Sunday, 6 May 2012

Primark Haul

"Waiting in a car waiting for a ride in the dark"
- M83

- This bank holiday weekend has totally been all work and no play. Although all is not lost, I did manage to sneak into Primark on my dinner break to go scouting for new items that may take my fancy. I had barely gotten through the door and my arm was already draped with various garments. Again, an absolutley unnecessary shop.

I really need to pack it in as I am saving up to go wild in the big smoke later on this summer.
I have to say I am riduculously excited! 
You know how much I love London!


Firstly I picked up are some amazingly cute p-jays. I have a silly obsession for buying pjarmas week in, week out. 
There are two important things I want to be able to aquire when i'm older.

1. Have a bengal cat or in my terms a leopard kitty, to call Mindi.

How amazing are bengal cats? The price tag, not so much


2. A pug to call Coco.
This is my friend Romans pug, he's name is Spud.

Anyhoo, these P-jays just made me want to grab them in an instant!


I then wanted to find some super fluffy slippers for pottering around the house in. I did pick up some slip on leopard print ones but I then decided that I preferred the slip on ballet pump style better and found these gorgeous, soft lovelies!

And I also threw these into my basket….. 
Simply because I thought they were cute.

And finally!!!
The most fabulous dress!!!!! I found this at the store door and I just picked up the last size 8 and ran with it!

I love the print (obvs) the style and fit is the most flattering cut that suits me AND I lurrrve the scooped front! It also comes with a skinny gold belt to singe me in and make it look as though I have some kind of waistline!
 I will upload a proper photograph of me wearing this beauty tomorrow. My friend Sarah and I are going out to dinner and I am hoping to sport it then!
I can't stop staring at it!!!

- I would just like to take this oppotunity to thank everybody and I mean everybody who has put a nomination in for me for the 'Cosmo blogger awards' after reading  This post
It is absolutley amazing to recieve all your support and love.
Thankyou so much!
Love, Holl


  1. I love the style of those dresses, I might have to pick one up in a print that is more me, but I bet this one will look amazing on you!

    Kitty xox

  2. i absolutely love the dress! xx

  3. What a gorgeous dress! And I adore those PJs - so cute! xx

  4. the dress is so gorgeous! pjs are adorable too! xx

  5. Gorgeous dress, and those PJ's are fab!x

  6. Some great pieces! Love the dress! :)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Those pug pyjamas are adorable!


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