Favourite Fridays!

You are my Friday favourites
29th June 2012."

- As I write this post I am nursing a terribly aggressive hangover so I would like to apologise in advance if my writing is all over the place/unreadable.
Very unprofessional I know hopefully you will forgive me just this once.

 Headaches and spinning living rooms aside I am super excited to announce my first ever
Friday Favourites!

 A few days ago I decided that I wanted to give something back to the blogging community and help devoted bloggers like myself to gain some recognition for the hard work and commitment they pour into their blog every day.

Every Friday for the month of July I will be linking you to two of my favourite blogs of the week.
There were no set rules or regulations, I just said that no matter if you have 3000 readers or 0 readers it really didn't matter if I thought your blog was interesting and a great read that I think my own readers would love.

I was overwhelmed by the response from everybody linking me to their blogs and I have absolutley loved looking at them all and I have followed some of them also. I have been inspired by a lot of your blogs also!
Not to mention the lovely comments people left with their links, the few that touched me the most were the bloggers who said they were inspired by Good Golly Miss Hollie to start writing themselves!
In my opinion I enjoyed them all in some way as they were all interesting and well thought out!
But ofcourse I was only going to pick two.

I present to you the first week of Friday favourite blogs!

"The Ravi Osahn"
Click here to pop on over to Ravinders fabulous blog!

- I have never come across Ravinders blog before, but she left a link for me and as I was looking through the various blogs I found hers and I am so glad that I did.
The first thing that stood out to me about her blog was the fact it contained a lot about everything.
I usually see the same kinds of posts on blogs such as NOTD, OOTD etc, but Ravinders blog is filled with actually interesting content. covering topics on all the things a lot of people go through from relationships to depression to university experiences (Go check out her 'what really matters' page.) and ofcourse she gives us all the beauty bits and bobs we all love too.
If you want a blog for interesting content that isn't all focused on beauty and fashion then go check out her lovely blog.

"Just a Thought"
I first clicked on Natalies blog and fell instantly in love with her groovy header, I then thought to myself  ooh this is a new blog but I like it! That was until I started reading and I realised that 'Just a thought' is the new generation of her. Wordpress blog
(DEFINATELY go check that out to see more of 'Just a thought' content.) I love her lifestyle and fashion focused style. It is such an easy read and a lovely blog all round.

Sooo those are my two favourites of the week! 
What struck me about both of these blogs was the lack of
pr enquires click here etc etc
They are just blogs that are written without the push for companys to contact them.
It was really nice to see that but ofcourse I don't condem anybody who has those features on their blog at all! It was just refreshing not to see that the second I click into their pages.

Feel free to leave your blog links in the comments below for next Fridays favourites. It was so difficult to choose just two so please leave your links again, I did bookmark a few that I want to remember.
And thankyou again for your continued love and support!
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