Thursday, 21 June 2012

Spring cleaning in June?

"Ha , ha, ha bless your soul
do you really think you're in control?"
Gnarls Barkley

- Last night saw my oldest, best friend Charlotte and I tuck into an enormous amount of chinese food.
Shamefully, this depicts just my dinner alone!
Ah, nevermind
 it was worth every minute of the two and a half hour literature exam that I spent dreaming about it. Extra brownie points given for the jammy dodger cheesecake!

I always love having a girly night with Charlotte as we have such a laugh reminicing about the crazy things we used to do as little kids and discussing / sniggering at extracts of 50 shades of grey.
 I cannot stop giggling to myself thinking about how we used to go around our street, knocking on our neighbours doors doing surveys about their favourite food.

Anyway, when I got home at around half passed ten I decided to empty the contents of my bedroom
onto the floor.
Why I decided to do it at that time, I just don't know - I do things like that once I get an idea into my head.
My room had become a bombsite with revision material forming a new carpet
and I wanted it all lovely again for when my friends come to stay next week.
In addition to this, I just love tidying, cleaning and making things neat.
It was glorious to wake up this morning without a revision timetable to adhere to however waking up to my room looking like this
was not what you want to see when you're bleary eyed and disorientated.
So I have spent the best part of this horrendously rainy day re organising my wardrobes, throwing sixth form stuff out and tidying up.

As a bit of a neat freak, I re arranged all my clothes into categories on my rail, starting with blouses through to tops through to dresses and finally to cardigans and hoodies.
Maybe it's just me, but there is something so satisfying about having everything in order and tidy.

I was also looking to donate alot of my unworn clothing to charity as most of it is good stuff that deserves a good home.

 My poor 'everyday' shoes carelessly thrown into the bottom of my wardrobe.

So after around two hours this morning singing along to the songs on radio 1 and filling my mug up with around 7 cups of tea.
One side of my wardrobe looked a little something like this…

I decided to showcase my favourite pairs of heels along the bottom shelf - no prizes for guesing which pair are my favourite.
Looking at this picture I do have a rather eccentric spread of patterned clothing!

I fitted all my jeggings, jeans and patterned leggings nicely behind my shoes, my plan from now on is to quit standing infront of my wardrobe scratching my head, and instead I can find a top and some bottoms that go nicely together in no time at all.

It was then time to tackle the ajoining side that contains handbags, scarves, tights, coats, blazers and misc t-shirts.
It is rather chaotic in that side.

Next up was a new jewellery storage system as my previous storage was just messy and everything got tangled together in big knots.

I decided to put my old Glossybox's to good use, seperating my pieces into a bracelet box a necklace box and an earring box. I then located a vintage ring box to store all my rings in.

Following this I danced around with the fluffy duster and the pledge dusting everything down.
I felt sorry for some of my books that I had cast into an underbed trunk, I decided to get them out and put them on my shelves so that I may feel inspired to pick one up and re read it as I have come to the conclusion I have been a shamefully bad book worm recently.
Finally, I have everything how I like it, nice and organised.

Last week I decided to make a cheeky Zara order to reward myself for all the hard work that I have put in this year. I know it is a little bit bandwagon but I bought the messenger bag with edging.
Alas, I am not fully on the bandwagon as I chose the red (which is actually more of a coral rather than a true red) instead of the bone shade.
It is mainly for when I go to London as my studded bottomed bag has short straps that only sit in the crook of your arm leading to tired achey arms.
Not what you need when you are sightseeing!
I love this bag it is apart of the Zara basic range and retails for £19.99 

Later on in the afternoon I popped into town with my mum so that she could pick up some last minute holiday essentials.
We were browsing in TK Maxx and to my absolute delight I found the most pefect item.
I was scanning the washbag area (I know, I know it sounds a little random) but I came across London themed wash bags!
Now, I have purpose to buy this as 1, I am going to London in two weeks for a few days, what a perfect item to take. (My boyfriend will actually think I am bonkers as I have already bought a mass of London themed clothes for our little excursion) and 2 it will be useful for when I go to uni and I need to transport my toiletries into the shared bathroom.
Gosh I am bloody sad.
and well 3, I loooove London.
So here it is.

Phew, what an enormous post! You can tell i've been away for a while!
Love, Holl



  1. Genuinely wish I had your love of cleaning & tidying because I am the most untidy person :(
    The food looks amazing btw ;) yum x

  2. Oh wow! I love tidying but I'm awful at it. I could never get it so neat so quickly! <3

  3. i want a wash bag like that xx

  4. You should try selling your old clothes at a consignment shop!

  5. i love the colours of your room! :)
    & that bag is amazinggg :) xx

  6. I love posts like this - I think I just like to be nosey ^.^
    I really like your little Buddha heads on your bookshelves and that Zara bag looks gorgeous! What a find!
    You have one new follower :)
    N xoxo


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