29 June 2012

Favourite Fridays!

You are my Friday favourites
29th June 2012."

- As I write this post I am nursing a terribly aggressive hangover so I would like to apologise in advance if my writing is all over the place/unreadable.
Very unprofessional I know hopefully you will forgive me just this once.

 Headaches and spinning living rooms aside I am super excited to announce my first ever
Friday Favourites!

 A few days ago I decided that I wanted to give something back to the blogging community and help devoted bloggers like myself to gain some recognition for the hard work and commitment they pour into their blog every day.

Every Friday for the month of July I will be linking you to two of my favourite blogs of the week.
There were no set rules or regulations, I just said that no matter if you have 3000 readers or 0 readers it really didn't matter if I thought your blog was interesting and a great read that I think my own readers would love.

I was overwhelmed by the response from everybody linking me to their blogs and I have absolutley loved looking at them all and I have followed some of them also. I have been inspired by a lot of your blogs also!
Not to mention the lovely comments people left with their links, the few that touched me the most were the bloggers who said they were inspired by Good Golly Miss Hollie to start writing themselves!
In my opinion I enjoyed them all in some way as they were all interesting and well thought out!
But ofcourse I was only going to pick two.

I present to you the first week of Friday favourite blogs!

"The Ravi Osahn"
Click here to pop on over to Ravinders fabulous blog!

- I have never come across Ravinders blog before, but she left a link for me and as I was looking through the various blogs I found hers and I am so glad that I did.
The first thing that stood out to me about her blog was the fact it contained a lot about everything.
I usually see the same kinds of posts on blogs such as NOTD, OOTD etc, but Ravinders blog is filled with actually interesting content. covering topics on all the things a lot of people go through from relationships to depression to university experiences (Go check out her 'what really matters' page.) and ofcourse she gives us all the beauty bits and bobs we all love too.
If you want a blog for interesting content that isn't all focused on beauty and fashion then go check out her lovely blog.

"Just a Thought"
I first clicked on Natalies blog and fell instantly in love with her groovy header, I then thought to myself  ooh this is a new blog but I like it! That was until I started reading and I realised that 'Just a thought' is the new generation of her. Wordpress blog
(DEFINATELY go check that out to see more of 'Just a thought' content.) I love her lifestyle and fashion focused style. It is such an easy read and a lovely blog all round.

Sooo those are my two favourites of the week! 
What struck me about both of these blogs was the lack of
pr enquires click here etc etc
They are just blogs that are written without the push for companys to contact them.
It was really nice to see that but ofcourse I don't condem anybody who has those features on their blog at all! It was just refreshing not to see that the second I click into their pages.

Feel free to leave your blog links in the comments below for next Fridays favourites. It was so difficult to choose just two so please leave your links again, I did bookmark a few that I want to remember.
And thankyou again for your continued love and support!

27 June 2012

Makeup Tutorial: Glamorous Eyes!

"The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion 
but cosmetics are easier to buy."
Yves Saint-Laurent

-Monday night called for a jug of 'Sex on the beach', some cheesy 90's music and my best friends.
Myself, Stanford Blatch and the lovely Charlotte got our gladrags on and went out to
celebrate the end of sixth form with some serious partying!

I posted a few photos of our night out on my Instagram and on my Twitter page and a few people left a few questions about my dress and imparticular my eye makeup. With this in mind I decided that I would re-create the look I wore for you in a tutorial.

My dress was from a 'pop up boutique' in Leeds, it was a barginous £10!

The lipstick I am wearing is a gorgeous Body Collection shade (available at Bodycare for 99p) and the shade is 'Hot pink'. 

If you would like to create this look for yourself then keep on reading.

The Eyes.
Because of the nature of black eyeshadow and it's momentous fall out, I decided to put on my eye makeup first to keep the dark powders from ruining my face makeup.
For the look I used the following products:

I firstly used the Urban Decay primer potion to give my eyeshadow a good tacky base, preventing creasing and the eye makeup from moving.

