22 June 2012

Nail Polish Collection


My nail polish collection

- Nail polish tends to be the one beauty product that always catches my eye and ends up at the till with me when I have popped into Superdrug or Boots for anything other than nail polish.
I just get dazzled by all the beautiful shades and then experience an urge that I cannot ignore to put a few colours into my basket. 
You would think that my overflowing storage boxes would leave a mental imprint in my mind
not to buy anymore shades.

Because who really needs sixteen shades of pink?

I love reading collection posts and watching collection videos and having had a fair few requests to do a nail polish collections myself, I thought why not? I tend to change my nail polish colour every other day and I often can't decide which colour I fancy so perhaps this post will give us all some

I also think it will be a good oppotunity for me to get all of the polishes out and have a good old sort through as I can guarentee some of these shades I haven't worn in years!

Is anybody else like me in the way I always wear the same shades over and over and neglect the slightly more obscure shades or the forbidden glitters?

I also had a few comments on one of my previous 'NOTD' posts for a post on my favourites nail polishes so I will highlight my favourites shades from each colour family in bold.

The Light Pinks
Next 'Pink Pearl' - L&B 'French' - Maybelline express finish 'Pink' - Loreal nail inifnity 'Pinkandesence'
- Revlon  'Sheer Mauve' -Beauty UK 'Peach Melba' - Red Herring 'French Prink' - MeMeMe 'Sensuous'

The Deep Pinks
Nails inc 'Shoreditch' - 17 -'Miami' - 17 -'Miami'(old packaging) -Red Herring 'Hot' - Rimmel 'Funtime Fuchsia' - Red Herring 'Deep pink' - Nails Inc 'Hampstead Heath' -Body Collection '407'

The Reds
Ciate paint pots 'Mistress' - Sally Hanson 'Rapid red' - LandB 'Red' - Revlon 'Cherry Crush' - Body Collection 'Persian red' - Next 'Red wine'

The Blues
Revlon 'Blue Lagoon' - 17 'Peacock' - LandB 'Ocean Blue' -Rimmel 'Blue me away' -OPI 'Road house blues' - W7 'Navy'

The Greens
Collection 2000 'Mint Mojito' - Technic 'Khaki'

The Purples
Barry M 'Berry ice cream' - Nails Inc 'Power Pink' - Avond 'Decadence' - Body Collection 'Curious violet' - Ciate paint pots 'Wait until dark' - Accessorize 'Purple passion'

The Glitters
Technic 'Bedazzled' - Landb 'Silver Sparkle' -OPI 'Spark De Triomphe' - Pop -'Pink Glitter' - Deborah Lippman 'Razzle dazzle' - W7 'Metallic Jupiter' - W7 - Cosmic Black

The Oranges
Technic 'Calypso' - Leighton Denny 'Hanky Panky' - Technic 'Mars' - Barry M 'Coral'

The Greiges
Loreal 'Jet Set' - Nails inc 'Fashion fawn' - 2true 'shade 9' No.7

The Browns
Beauty UK - Chestnut - Red Herring 'Chestnut' - unkown - unknown - Nails inc 'Victoria' -  OPI 'My private jet'

The Blacks 
LandB 'Gunmetal' - MUA 'Shade 2' - Body Collection 'Jet black' - Collection 2000 'Midnight'

What is your favourite nail polish / nail polish brand?

Love, Holl



  1. wow thats alot on nail varnish xx


  2. One of my all time faves is Nails Inc Victoria, it looks vampy and classy at the same time. I love bright pinks and corals too :) x

  3. You own sooo many! So many pretty colours!!! :D


  4. Glad I'm not the only one with a nail polish obsession! Nails Inc 'power pink' is one of my favourites :)




  5. I am totally addicted to nail polishes too and I am running out of space to store them all!
    I love your oranges - I've never tried Technic polishes before - where can I find them hun?
    N xoxo

  6. I bought 2 Technic polishes today,south pacific and bonanza both gorgeous Teal shades bonanza a lovely glitter polish.I didn't think they`d be much good for 99p but seriously impressed,will be going for some more shades :)


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