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- Hi Everyone :-)
A little bit of a different kind of post from me tonight I am tapping away on my keyboard whilst being completley engrossed watching Kasabian playing at the Radio one, Hackney weekend.
Whenever I watch festivals on the tv, the crowd always looks an absolutley amazing place to be, but having attended Leeds festival a few times and having experienced being one small pea in a huge crowd it's not all that great.
 You are absolutley boiling and if you're small like me your nose is pressed into somebody with a sweaty backs vest and that all too familiar 'festival smell' engulfes you.
If you've been to a festival you'll know the smell, the damp, cidery, wee wee smell.
You also can't see the stage at all, it's usually raining, you can't get out of the crowds and you desperatley need a wee!
Anyway festival fever is not what this post is about.
 (Although I have written an entire post on both of my festival experiences if you want to check those out ) Leeds Festival 2011  and Leeds Festival 2010

 Yesterday evening whilst I was relaxing in a Lush 'Twilight' bubblebath I was thinking about the  'blogging world'  and my continuous journey through it since I hit publish on my first post well over a year ago.
 I realised that if it was not for some amazing mentions from the likes of
Swalkermakeup, Viviannadoesmakeup , Dizzybrunette3 and Karrisx
I would have not gained the amazing readership that I have.
I always get a little bit emotional when I think of the 677 people that have clicked 'follow' to be apart of the Good Golly Miss Hollie madness.
I apreciate all of your continued support - as I am sure you are sick of me saying!

I know that my blog is no way apart of the "big bloggers club" but I feel I have a lovely little hub of readers and I want to give something back to the community that (as cheesy as it sounds) has changed my life.

So throughout the month of July I shall be having a 'Friday Favourite'
whereby I shed a little light on my two favourite blogs of the week and eight blogs of the month.
I have been asking for anybody who follows me on Twitter with a blog to tweet me their blog link, you can also leave me a comment on here with a link.
I love finding exciting new blogs and it really doesn't matter if you have 0 followers or 5,000 as long as your content interests me it may well become a Friday favourite!
Soooo, leave your links below. :)
And thankyou again to everybody for making my blog what it is.
If I can help you just a tiny bit to get a small piece of the recognition for the hard work you put into your blog then I would be super happy to do so!

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