I began by sweeping the shade China Cup from my Frontcover pallette (available at Boots) across my eyelids using a No.7 blend and contour brush.

Next I used the chocolate brown shade from my MUA extreme metallics pallette and placed this on the outer corner of my eyelid pulling the excess shadow through my socketline.

I used a gorgeous MUA eyeshadow in the shade 24. 
 It is a lovely heathery, lilac shade with a pearl finish, I placed that above my socket line and through the crease.

Lightly tracing my upper lash line, I used a black kohl liner to line my eyes, slightly winging it out a little. I then used a pencil brush to lightly smudge the line. I didn't line my upper lash line all the way across as it tends to make my eyes which are already quite small look even smaller. I finished by traced the kohl line with a Vivo cosmetics black eyeshadow in the shade 13. Black Sparkle

I then used Half baked from my Urban Decay Naked Pallette 1 in the inner portion of my eye and applied the kohl liner to my tightline and waterline. I then curled my eye lashes and applied two coats of the Loreal Lash Architect 4d mascara and one coat of MUA water proof mascara.

I finished the look by adding my favourite lashes of all time which are the Girls Aloud, Eylure Kimberley lashes.

The Face Makeup

I kept the products on my face very simple as I wanted the statement eyes and lips to do the talking.

1.I used the Rimmel Fix and Perfect foundation primer in the shade 001. 

2. I appled the Bourjois 10 Hour sleep effect foundation with a foundation brush and then buffed it into my skin using a MAC 130 stippling brush.

3. Finally, I powdered in my eyebrows using an MUA dark brown eye shadow and used a Maxfactor 'Facefinity' pressed powder  to set my foundation and applied a light dusting of Loreal Glam Bronze  in Blonde Harmony to contour my cheeks.

Resulting in something that looks like this.

Love, Holl


25 June 2012

My everyday haircare routine

"Hair style is the final tip-offwhether or not a woman really knows herself".
Hubert de Givenchy, Vogue, July 1985

- It has been such an eventful morning already and I haven't even thought about my plans for this evening! 
 I woke up bright and early to take myself into college for my final general studies exam
 (not worth a jot, I know) 
and there was a tiny brown mouse sat on my bathroom floor and a very smug looking Buttons sat beside it.
 The mouse was so very cute but it can't live with us so I scooped it up and put it back outside and kept the cat inside. After an hour I figuired the mouse had a good head start, I let the cat back outside and I went off to find my blazer. 
 Low and behold by the time I had come back downstairs, the mouse was back, this time sat on the landing! 
 So now I am looking at a very sulky black and white cat as I have grounded her.

 In other news this morning I was on the bus home and we suddenly ground to a halt. The streets of Wakefield were lined with people all out to see the olympic torch relay pass through our town. I literally had the best seat in the house on the top deck of the bus it was all over in a matter of seconds but it was really nice to see everybody out to celebrate the occasion.

Anyway, enough rambling from me this post is my much requested 
'Haircare Routine'

I always buy different shampoo's and conditioners, usually ones that are for coloured hair to try and salvedge any of the red that leaks out so badly when I wash my hair.
Sometime last month after work I was scooting around Bodycare (surprise surprise)
looking for some replacements for my Boots botanics 'radiant red' hair products as they had run out.
I love that Bodycare stocks so many different brands of shampoo and condioner and I was pulled over by some financial force to the 99p sticker above these products.

I have very badly damaged hair from the years of smothering it in a red goo so rather than prioritise colour protection I decided to try some products that tackled my flat, dull and lifeless mop.
As you can see in this picture, my hair was in a pretty fly away state.
I can safely say that these are the most effective products I have used on my hair in a long, long time. 
They have given my hair a new lease of life, they are both packed with Keratin and contain no silicone.
My hair now looks a little something like this since using these products instead of my previous shampoo and conditioner.
Much shinier and lush!
(This was taken yesterday, it has no product in it just washed and dried)

I use those products for 'every other day' washes, for 'special occasions' I use my Clynol 'colour and care' products. These are my all time favourites
A review of these can be found

