31 July 2012



- Hi everyone, a little bit of a random post from me today but I do have a reason behind the randomness.
 If you live in Liverpool or near or you have been to / still go to a Liverpool uni could you please drop me an email on my email addresss goodgollymiss-hollie@hotmail.com. 
I will explain why I am asking you to get in touch in my reply, but I would be super grateful for your responses. :)
 Love, Holl xo

27 July 2012

Superdrug Haul

"Natural beauty takes at least  
two hours in front of a mirror"
Pamela Anderson

- You know when you just have a really quite awful day at work and you are just willing the clock to strike 5pm? 
Thursday was one of those days.
After what seemed like an eternity, 5 bells rolled around and I was straight out of the door.
I practically teleported myself to Superdrug in a flash and sped around the store like pacman, basket in hand and a rolling list of items in my head.

I have been wanting to treat myself to some new cosmetics for a while now and although my makeup collection houses many half used products I just wanted to buy something new.

The first item on my mental list was foundation. 
I have been on a mission to try out new drugstore foundations as I wanted a new, exciting alternative my reliable favourites Bourjois Healthy Mix and Revlon Colorstay.
Having asked for your recommendations on Twitter it was noticable that there were two hot shot favourites that I needed to try. The first was Revlon Photoready and the second was Rimmels 'Wake me up'.

I opted to go for the latter and for a reasonable £8.99 the orange lidded glass bottle was in the basket.
I picked up the shade 200, Soft Beige and it seems a reasonable colour match to my MAC NW20 skin.
Now, I am not going to do a full on review of this product as I haven't really had an opportunity to test it out properly however, I did apply it this morning for the first time and although it is nothing mind blowing, I do love the coverage and the overall look of the foundation on my face.
 It is now a good 8 hours since I applied it and it is still sitting fresh on my face.
On first impressions I like it, I like it a lot…But more on the road test later.

Concealer is the product that I orginally popped into Superdrug for.
I haven't been entirely happy with my Revlon concealer and now it has come to an end I have been looking for a superior alternative.

Low and behold I picked up the £4.99 Collection 2000, Lasting Perfection concealer in Medium 3.
Again, I will be doing a review on this product after I have had an opportunity to test it properly, touch wood my skin has been pretty clear again since Porefessionalgate (lets not even talk about that) and I haven't needed to use the Lasting Perfection for concealing blemishes instead, I used it this morning under my eyes and to eradicate any redness around my nose and I have to say this little wonder gets a thumbs up from me also.

Another makeup item that I popped into my basket was a liquid eyeliner.
I have always had bad experiences with liquid liners and they have always dried out super quickly and not been very effective in their application.

In all honesty I wasn't expecting big things from this £1 MUA waterproof liquid liner.
It has however held its own and has created a lovely, consistent line on my upper lash line.
I am not sure what has come over me but I have ditched the eye shadow and the full on eye makeup in general and opted for a more natural makeup application.
I am pretty sure Louise from 'Made in Chelsea' has inspired me to sport the naked eye, liquid liner look
and I have to say it is bloody nice to not come home from work at the end of the day and have to see myself with smudged, creased eyeshadow. The pretty neat line of liner stays put and looks clean.
I just need to work on my application to get it spot on.
Practise makes perfect and all that.

Hairdye was next on the list!
Surprise! Surprise!

I picked up the Superdrug own brand dye 'Colour Vibrance' in the colour ' Hot Red'. This was only £3.99 and really does contend with the bigger brands.
I just needed my roots refreshing a little bit as my toner is lightening up the ends of my hair but not re colouring my roots. I do love freshly dyed, vibrantly coloured hair!

Finally I popped a tinted moisturiser in my basket. I chose the Superdrugs own brand Gradual Body Tan in medium to dark as I feel the results last a little longer and the tanner gets to work quicker than the ones designed for very fair skin which also tend to be quite orange toned.

It was a barginous £2.99 and used underneath my St Moriz fake tan I reckon it creates a rather lovely deep glow!

