a monthly favourites post/video.
Over the last couple of weeks I have however found two products that are well and truly deservant of becoming my entire May favourites and they need a shot in the limelight!

Lee Stafford Treatment

"For hair that never grows past a certain length"
£7.99 available at Boots.
"Protein based comples to fertilise your follicles, creating a healthy environment on the scalp to help hair grow faster and reach it's maximum potential legnth if the earth's not nourished you'll never grow beautiful flowers."

Going au natural with my hair and ditching the heat!!!
- I have seen this hair treatment doing the rounds on various beauty blogs for such a long time now and having heard a mixed bag of reviews about it, I knew I had to pick it up and try it out for myself.
For the past three years I have been growing my hair out of its super short 'pob' style in a bid to have long, shiny and healthy locks. My hair currently sits just above my chest and to be honest for a good while it hasn't been in the best of condition due to me pouring 5 gallons of red hair dye on it every month. I have been making an effort lately to replinish the condition of my hair by using nourishing shampoo's and conditioners and various deep treatments and hair masks.
The Lee Stafford treatment has also been added to my 'hair revival' kit and although I know it hasn't added any length to my hair it has giving it a new lease of life.
I use this after I have applied a shampoo and before using my conditioner, I also like to smooth the product through my hair and leave it on for a good hour or two wrapped in a hair towel.
To add to the amazing condition it has left my hair in it smells gorgeous, very similar to Gucci's Rush perfume and is lovely and pleasant to work with.

Summer bronze self tanning mousse
99p available at Bodycare and Home Bargains"
"Expose streak free self tanning mousse develops an even tan in hours which lasts for days. Formulated with Aloe Vera to help moisturise your skin for a bronzed and radiant finish without the sun.
- By far the most amazing tanning agent I have ever used.
It is just the best. Simply the best of the best and that's coming from somebody who has tried every fake tan under the sun.
An example of my colouring three days after using the Expose self tanner.
- The mousse is white and lightly scented, it applies smoothly and doesn't leave you looking dirty like St Moriz does so you can apply it at any time of the day and got on with your business. It develops into a nice, more natural sun kissed glow which for paler complexions like mine is perfect in comparason to the nasty orange hue some fake tans leave you with. It doesn't leave nasty tide marks around your wrists, feet and ankles and can be applied before any occasion as it doesn't develop a base colour. It really isn't lying when it states that the fake tan is streak free I have no tell tale tan marks especially in unforgiving areas such as my elbows, knees and inbetween my fingers. At first I didn't think it was working but after around 3 days a gorgeous natural glow appeared that gained me lots of complements, I was asked twice where i'd been on holiday when the truth is I have barely had any sun at all despite the gorgeous weather.
I can tell it's a goody as I haven't had my mum on my case about how horrendous my hands and feet look,she even said herself that I just look glowing and sunkissed.
I can't rave about this enough it is perfect and I don't intend to use anything else.

Love, Holl


25 May 2012

A little bit of shopping isn't all bad?

"It's hot here at night, lonely, black and quiet
On a hot summer night"
Billy Idol

- After waking up early with a good intention to sit in the garden soaking up the sunshine whilst revising psychology, it all got thrown thrown very quickly to the wayside when my mum came home from work early asking me if i'd like to join her on a shopping trip.
 Ofcourse, I couldn't resist!
We enjoyed a super yummy chocolate milkshake outside in the sunshine and had nice little browse around the shops, I helped my mum pick some lovely summery clothes for her holiday and she threw in a few treats for me too which was lovely.

We noticed that Boots had a little discount basket in the entrance and so we had a good old root for some barginous finds.
I found this nail polish from Revlon in the colour 044 'Blue Lagoon'.