Once a week I use a hair mask to again retain some condition within my hair.
My current favourite is the
 'For hair that never grows passed a certain length'
I adore this rather familiar smelling (Gucci Rush anyone) deep conditioner.
Again, I have a review of my thoughts on this product 
For styling I usually blow dry my hair using this heat protectant from 'Salon Chic' which also contains UV protection.
I then dry my hair until it is partially dry and then run through some product to give my hair some volume.
Depending on how long ago it was that I dyed my hair will indicate which volumising mousse I use.
for when my hair is freshly dyed I will use this 'studio 2000' styling mousse with vitamin B.

If I am waiting to dye my hair and my colour is looking a little lack lustre throughout my parting I will use this amazing product from Indola. 

I am sure you have seen me rave on about this so many times but it's just amazing for making it appear as though you've spent all afternoon in a salon having your roots touched up!
Obviously, I have the red mousse but Indola do a whole range of coloured mousses for any hair colour.
I also use the Aveda 'smoothing fluid lotion' by running a little bit of the serum through the ends of my hair, it helps to keep the frizz away, makes it look lovely and shiny and also adds a hint of lavender to my locks.


Finally, to style my hair day to day I use Elnett hairspray, I must admit I just buy this out of nostalgia as my nan used to always have a little gold bottle on her dressing table and the smell of it reminds me of her. And for the days inbetween washing my hair I use this dry shampoo from 'Glamour'.
Okay, I kid you not this is the best dry shampoo you will ever find in Bodycare for 99p.
It isn't a typical 'powerdy-leaves-your-hair-looking-90-years-old dry shampoo', instead it is like a hairpsray, you cant see it, you just spray it give your hair a ruffle and you have instant volume and hair thats ready for anything. Honestly, try this if like me you have a few qualms about powerdery dry shampoo's.

I've recently been toning down my red, red to a more mahogany, dark brown red.
I feel that the darker reds make my hair look much more shiny and healthy and a little more sophisticated.
This month I have been loving this dye inparticular 

I found it in Bodycare on offer for £1.99 and my best friend Charlotte did the application for me and she did a bloody good job! The last picture of my hair above depicts what the shade looks like on me.
It is perfect!
To me, it is the perfect red!

Love, Holl


23 June 2012

Sharing the love. My new 'Friday Favourite' feature

Something new…

- Hi Everyone :-)
A little bit of a different kind of post from me tonight I am tapping away on my keyboard whilst being completley engrossed watching Kasabian playing at the Radio one, Hackney weekend.
Whenever I watch festivals on the tv, the crowd always looks an absolutley amazing place to be, but having attended Leeds festival a few times and having experienced being one small pea in a huge crowd it's not all that great.
 You are absolutley boiling and if you're small like me your nose is pressed into somebody with a sweaty backs vest and that all too familiar 'festival smell' engulfes you.
If you've been to a festival you'll know the smell, the damp, cidery, wee wee smell.
You also can't see the stage at all, it's usually raining, you can't get out of the crowds and you desperatley need a wee!
Anyway festival fever is not what this post is about.
 (Although I have written an entire post on both of my festival experiences if you want to check those out ) Leeds Festival 2011  and Leeds Festival 2010

 Yesterday evening whilst I was relaxing in a Lush 'Twilight' bubblebath I was thinking about the  'blogging world'  and my continuous journey through it since I hit publish on my first post well over a year ago.
 I realised that if it was not for some amazing mentions from the likes of
Swalkermakeup, Viviannadoesmakeup , Dizzybrunette3 and Karrisx
I would have not gained the amazing readership that I have.
I always get a little bit emotional when I think of the 677 people that have clicked 'follow' to be apart of the Good Golly Miss Hollie madness.
I apreciate all of your continued support - as I am sure you are sick of me saying!

I know that my blog is no way apart of the "big bloggers club" but I feel I have a lovely little hub of readers and I want to give something back to the community that (as cheesy as it sounds) has changed my life.