And that is everything I picked up, I am travelling to my (hopefully) new home for the next 3 years tomorrow.
Hello Liverpool
I am very excited to have a proper look around the city and get my bearings a little bit.
I am also quite nervous, I hope that I like it! I haven't heard anybody say a bad word about the city so I do hope they are all right.
Love, Holl

26 July 2012

A New Video :)

TAG ,  
Nail polish obsessions

1. What's your favorite nail polish company?
2. Glitter or no glitter?
3. OPI, China Glaze, or Essie?
4. When do you change your nail polish?
5. What's your favorite color on your nails?
6. Darks or Brights?
7. What are you wearing on your nails right this moment?
8. Matte Nails--In or Out?
9. French Manicure?
10. Favorite Winter Color?

Love, Holl

25 July 2012

Beauty in a Box.

Glossybox ,  
July 2012
GLOSSYBOX does Festival Glam!

"With the festival season upon us, whether you are a strictly Glastonbury girl, in which case you will be taking a well-deserved rest this year, or a Wireless fan, rock the festival look with this months Glossybox. These festival beauty essentials will get your look by experimenting with the differnt products. What a line up!"

- I always seem to have a funny little anecdote to co inside with my monthly Glossybox post however, this morning the receiving of my box was sadly rather un eventful. 
A lady wearing an almost identical turqoise dress to me (Mine is from Miss Selfridge bought in my Vanessa Hudgens girl crush stage circa 2009) delivered my box to me through the living room window and within seconds the dainty pale pink box was opened.

This months theme is 'Festival Glam' and as a festival goer myself I was interested to see what products 
would give me festival fever.

Bex London
Londoner Urban Fragrance
-Four high concentrate, modern fragrances, inspired by the unique character and idiosyncrasies of London.
Full size product retails at £81.00/100ml

I quite possibly got myself a little giddy over this product although shamefully for reasons I should be a little embarrased about. 
There are four perfume samples all named after a London postcode area, N6, W1X, SE1 and EC2.
I recieved the fragrance N6 and it smells absolutley divine.
As you know, I am obsessed with all things London and I was ridiculously happy to have N6 in my box simply because that postcode is Hampstead Heath somewhere I rather like and also the name of my favourite Nails.inc nailpolish….
I did say I was sad.
In all seriousness though I would love to test the other fragrances as this one is gorgeous it is a rather woody, sensual scent perhaps more of a night time fragrance as opposed to a daytime scent.

Awapuhi Wild Ginger
Texturising sea spray
- Create a tousled, beachy style any time. This surf-inspired spray adds texture and body to any locks.
Full size product retails at £18.95/150ml

This is really a product that I will throw into my handbag to keep topping up the volume in my hair if I am wearing my hair wavy. I have used the sample and I have to say it's nothing special just gives your hair a bit of a boost and prevents it from falling lank as the day progresses.

Calming Cream
- This green-tinted cream works by neutralising the redness often noticed on the cheeks and chin area.
Full size product retails at £14.95/15ml

Now this really is my kind of product. - It even smells luxurious
 One of the things that goes part and parcel of having super dark hair very pale skin is that broken capillaries, pores, dark hair and redness show up more prominently on the face. I have a rather red face, a reason for my love of MAC foundations which aim to cancel out the redness in my face. I also tried this product this morning and I feel that it worked a miracle, the green in the cream is completley unoticable and the red in my face was almost eradicated. I would look into purchasing this product full size. 

Jelly Pong Pong
Lip frosting
- A multifunctional cream gloss. Use on lips for a tint of colour, or cheeks for a luminous glow.
Full size product retails at £10.00/15ml

Although this product looks, smells and tastes like something you would give to a little kid it really is quite a lovely product. It leaves your lips looking lovely and glossy, it is not gloopy in the slightest and is perfect patted onto the lip on its own or to wear underneath your favourite lipstick. It doesn't hold too much pigmentation and for this reason I probably would use it on the top of my cheekbone for a subtle highlight.