I'm not usually one to wear blue nail polish but there was something about the turquoise hue complete with silver irridescence that took my fancy.
I also picked up some Natural Collection tinted moisturiser 
in the colour 'Natural' for a bargionous £2 as the hot weather has been making my usual heavy coverage foundation look cakey and awful. I really like the light coverage of this tinted moisturiser and the dewy finish.
I then bumped into my friend Tori who was wearing some super gorgeous sunglasses. The arms of my current  sunnies have gotten a little worn and are becomming a bit flimsy so I decided to head to Primark in search of a similar pair, low and behold I found the same pair fo £2 and quickly snapped them up!!!
They are so much more comfortable for me to wear as my other sunnies tend to rest upon my nose stud causing the demon lump to re appear! 
And ofcourse, they are leopard print! 
Perfect summer essentials i'd say!

I then found myself picking up a jumper.
Yes, a wooly jumper in this weather?!
There was something about this cute little owl that I couldn't resist so in the basket it went.
A good cold weather investment I say!

Anyway, that's a few of the bits and bobs I picked up today
I finished my afternoon by eating Haribo sweets and drinking dandelion and burdock with my friend Charlotte. And  i'm  now just getting ready to go out to a family party soooo I better dash :D
Have a great weekend everybody!


23 May 2012

Glossybox, May 2012

The Glossybox  1st Anniversary
the birthday box

- Laying back on my mums vintage style sun lounger, tortoishell sunglasses framing my eyes, sparkly flip flops, denim mini shorts teamed with a hot pink bikini top and a glass of Pimms and lemonade in my hand it could well be said that today felt like summer.
Although I felt as though I had not a care in the world as I looked up at the bright blue sky and watched the tiny tadpoles swimming around in our garden pond, I looked down at the mass of psychology work resting at my feet and a wave of guilt passed over me as I reminded myself that the exam is on the horizon….the 'two weeks away' horizon. eeek
And with that in mind….
I plonked my foot on top of it all and proceeded to paint my toes a nice summery coral shade.

Well, these things need to be done.

It was just as I was applying a nice glossy top coat to the Nails.inc 'Power Pink' that I am wearing on my fingernails that I noticed somebody was knocking at the front door.
I decided to ignore it, after all I was lying there with a bikini on and a shower cap on my head to protect my red hair from fading.
It was then that I heard a mumble and a splutter emit from a rather red faced and embarrased post man.

Hello Glossybox.

May welcomes the Glossybox first birthday and this months box comes with beautiful printed sugar paper with various beauty products on it and a commemorative anniversary ribbon. I must admit I do like these little touches that the Glossy girls seem to add to the special boxes.

In my personal opinion this has to be my favourite box so far as all the products will get used and definitley have a home.

So without further ado…
Let's have a look at what was inside this months offering.

Collection 'Lasting colour gel eyeliner

Full size product 5ml £4.99
Despite the shade being brown and not a more prerferable black I am super pleased
that this was included in the box. I have been trying to get myself to love gel eyeliners for some time now and after much practise perfecting the winged 'cat eye' on myself I feel ready to start experiementing with more gel liners. I know that Collection has rebranded although the packaging of the liner still says 'Collection 2000' but I am excited to see if their new branding brings us any new exciting makeup products.

Eldora 'handmade lashes'
Full size product from £3.99
Probably the best thing about this months box because as you know.
These lashes are right up my street and I cannot wait to wear them, they are elongated yet natural, flutery and full looking lashes.

Neal'syard Remedies 'Rehydrating rose daily moisture'
Full size product retails at £12.00
Yeah, it's another body lotion to add to the billion I am already battling through using up but never the less it smells absolutley gorgeous like a rose garden and as you know, I love the smell of roses.

Noble Isle 'Summer rising bath and shower gel'

Again, another 'meh' standard Glossybox shower gel but it does smell beautiful and as it's a nice little sample size - i'll probably take it with me to use when I go to London.

