UPDATED: Tag, What's in my bag?

"When they strip you of the handbags and the gladr ags 
that your poor old Grandad had to sweat to buy you.
- Stereophonics

I have noticed recently in the land of YouTube and Blogger that the 'What's in my bag?' TAG has been doing the rounds again. 
Although this TAG is always very popular and a great way to ease yourself into the beauty/fashion community I have seen quite a few of the old veteran Youtubers and bloggers updating their original TAGs. 
I remember my first ever YouTube video way back in July 2010 being the 'what's in my bag' TAG and I think I only updated it once nearly a year ago. 
With this in mind, I realised I was due to update both this and the 'what's in my makeup bag' TAG.

Personally, these are my favourite videos to watch and posts to read because I am
100% a nosey parker and I like to see what other people are hauling around and to see whether their bags are anything like the suitcase I lug around on my achey left shoulder!

So without further ado….

Yes, that old chestnut.
The Focco or' bloggers bag.'
A copy of the Alexander Wang 'Rocco' brought to us for a fraction of the price!
I have put off buying this for the longest time but have been lusting after it ever since Lollipop26 dazzled my eyes with the black, white and lilac/grey versions of this bag!
I think I was eventually pursuaded to purchase it when I saw my friend Lauren (laurensdressingroom) with hers last month and Karris (Karrisx) said so bluntly
"Oh wow, i've never seen one of those in real life before."
I like it because it's nice and roomy, not too large and not too little.
It's a 'crook of the arm' bag and although when you first use it, it emits an odd fish odour this bag soon becomes your best bag friend.

So what's inside/
- YSL- 'Elle'
- Avon - 'Far Away'
- Bristoe - hairspray
- Clynol- Hair shimmer 'n' shine
- Sunglasses - TK Maxx
- Reading glasses - Karen Millen
- Iphone 3GS - Case - Ebay
- Makeup bag - Primark
- Medium bristle brush - Bodycare
- Small pink filofax
- Spotty red umberella - Primark
- Pencil case - (makeup bag from Primark)
- Purse - Louis V
- Figs 'n' Rouge Lipbalm in Ravishing Rose

- OPI 'Cranberry Juice' - Hand moisturiser
- MAC - Angel
- Pearl Shine lip roller
- Cargo lipgloss 
- MAC 'studio fix fluid' test in NW25
- Mirror - Accesorisse
- Carol Constance face powder
- Lush 'Whip stick' lip blame
- Duwop- lip plumper
- The worst mascara ever.
Embellished emery board - Poundland
- Eyelash glue x2
- Perfume sample
- Trevor Sorbie mini brush
-Dermalogica lip conditioner
- MAC contour brush
- Sigma stippling brush

- If anybody has done this TAG recently, leave me a link in the comments!
I'm sooo nosey!
Love, Holl
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