So throughout the month of July I shall be having a 'Friday Favourite'
whereby I shed a little light on my two favourite blogs of the week and eight blogs of the month.
I have been asking for anybody who follows me on Twitter with a blog to tweet me their blog link, you can also leave me a comment on here with a link.
I love finding exciting new blogs and it really doesn't matter if you have 0 followers or 5,000 as long as your content interests me it may well become a Friday favourite!
Soooo, leave your links below. :)
And thankyou again to everybody for making my blog what it is.
If I can help you just a tiny bit to get a small piece of the recognition for the hard work you put into your blog then I would be super happy to do so!


22 June 2012

Nail Polish Collection


My nail polish collection

- Nail polish tends to be the one beauty product that always catches my eye and ends up at the till with me when I have popped into Superdrug or Boots for anything other than nail polish.
I just get dazzled by all the beautiful shades and then experience an urge that I cannot ignore to put a few colours into my basket. 
You would think that my overflowing storage boxes would leave a mental imprint in my mind
not to buy anymore shades.

Because who really needs sixteen shades of pink?

I love reading collection posts and watching collection videos and having had a fair few requests to do a nail polish collections myself, I thought why not? I tend to change my nail polish colour every other day and I often can't decide which colour I fancy so perhaps this post will give us all some

I also think it will be a good oppotunity for me to get all of the polishes out and have a good old sort through as I can guarentee some of these shades I haven't worn in years!

Is anybody else like me in the way I always wear the same shades over and over and neglect the slightly more obscure shades or the forbidden glitters?

I also had a few comments on one of my previous 'NOTD' posts for a post on my favourites nail polishes so I will highlight my favourites shades from each colour family in bold.

The Light Pinks
Next 'Pink Pearl' - L&B 'French' - Maybelline express finish 'Pink' - Loreal nail inifnity 'Pinkandesence'
- Revlon  'Sheer Mauve' -Beauty UK 'Peach Melba' - Red Herring 'French Prink' - MeMeMe 'Sensuous'

The Deep Pinks
Nails inc 'Shoreditch' - 17 -'Miami' - 17 -'Miami'(old packaging) -Red Herring 'Hot' - Rimmel 'Funtime Fuchsia' - Red Herring 'Deep pink' - Nails Inc 'Hampstead Heath' -Body Collection '407'

The Reds
Ciate paint pots 'Mistress' - Sally Hanson 'Rapid red' - LandB 'Red' - Revlon 'Cherry Crush' - Body Collection 'Persian red' - Next 'Red wine'

The Blues
Revlon 'Blue Lagoon' - 17 'Peacock' - LandB 'Ocean Blue' -Rimmel 'Blue me away' -OPI 'Road house blues' - W7 'Navy'

The Greens
Collection 2000 'Mint Mojito' - Technic 'Khaki'

The Purples
Barry M 'Berry ice cream' - Nails Inc 'Power Pink' - Avond 'Decadence' - Body Collection 'Curious violet' - Ciate paint pots 'Wait until dark' - Accessorize 'Purple passion'

The Glitters
Technic 'Bedazzled' - Landb 'Silver Sparkle' -OPI 'Spark De Triomphe' - Pop -'Pink Glitter' - Deborah Lippman 'Razzle dazzle' - W7 'Metallic Jupiter' - W7 - Cosmic Black

The Oranges
Technic 'Calypso' - Leighton Denny 'Hanky Panky' - Technic 'Mars' - Barry M 'Coral'

The Greiges
Loreal 'Jet Set' - Nails inc 'Fashion fawn' - 2true 'shade 9' No.7

The Browns
Beauty UK - Chestnut - Red Herring 'Chestnut' - unkown - unknown - Nails inc 'Victoria' -  OPI 'My private jet'

The Blacks 
LandB 'Gunmetal' - MUA 'Shade 2' - Body Collection 'Jet black' - Collection 2000 'Midnight'

What is your favourite nail polish / nail polish brand?

Love, Holl

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