Friday, 11 May 2012

A Victorious Cuppa...

"In London, love and scandal are considered 
the best sweeteners of tea"
- John Osborne

- Earlier this week I took my beige, New Look quilted jacket out for a walk (or to the bar should I say). I haven't dared wear this since I managed to smudge bright pink nail polish all over the zippy part .


I do love it though and despite unsuccesfully removing the stain, It is still such a comfy and casual jacket albeit miles too big. It was the only one left in the shop around Christmas time and I really wanted it in this colour the sacrifice I had to make was to buy a size 16. I have figured that when you have your big cosy hoody underneath it, it pads it out a little bit and doesn't swallow me up as much!
Anyway myself and my humongous jacket went out for cocktails!

I enjoyed playing 'guess the cocktail' with my friend Jack haha. He picks one and I have to guess which it is from the list. I definitly drink too many as I got them all!
However, my head wasn't thanking me the next day at college!

After a super nasty day at college with class after class of mocks I decided to chill out with some tea.
Yes we all know I love a good cuppa! Although I drive everyone mad when I have one. It usually ends up kicked over or half drunk and then kicked over.

All hail a new brew.
Victory Tea

"Named this because it's simply the best. (And also because it's because it's the first of many wonderful blends from our range of victory teas)"

Blend no.1 is a black tea that can be enjoyed with milk, at breakfast time and throughout the day it's created using specially selected teas from East Africa - tea leaves from Kenya give a brisk and full flavour with appealing brightness while teas from Rwanda are known for their sweet and light character, these flavours come together in perfect harmony to give blend no.1 a refreshing and smooth taste that makes it a glorious cup of tea.

I love this, it's a perfect breakfast tea as it's strong and punchy! The perfect wake me up, especially for me when i'm super grumpy and tired at six o'clock in the morning!
 Victory tea isn't available in super markets as it is sold in bulk so that the highest quality tea can be used and It is sourced from the best in the world. It is however sold online.

Love, Holl



  1. Great post, love the idea of a 'guess the cocktail' game!!


  2. Mmmm I'd love a cocktail right now aha! X


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