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"Dress up leather, wear every colour
i'm going rococo with sequins in the summer"
- Kaskade

Weekend   #instagram
  I came home from work to a strawberry bellini made by my lovely mum! - Buying a huge bottle of Lambrini to drink whilst I get ready- Yummy chicken and bacon pasta made by my lovely boyfy - Saturday nights OOTN - The cutest thing ever, Dan made me a little treasure hunt and it concluded with me finding a gorgeous home made cosmo cocktail in his fridge! Awh! 

 - After a lovely and very relaxing weekend I was back at college today for the final push. Having collected my prom tickets this morning it dawned on me that sixth form is about to end.
I cannot believe how quickly the two years have passed and I have to say it only feels like two minutes ago that I was sitting nervously in the common room with my mum watching a presentation about the college and feeling weird that I was leaving everything and everybody I knew at high school behind. Now I am leaving this stage of my life to start a brand new one, I can say with a smile though that I simply cannot wait for university!
Although a stressful June looms over me as I sit my A2 exams (psychology, english literature and english language for anybody who might want to know) I feel super happy for the future as I close the chapter of sixth form college next Wednesday.

I have quite a few exciting things happening this summer including a visit from my aunt and cousin from America and a trip to London with my boyfriend so they are keeping me going throughout the heavy exam period.
I want to wish everybody who is taking exams this summer the very best of luck!!! I feel your pain guys!

Anyway back to business,  I have had a few requests to write about my haircare routine and I will get that posted at some point, I also have had a few requests on Twitter to do a handbag collection which I will also get around to doing.
If you have anymore post requests let me know. :-)

I popped into town today for a super quick browse and ended up throwing a few things in my basket..

The first place I visited being Bodycare.

Bodycare stores usually have huge baskets filled with promotionally discounted products.
 I happened to stumble upon one filled with fake tan.
Ofcourse my heart started to beat abnormally quick and my pupils dialated as I saw 99p written next to the basket.

As you may know, I have taken a little break from the fake tan and put myself on a fake tan ban for a wee while. I was seeping back into my old, nasty habits again and I needed a good scrub.
However, I wanted to try this product as i'd never heard of it before and well,
you have to try these things don't you?

I haven't tried this yet but when I do and if it works effectivley I will most certainly be writing up a review.
Everything on the can sounds great!
"Expose streak free tanning mousse develops an even tan in hours which lasts days. Formulated with Aloe Vera to help moisturise your skin for a radiant and bronzed finish without sun."
I then threw another tanning mit in my basket as my pervious mitten has become unusable and sports a rather odd green hue! I like these mits by derma V10 as they are sturdy and come with an exfoliating side and a softer buffing side alongside a glove. Again, it was super barginous at 99p.

Finally from Bodycare, I picked up a new day cream as I was out of my previous Q10 cream.

This is the Balance, Rejuvinating day cream that is not only brilliant for the skin protecting it from damaging UVA and UVB rays but also boots radiance and hydration it  also acts as a fantastic foundation base.

I then popped over to a new store that has opened in the town where I live. My eyes were immediatly attracted to the hoody section and although I was orginally going to go for a baby pink 'American Apparel' style hoody with the white togs.

I saw this one instead and had to buy it!

Finally I purchased Instyle magazine which this month comes with a Nails inc polish. I absolutley love Nails inc polishes so I was super happy to see Instyle collaborating with the brand again!
I chose the colour 'Power pink' a beautiful lilac/baby pink hybrid and made a made dash to apply the colour in my dinner break resulting in a super bodge paint job!

Love, Holl
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