Lolita Lempicka 'L'eau on Blanc and Eau de parfum
Full size product retails for £65.00
Oh my gosh, I am in love with both of these! The limited edition 'L'eu en Blanc' is absolutley stunning with hints of white violets, raspberry and musk, it is not something I would usually wear but it's simply gorgeous. Next time I am in House of Fraser I will definitley be giving myself a little spritz of this!

And finally a cute little GlossyBox compact mirror!
Awh, perfect for throwing in my makeup bag for afternoon touch ups!

Are you subscribed to GlossyBox?
What did you think of the anniversary box
Love, Holl


22 May 2012

Everyday Skincare Routine...

“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness;
and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone."
- Audrey Hepburn

- Today I am talking skincare.
And when I say that, I don't mean that I will be harping on about a dozen super expensive / PR samples / 'never heard of them anyway' skincare products.
All of the products that I mention in this post are readily available and really easy to pick up at a barginous price.
Which for people like myself who are not trillionaires they are perfect.

 It is however important to recognise that what works for my skin may not work for you and the products could cause you to break out, although with the products I am currently using you can't really go far wrong.
From making up many peoples faces I have seen a variety of different skin types and
I find that a good starting point when creating and finding your perfect skincare routine is to find out what kind of skin you have i.e oily, combination/normal, sensitive or dry skin.
Your skin type is dertimined by many factors for example genes, diet, stress, hydration etc.

1. Oily skin tends to be shiny is prone to blackheads and spots, and has visably large pores.
Most people have oily patches around their nose and on their skin.

2. Combination / normal skin tends to have dry cheeks and an oily T-zone.
(this is my skin type)

3. Sensitive skin has smaller pores, broken capillaries are visable and is easily irritated.

4. Dry skin feels tight especially after cleansing and can be patchy/flaky in areas.

It is a simple philosophy that if your skin is properly cared for, your makeup will apply better and ultmatley look better.

Here is what i've been using lately. I am extremely lucky in the respect that I don't suffer from terrible skin these days, I remember being around 13 and my skin being particularly bad as my hormones changed but now at eighteen  I have the odd break out here and there, my face tends to be quite red and I have large pores around my nose but I think well, (I hope) that my face is nothing too offensive to look at when i'm not wearing makeup.
I try to stick to this routine nightly although when you roll in at 4am from a night out with your head spinning all over the place, if youre anything like me, you'll just reach for the makeup wipe and leave it at that!

Makeup Removal
I use a simple makeup wipe to remove the excess makeup from my face. I don't have a set brand that I religiously purchase and use I am usually using whatever is on offer for whatever brand I see first.
I am currently using the Nivea Visage 'Daily essential' facial wipes which are alcohol free and especially good for dry and sensitive skin. 

Having used the Neutrogena 2in1 wash and mask religiously from being around 16, I decided a while ago that I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and see what all the hype was about regarding the Liz Earle cleanse and polish. 
I absolutley love this product and if you own it also, I am sure you do too.
You can apply this straight over your makeup and it eradicates all the products including waterproof mascara in seconds. I prefer to use it after i've removed a good chunk of my makeup using a facial wipe, it softens the remaning makeup whilst being super gentle towards my skin. Finally I use the muslin cloth to polish off the cream leaving my skin super soft and blemish free. It is honestly the best cleansing product I have ever used and the best thing about it is it's suitability for all skin types. 

Once a week I like to use an exfoliant. I love this Apricot scrub from Beauty Formulas which is available at Bodycare as it exfoliates my skin leaving it super soft and moisturised. It's always good to use an exfoliant to remove the dead skin cells from your face that cause the dryness.


Although some may find toners a waste of time or find them too alcholoic and harsh, I love a toner as it brightens my skin up no end. I have recently being using the L'occitane 'Eau Radieuse' toner which is alcohol free and eradicates impurities within the skin.


Finally I like to give my skin a deep nourish with a moisturiser, after all the products beings lathered on my face and the scrubbing and the polishing I like to put a generous amount of moisturiser on just before I go to sleep ready to wake up and have a lovely soft face ready for a fabulous makeup application!

