Glossybox, May 2012

The Glossybox  1st Anniversary
the birthday box

- Laying back on my mums vintage style sun lounger, tortoishell sunglasses framing my eyes, sparkly flip flops, denim mini shorts teamed with a hot pink bikini top and a glass of Pimms and lemonade in my hand it could well be said that today felt like summer.
Although I felt as though I had not a care in the world as I looked up at the bright blue sky and watched the tiny tadpoles swimming around in our garden pond, I looked down at the mass of psychology work resting at my feet and a wave of guilt passed over me as I reminded myself that the exam is on the horizon….the 'two weeks away' horizon. eeek
And with that in mind….
I plonked my foot on top of it all and proceeded to paint my toes a nice summery coral shade.

Well, these things need to be done.

It was just as I was applying a nice glossy top coat to the 'Power Pink' that I am wearing on my fingernails that I noticed somebody was knocking at the front door.
I decided to ignore it, after all I was lying there with a bikini on and a shower cap on my head to protect my red hair from fading.
It was then that I heard a mumble and a splutter emit from a rather red faced and embarrased post man.

Hello Glossybox.

May welcomes the Glossybox first birthday and this months box comes with beautiful printed sugar paper with various beauty products on it and a commemorative anniversary ribbon. I must admit I do like these little touches that the Glossy girls seem to add to the special boxes.

In my personal opinion this has to be my favourite box so far as all the products will get used and definitley have a home.

So without further ado…
Let's have a look at what was inside this months offering.

Collection 'Lasting colour gel eyeliner

Full size product 5ml £4.99
Despite the shade being brown and not a more prerferable black I am super pleased
that this was included in the box. I have been trying to get myself to love gel eyeliners for some time now and after much practise perfecting the winged 'cat eye' on myself I feel ready to start experiementing with more gel liners. I know that Collection has rebranded although the packaging of the liner still says 'Collection 2000' but I am excited to see if their new branding brings us any new exciting makeup products.

Eldora 'handmade lashes'
Full size product from £3.99
Probably the best thing about this months box because as you know.
These lashes are right up my street and I cannot wait to wear them, they are elongated yet natural, flutery and full looking lashes.

Neal'syard Remedies 'Rehydrating rose daily moisture'
Full size product retails at £12.00
Yeah, it's another body lotion to add to the billion I am already battling through using up but never the less it smells absolutley gorgeous like a rose garden and as you know, I love the smell of roses.

Noble Isle 'Summer rising bath and shower gel'

Again, another 'meh' standard Glossybox shower gel but it does smell beautiful and as it's a nice little sample size - i'll probably take it with me to use when I go to London.

Lolita Lempicka 'L'eau on Blanc and Eau de parfum
Full size product retails for £65.00
Oh my gosh, I am in love with both of these! The limited edition 'L'eu en Blanc' is absolutley stunning with hints of white violets, raspberry and musk, it is not something I would usually wear but it's simply gorgeous. Next time I am in House of Fraser I will definitley be giving myself a little spritz of this!

And finally a cute little GlossyBox compact mirror!
Awh, perfect for throwing in my makeup bag for afternoon touch ups!

Are you subscribed to GlossyBox?
What did you think of the anniversary box
Love, Holl

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