Thursday, 3 May 2012

Do you like what you see?

"But the most exciting, challenging and significant realationship of all is the one you have with yourself.  if you can find someone to love the you, you love..well that's just fabulous"
- Carrie Bradshaw

- Whenever somebody asks me how or why I started this little space on the internet I always tell them the humorous (well it wasn't at the time!) story of how I got dumped on Valentines day and I wanted somewhere to absolutley slate the said chap.

Oh come on, he desevered it, who dumps somebody over a text message on Valentines day?!

And slate him I did. I seem to recall the character heavy post
containing the phrase "absolute cabbage face" and other ridiculous comments that poured out of my messy mind as I cried all over my laptop and played 'break up songs' with my Stanford Blach.

 Good Golly Miss Hollie was born (officially) on February, 14th 2011 and since that black day I have spent so much time trying to make my little blog blossom.
And in my own mind, that I feel has been acomplished as aside from being my daily baby it has also been my platform to get accepted into universities to study journalism.

Although, it is not entireley down to me.
Yes I sacrificed a little bit letting  my academic studies slip a little whilst I poured all my energy into my blog but I am so serious about my blog it in my mind was worth it.
But it is also down to you.
And all the amazing people who take the time to leave a comment on my posts or click the 'follow' button.
It's all the amazing people i've met through the blogging community.
It's my amazing family who tell me they read my blog daily
and all the people who take the time to tweet me to tell me they like what they see.
It's all the people who helped me make the 'should I stay or should i go' dilemma.

And for all that amazing support I want to say

As I have been perching on my 'blogging spot' for just over a year now I feel iti is the right time to push
Good Golly Miss Hollie to a new level.
In comparason to other beauty blogs, I know that mine is a mere little shrub but to me it is everything and I would be so, so, so unbeliveably greatful if you were to nominate me for the
Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards 2012

- If you enjoy my homegrown, slightly bonkers but 100% real blog and you feel it deserves to be shortlisted, the nomination form is right


As my blog is over a year old I will be running for nomination in
the Best Established Beauty Blogger category.

Thankyou for everything
Love, Holl



  1. i adore you and your blog (slightly wish we was friends) oh i sound like a suck up, but i voted for you, xxx @emsmate_x

  2. I have voted for you! Your blog is one of my fave blogs and I look forward to every post you publish. I really hope you win Hollie xxx

  3. voted for you! I absolutely love your blog and you come across as such a lovely person in your videos! xx

  4. Voted for you :) You're my blogspiration! Hope you win xxx

  5. Voted! My boyfriend told me he had kissed someone else on Valentines 2009...what a splendid day it was...xx

  6. Voted for you hun, I even have your blog saved on my favourites :) x

  7. Voted for you :) Your blog is definitely my favourite and inspired me to take the plunge and start writing my own!
    *fingers crossed* for you!


  8. well done hun x

  9. Voted for you, think you're amazing sweets and deserve to definitely win this award, good luck love xx


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