Spot control!
This product may not be suitable for everybody as it is super, super harsh on the skin, very drying and cause your skin to become quite sore if you don't apply in moderation.
The PanOxyl, Benzoyl peroxide aquagel combats nasty spots in an instant, once it's applied it really gets to work and fast! It is available from Superdrug and comes in 5 stregnths, I have the 2.5% gel and even that is very powerful is be careful when applying this product! When my blemish has dissapeared I have to apply a very generous amount of moisturiser to help revitalise my dry skin from the problem area. Another, less harsh quick fix when it comes to spots that works for me is dabbing a little bit of TCP on the blemish (if you can handle the smell!) and then dotting sudacream over the top before you go to sleep.

And that is it! My current, everyday skincare routine!
Love, Holl

21 May 2012

Catching up….

"Dress up leather, wear every colour
i'm going rococo with sequins in the summer"
- Kaskade

Weekend   #instagram
  I came home from work to a strawberry bellini made by my lovely mum! - Buying a huge bottle of Lambrini to drink whilst I get ready- Yummy chicken and bacon pasta made by my lovely boyfy - Saturday nights OOTN - The cutest thing ever, Dan made me a little treasure hunt and it concluded with me finding a gorgeous home made cosmo cocktail in his fridge! Awh! 

 - After a lovely and very relaxing weekend I was back at college today for the final push. Having collected my prom tickets this morning it dawned on me that sixth form is about to end.
I cannot believe how quickly the two years have passed and I have to say it only feels like two minutes ago that I was sitting nervously in the common room with my mum watching a presentation about the college and feeling weird that I was leaving everything and everybody I knew at high school behind. Now I am leaving this stage of my life to start a brand new one, I can say with a smile though that I simply cannot wait for university!
Although a stressful June looms over me as I sit my A2 exams (psychology, english literature and english language for anybody who might want to know) I feel super happy for the future as I close the chapter of sixth form college next Wednesday.

I have quite a few exciting things happening this summer including a visit from my aunt and cousin from America and a trip to London with my boyfriend so they are keeping me going throughout the heavy exam period.
I want to wish everybody who is taking exams this summer the very best of luck!!! I feel your pain guys!

Anyway back to business,  I have had a few requests to write about my haircare routine and I will get that posted at some point, I also have had a few requests on Twitter to do a handbag collection which I will also get around to doing.
If you have anymore post requests let me know. :-)

I popped into town today for a super quick browse and ended up throwing a few things in my basket..

The first place I visited being Bodycare.

Bodycare stores usually have huge baskets filled with promotionally discounted products.
 I happened to stumble upon one filled with fake tan.
Ofcourse my heart started to beat abnormally quick and my pupils dialated as I saw 99p written next to the basket.

As you may know, I have taken a little break from the fake tan and put myself on a fake tan ban for a wee while. I was seeping back into my old, nasty habits again and I needed a good scrub.
However, I wanted to try this product as i'd never heard of it before and well,
you have to try these things don't you?

I haven't tried this yet but when I do and if it works effectivley I will most certainly be writing up a review.
Everything on the can sounds great!
"Expose streak free tanning mousse develops an even tan in hours which lasts days. Formulated with Aloe Vera to help moisturise your skin for a radiant and bronzed finish without sun."
I then threw another tanning mit in my basket as my pervious mitten has become unusable and sports a rather odd green hue! I like these mits by derma V10 as they are sturdy and come with an exfoliating side and a softer buffing side alongside a glove. Again, it was super barginous at 99p.

Finally from Bodycare, I picked up a new day cream as I was out of my previous Q10 cream.

This is the Balance, Rejuvinating day cream that is not only brilliant for the skin protecting it from damaging UVA and UVB rays but also boots radiance and hydration it  also acts as a fantastic foundation base.

