I'm done!!!

FINALLY! It is all over

Hello Everybody!
This is just a super quick post to let all my lovely readers know that as of tomorrow I will be back to my usual, daily blogging routine! 
I can now say that my exams are officially over and after the most horrendous fortnight ever, I can breathe a small sigh of relief knowing that when I wake up tomorrow morning I won't be chained to a textbook and a notepad desperatley trying to condense masses of information.
If you have been amidst your exams too, i'm sure you all know how that feels.
It really is not pleasant.
Knowing me, I will still be worrying myself silly all summer wondering if I have secured my place at my chosen university, but at least I have 6 weeks of not knowing either way to enjoy myself, work and spend time with my nearest and dearest.
Anyway that is all I wanted to say as I have been MIA for a while….
Tonight my old friend Charlotte and I are paying a visit to a chinese buffet for some celebratory munching.
I shall see you all tomorrow
Love, Holl

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