Another chapter of hair….

"And i'll be yours to keep, wind in the shadows, whale song in the deep"
Ben Howard.

- This week I waved goodbye to college and with no fixed routine, I genuinely felt a little out of sorts with my little old self this week with so many things changing, and my life becomming a little bit
' up in the air.'
It is always the case that when everything finally feels like it is coming together, it all changes again and
 I suppose that is what keeps things exciting and I have plenty of fabulous things to look foward to this summer. 
 It is always in the back of my mind that when summer comes to a close, things are going to be pretty bittersweet.
I hate feeling like this and whenever it happens I always tend to do the same thing to try and make myself feel cheery and happy again.

My hair cops for it.

- On a complete whim I took myself off to the hairdressers and asked for a blunt straight fringe chopping in to my 'already annoying legnth, growing out fringe'. circa January - February 2012!
Probably not the smartest idea when the weather was scorching hot outside, the last thing you want is hair sticking to your dewy forehead! And I hate the way fringes always seperate and look riduclous when they get a little out of line and ofcourse there's always the risk of developing a very unclear forehead!
But, as if it were right on cue within an hour the weather changed and the fringe doesn't look so out of place, infact I like it.
Fringes completley change your face shape and with me having a super round baby face to start with i'm always sceptical as to whether or not they actually suit me / make me look like a little girl.
Nevertheless I figuired it didn't look too bad and i'm quite happy with it for however long it lasts this time around.

I also popped into Boots as I had a fair few points on my advantage card and I needed to touch up my fast fading red hair colour.
I decided to just throw whatever red dye was on offer into my basket and it happend to be a Loreal Recital Preferance home colour kit.
I haven't used this particular sub brand of Loreal as I tend to go for the Feria range but I decided this colour was a winner.

I really enjoyed using this brand and I intend to use it again as it left my hair looking super shiny and it felt extremley conditioned. I did leave it on a little longer than I should have as my friend Jack decided to call me with the intention of having a fifty minute phone conversation and the shade turned out much darker than I inticipated but alas, this is a good thing as the first things reds do is fade!

And here is the final result post chopping and colouring.

Fringe with my hair tied up..
And with my hair down and straight
Anyway, I will leave it there as I need to paint my nails a magenta colour in preperation for my leavers balls tomorrow night!
Post + pictures will be up in due time!
Have a great jubilee weekend everybody!

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