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My nail polish collection

- Nail polish tends to be the one beauty product that always catches my eye and ends up at the till with me when I have popped into Superdrug or Boots for anything other than nail polish.
I just get dazzled by all the beautiful shades and then experience an urge that I cannot ignore to put a few colours into my basket. 
You would think that my overflowing storage boxes would leave a mental imprint in my mind
not to buy anymore shades.

Because who really needs sixteen shades of pink?

I love reading collection posts and watching collection videos and having had a fair few requests to do a nail polish collections myself, I thought why not? I tend to change my nail polish colour every other day and I often can't decide which colour I fancy so perhaps this post will give us all some

I also think it will be a good oppotunity for me to get all of the polishes out and have a good old sort through as I can guarentee some of these shades I haven't worn in years!

Is anybody else like me in the way I always wear the same shades over and over and neglect the slightly more obscure shades or the forbidden glitters?

I also had a few comments on one of my previous 'NOTD' posts for a post on my favourites nail polishes so I will highlight my favourites shades from each colour family in bold.

The Light Pinks
Next 'Pink Pearl' - L&B 'French' - Maybelline express finish 'Pink' - Loreal nail inifnity 'Pinkandesence'
- Revlon  'Sheer Mauve' -Beauty UK 'Peach Melba' - Red Herring 'French Prink' - MeMeMe 'Sensuous'

The Deep Pinks
Nails inc 'Shoreditch' - 17 -'Miami' - 17 -'Miami'(old packaging) -Red Herring 'Hot' - Rimmel 'Funtime Fuchsia' - Red Herring 'Deep pink' - Nails Inc 'Hampstead Heath' -Body Collection '407'

The Reds
Ciate paint pots 'Mistress' - Sally Hanson 'Rapid red' - LandB 'Red' - Revlon 'Cherry Crush' - Body Collection 'Persian red' - Next 'Red wine'

The Blues
Revlon 'Blue Lagoon' - 17 'Peacock' - LandB 'Ocean Blue' -Rimmel 'Blue me away' -OPI 'Road house blues' - W7 'Navy'

The Greens
Collection 2000 'Mint Mojito' - Technic 'Khaki'

The Purples
Barry M 'Berry ice cream' - Nails Inc 'Power Pink' - Avond 'Decadence' - Body Collection 'Curious violet' - Ciate paint pots 'Wait until dark' - Accessorize 'Purple passion'

The Glitters
Technic 'Bedazzled' - Landb 'Silver Sparkle' -OPI 'Spark De Triomphe' - Pop -'Pink Glitter' - Deborah Lippman 'Razzle dazzle' - W7 'Metallic Jupiter' - W7 - Cosmic Black

The Oranges
Technic 'Calypso' - Leighton Denny 'Hanky Panky' - Technic 'Mars' - Barry M 'Coral'

The Greiges
Loreal 'Jet Set' - Nails inc 'Fashion fawn' - 2true 'shade 9' No.7

The Browns
Beauty UK - Chestnut - Red Herring 'Chestnut' - unkown - unknown - Nails inc 'Victoria' -  OPI 'My private jet'

The Blacks 
LandB 'Gunmetal' - MUA 'Shade 2' - Body Collection 'Jet black' - Collection 2000 'Midnight'

What is your favourite nail polish / nail polish brand?

Love, Holl

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