A little bit of shopping isn't all bad?

"It's hot here at night, lonely, black and quiet
On a hot summer night"
Billy Idol

- After waking up early with a good intention to sit in the garden soaking up the sunshine whilst revising psychology, it all got thrown thrown very quickly to the wayside when my mum came home from work early asking me if i'd like to join her on a shopping trip.
 Ofcourse, I couldn't resist!
We enjoyed a super yummy chocolate milkshake outside in the sunshine and had nice little browse around the shops, I helped my mum pick some lovely summery clothes for her holiday and she threw in a few treats for me too which was lovely.

We noticed that Boots had a little discount basket in the entrance and so we had a good old root for some barginous finds.
I found this nail polish from Revlon in the colour 044 'Blue Lagoon'.

I'm not usually one to wear blue nail polish but there was something about the turquoise hue complete with silver irridescence that took my fancy.
I also picked up some Natural Collection tinted moisturiser 
in the colour 'Natural' for a bargionous £2 as the hot weather has been making my usual heavy coverage foundation look cakey and awful. I really like the light coverage of this tinted moisturiser and the dewy finish.
I then bumped into my friend Tori who was wearing some super gorgeous sunglasses. The arms of my current  sunnies have gotten a little worn and are becomming a bit flimsy so I decided to head to Primark in search of a similar pair, low and behold I found the same pair fo £2 and quickly snapped them up!!!
They are so much more comfortable for me to wear as my other sunnies tend to rest upon my nose stud causing the demon lump to re appear! 
And ofcourse, they are leopard print! 
Perfect summer essentials i'd say!

I then found myself picking up a jumper.
Yes, a wooly jumper in this weather?!
There was something about this cute little owl that I couldn't resist so in the basket it went.
A good cold weather investment I say!

Anyway, that's a few of the bits and bobs I picked up today
I finished my afternoon by eating Haribo sweets and drinking dandelion and burdock with my friend Charlotte. And  i'm  now just getting ready to go out to a family party soooo I better dash :D
Have a great weekend everybody!

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