18 May 2012

Makeup Tutorial & OOTD: Gorgeous purple eyes

" You have makeup madness! 
you're obsessed!
- My friend Jack

- After weeks of sporting my usual gold/copper or green smokey eye I decided that I would have a little switch up this week and go back to an eye makeup combination that I haven't worn in months!
Although it could be said that this look is a little too 'night time' I simply love it and have been wearing it all week both at night time and in the day.

I would be lying if I said that it wasn't a little Kim Kardashian inspired albeit the greeny/blue eye version!

And without further ado, here is how I created the look using barginous, budget beauty products.


To start, I prepped my skin with the 'Prime It' primer from Technic (available at Bodycare) and popped a little smudge of the Urban Decay 'Primer Potion' on my eyelids. When I want my makeup to last longer or for nights out I use a primer to give my foundation a nice, even base that allows it to last longer on the skin.


Today I used Bourjois' 'Healthy Mix' foundation in shade 53 as I have little touch of fake tan on (when I don't have any tan on i'm in the shade 51, the palest of the range). I stippled and buffed this into my face using the MAC 130 small stippling brush. I then concealed any blemishes and eradicated any blue tones underneath my eyes using my Revlon 'Beyond Natural' concelear and my Clinique peach toned colour corrector.

Finally, I dabbed a little bit of Technics 'Highlights' (Benefit 'High Beam' dupe) across my cheekbones and in a 'c' shape up to my brow bone. I love the glow this highlighter gives my face and used on the 'Healthy Mix' you get double the dewy glow. Not great if you prefer a more matte look but for me who likes a natural glow I love it.

After shading in my brows with MUA's 'dark brown' shadow I was ready for a pop of colour!
The colour I used firstly on a No.7 fluffy brush was this lilac shade named 'Stonewash' from my Frontcover palette. (available at Boots)
I swept this all over my eyelid.
 No need to worry about blending the shade out just yet as more colours need to be added!

Next up using a slightly larger shadow brush I used the colour 'Chalk Violet' also from my FrontCover palette. I used this slightly darker lilac shade on the outer portion of my eyelid and swept the remainder through the socket line.

I then swept the deep lilac shade under my lower lashline using a pencil brush and concentrated the more golden shade in the inner corner of my eyelid. Using my Inka black kohl liner I lined my upper lash line and concentrated the colour on the outer corner of my eyelid. I then lined my tightline and waterline with the same eyeliner. Finally I curled my eye lashes and layered on Vivo cosmetics 'legntening mascara.' 

And ended up with a gorgeous shimmery, purple eye!

And as for my outfit of the day, something a little obscure!

Dress Chelsea Girl at River island
Gold, embellished waistcoat Zara
Bag The ebay 'Focco'
Waistbelt  Primark
Nails Ciate Paintpot -Mistress
Gold necklace Vintage

I haven't worn this dress since my 18th birthday! I felt it was time that my 'Chelsea girl' dress got her time to shine again. A week before my birthday I was desperatley searching for a dress for my birthday meal. This one was scouted out by my lovely Grandma! I was in the changing room getting super flusted having not found the dress when my Gran popped in and asked me to try this one out. I looked at it and grimaced. HOWEVER, after trying it on I instantly fell in love and this became my 18th dress!

Anyhow, I am now popping over to my Grandma and Grandads for a cup of tea and then later to see boyfy!
 I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
Love, Holl



  1. I love it! gorgeous, think i'll try experiment with a few purple shadows over the weekend :)

  2. Love the eye makeup! :-) xx


  3. you look lovely! :) i want to try that urban decay primer potion!



  4. Looking bloody gorgeous as always xxx

  5. your grandma has great taste xx




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