A moan, a makeup chat and an OOTD.

"We've come a long way since that day
and we will never look back at a faded silhouette"

-A huge hello to all my lovely, loyal readers.
Before I start rambling on about makeup shenanigans, clothes and things that generally make me super smiley,  I can only apologise for my lack of posts alate, if you follow me on 
Twitter @holliebradbury
you have most likely recently unfollowed me due to the wave of grim tweets that I have been throwing onto the Twitter feed over the past fortnight. 

Yes, it is that time….again
Those two and a half hour things that cause me to bite everybodys head off and make my forehead and chin  erupt into something that resembles an extra pepperonoied pizza.
Never in my life have I felt so anxious and sick and worried all day, every day and all night.
And I am also pretty, no scrap that, I am very annoyed with myself for biting all my nails off whilst I waited to walk into the exam hall.
I now have sore, stumpy fingers to add to my spotty face and dark circles that resemble nasty bruises.
It's only in recent years that I have kicked that nail biting habit and have grown nice healthy nails but when the stress wave covers me, I am relentless.
I really didn't want to write a hopeless post on here moaning on even more about the fact I have been failing at my all important 'uni bagger' exams as this is my little happy place, totally cheesy I know but it is and I really didn't want to be casting a gloomy cloud over my blog.

So, without harping on too much (I'll save that all for Twitter) I am in a bit of a horrendous place at the moment and my mum and dad don't seem to understand why I am so stressed!
Alot rides on how I do over the next few weeks and anybody who's in the middle of their A2's will probably agree that it is not really all giggles and rainbows at the moment.
But alas it really is a good golly miss Hollie situation having written about the completley wrong thing in Psychology yesterday morning and struggled to reach a maximum of three pages in the English Language exam the following afternoon, I have decided to give my fried brain a break from the tears and the tantums and have decided to let myself drift into blogger land for a few hours.

So I will start again,
Hello :-).

Today, I have gone for a look that I know will cheer me up as everything on my body contributes to something I love.
I love red nails.
I love red lips.
I love leopard print.
I love black leather.

I was recently browsing in the discounted cosmetics store 'Xtras' and found myself scanning the nail polish rack. Now, don't get me wrong I have ever colour of nail polish under the sun but I always seem to say to myself;
"Oh, I haven't got a pink with a blue tone"
"That's a lovely shade of lilac, I only have six other polishes in a variant shade of lilac but I might aswell get that because it has a nice irridencance."
This little conversation went on in my head when I spotted the reds.
Having counted (sad I know) my red polishes I am aware that the total equates to 13.
One more couldn't hurt right?

I must say this one is rather special, I bought it for a mere £2 and given that it is by Sally Hansen I would say that is quite simply barginous!

My first impression of it was that it is a rather pink toned red, or so it appeared.
After applying the polish onto my hideous nails I found it was indeed the true red I have been forever searching for.

The brush is absolutley great and covers my nails in one swipe, it is also very fast drying, perfect for people like me who are always wanting to open their purse or fake tan when waiting for the polish to dry.

Next up, the makeup!

As my skin is in such terrible condition latley I decided I needed a more full coverage foundation for extra skin confidence when I am out and about.
Hello there Revlon Colorstay - it's been a while,
although this is not one of my more preferred foundations it does need using up and given that I have put on a little bit of fake tan on to stop me looking quite so pasty I can get away the summer shade.
If you want to read a more indepth review of what I think of Revlon's Colorstay I have a review of it and other foundations.

On my eyes I am wearing my everyday Gold smokey eye
with a bit of a 60's eyeliner twist.
and finally on my lips I wearing my favourite 'bitable' liptick

by Rimmel London in the shade  880 'Rose Passion'. The shade itself is more of an orange toned red than a blue toned red with a slight gold irridencenceand is best applied with a lip brush for extra precision.

This leopard print blouse is from Primark in the current season it was £10 I believe.
And the red blazer and the 'wet look' leggins are also from Primark

Right, I am going to have to drag myself back to the dining room table to do more psychology revision
Wish me luck! And if you don't hear from me for a while (although I am always Instagramming and tweeting) I will be back after my last exam which is on Wednesday!
I love you all millions
and again, a huge thankyou to everybody who has nominated Good Golly Miss Hollie
in the Cosmopolitan blogger awards. You know how much your nomination means to me and to be shortlisted would just well….make my life! And if you are thinking huh?
 This post 
will probably give you more information if you have no idea what I am talking about!

Love, Holl

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