I then popped over to a new store that has opened in the town where I live. My eyes were immediatly attracted to the hoody section and although I was orginally going to go for a baby pink 'American Apparel' style hoody with the white togs.

I saw this one instead and had to buy it!

Finally I purchased Instyle magazine which this month comes with a Nails inc polish. I absolutley love Nails inc polishes so I was super happy to see Instyle collaborating with the brand again!
I chose the colour 'Power pink' a beautiful lilac/baby pink hybrid and made a made dash to apply the colour in my dinner break resulting in a super bodge paint job!

Love, Holl

18 May 2012

Makeup Tutorial & OOTD: Gorgeous purple eyes

" You have makeup madness! 
you're obsessed!
- My friend Jack

- After weeks of sporting my usual gold/copper or green smokey eye I decided that I would have a little switch up this week and go back to an eye makeup combination that I haven't worn in months!
Although it could be said that this look is a little too 'night time' I simply love it and have been wearing it all week both at night time and in the day.

I would be lying if I said that it wasn't a little Kim Kardashian inspired albeit the greeny/blue eye version!

And without further ado, here is how I created the look using barginous, budget beauty products.


To start, I prepped my skin with the 'Prime It' primer from Technic (available at Bodycare) and popped a little smudge of the Urban Decay 'Primer Potion' on my eyelids. When I want my makeup to last longer or for nights out I use a primer to give my foundation a nice, even base that allows it to last longer on the skin.


Today I used Bourjois' 'Healthy Mix' foundation in shade 53 as I have little touch of fake tan on (when I don't have any tan on i'm in the shade 51, the palest of the range). I stippled and buffed this into my face using the MAC 130 small stippling brush. I then concealed any blemishes and eradicated any blue tones underneath my eyes using my Revlon 'Beyond Natural' concelear and my Clinique peach toned colour corrector.

Finally, I dabbed a little bit of Technics 'Highlights' (Benefit 'High Beam' dupe) across my cheekbones and in a 'c' shape up to my brow bone. I love the glow this highlighter gives my face and used on the 'Healthy Mix' you get double the dewy glow. Not great if you prefer a more matte look but for me who likes a natural glow I love it.

After shading in my brows with MUA's 'dark brown' shadow I was ready for a pop of colour!
The colour I used firstly on a No.7 fluffy brush was this lilac shade named 'Stonewash' from my Frontcover palette. (available at Boots)
I swept this all over my eyelid.
 No need to worry about blending the shade out just yet as more colours need to be added!

Next up using a slightly larger shadow brush I used the colour 'Chalk Violet' also from my FrontCover palette. I used this slightly darker lilac shade on the outer portion of my eyelid and swept the remainder through the socket line.

I then swept the deep lilac shade under my lower lashline using a pencil brush and concentrated the more golden shade in the inner corner of my eyelid. Using my Inka black kohl liner I lined my upper lash line and concentrated the colour on the outer corner of my eyelid. I then lined my tightline and waterline with the same eyeliner. Finally I curled my eye lashes and layered on Vivo cosmetics 'legntening mascara.' 

And ended up with a gorgeous shimmery, purple eye!

And as for my outfit of the day, something a little obscure!

Dress Chelsea Girl at River island
Gold, embellished waistcoat Zara
Bag The ebay 'Focco'
Waistbelt  Primark
Nails Ciate Paintpot -Mistress
Gold necklace Vintage

I haven't worn this dress since my 18th birthday! I felt it was time that my 'Chelsea girl' dress got her time to shine again. A week before my birthday I was desperatley searching for a dress for my birthday meal. This one was scouted out by my lovely Grandma! I was in the changing room getting super flusted having not found the dress when my Gran popped in and asked me to try this one out. I looked at it and grimaced. HOWEVER, after trying it on I instantly fell in love and this became my 18th dress!

Anyhow, I am now popping over to my Grandma and Grandads for a cup of tea and then later to see boyfy!
 I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
Love, Holl

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