Hulie Prodigieuse
- Apply this dry oil to your face, body and hair all year round, in summer and in winter.
Full size product retails at £17.50/50ml

I have become fairly infactuated with oils. I feel that over the past 12 months they have really become a popular 'must have' beauty product, stemming from the hype on argan oil for your hair.
Although I would not be daring enough to apply this product to my face (you know what happens when anything oily comes into contact with my skin, all hell breaks loose) I would certainly apply this dry oil to the ends of my hair as I have been doing with the vo5 hot oil. I feel it really makes a difference!

The bonus product in this months box came from Elizabeth Arden's visible difference gentle hydrating line.

Included were three tiny samples of the hydrating cleanser the optimizing skin serum and the hydrating cream in spy 15.

I am happy to say that I do love this months Glossybox edition. 
Although, in all seriousness would I really haul these items to Leeds festival with me?
Probably not aside from the lip frosting and the calming cream.
I guess my idea of a festival essentials box would be very different. 
Vaseline and Dry shampoo anyone?
Love, Holl


23 July 2012

When you feel like you've not been keeping up

A girl should be two things,  
classy and fabulous
Coco Chanel

- As somebody who mainly works Saturday and Sunday I always dedicate Sunday night to be the night of beautifying.
I suppose it has always been the same, when I was little Sunday night was the time to get my school bag all sorted, have a bath with my 'Matey' bubble bath, wash my super long hair with Loreal kids shampoo and watch 'Monarch of the Glen' whilst my dad dried my hair as it was too long for me to handle.

These days I like to book the bathroom for a good two hours for some ultimate relaxation time 
and to make myself look half decent for the week ahead.

I start off by running a toner through my hair to keep my colour alive.
 I am currently using the La Riche, Directions 'Paint Pots' in the colour 'Pillarbox Red'. 
I pop a good amount onto my hair and leave it on my head covered by an old towel for around 30 minutes. 
Whilst sat with the toner on my head I also put on my 'Supreme' Crest whitening strips, also for 30 minutes.
I do look a little amusing with red splashed all around my forehead whilst being unable to speak without dribbling all over the place.

After the 30 minutes has passed I shampoo and condition my hair using the Schwarzkopf 'Gliss' range.
The liquid silk shampoo and the ultimate volume conditioner.
(For more about those products and my full haircare routine in general click here)

I then set my bubble bath going and throw in my favourite Lush bath ballistic 'Twilight'.
In the bath I cleanse my face using my Liz Earle 'Cleanse and Polish' followed by an apricot exfoliator
(My in-depth skincare routine can be found here)
I then like to apply a face mask, my current favourite is the Montagne Jeunesse 'Dead Sea mud spa' mask which is an actual face mask containing product that you apply to your face, it is so unbeliveably refreshing and soothing!
I shall certainly be writing a review on the fabulous little product super soon.

I also pop on a hair mask, my two current favourites are the Lee Stafford 'For hair that doesn't grow past a certain length' conditioner and the Phillip Kingsley 'Elasticizer'. Both of which leave my hair lovely and nourished and ridiculously soft.

After exfoliating and moisturising my skin using the St Tropez, Gradual tan moisturiser in medium to dark, I apply St Moriz tanning lotion in dark.
 I much prefer the lotion as it is less drying on the skin and a little product goes a longer distance in comparason with the mousse. I leave this on over night to develop and then wash off the guide colour in the morning.
 On my face I apply the L'occitane 'Eau Radieuse' toner and once that has soaked in I apply a generous amount of Sudacreme to my face to again get to work whilst I am asleep.  

Lastly, I get on with my nails using the Venique top coat as a base coat I apply my colour of choice, This week I am wearing Venique 'San tro Play'  - a gorgeous lilac purple with a pearl finish, followed by another layer of the Venique glossy top coat.

Then, before I go to sleep I apply a generous amount of the Soap and Glory 'Hand Food' to my feet, especially on my heels and on my hands.
And then I wake up on Monday morning smelling like a biscuit and glowing a funny tinge of green and  it is time to start taming my unruly post sleep mop - but that can be another post for another day!
What are your favourite pampering essentials?
Love, Holl


20 July 2012

Flamin' up

While the rest of the species decended from apes,  the red heads decended from cats.
An absolutley bonkers quote that I found.

- It is common knowledge that dyed red hair is nightmare to keep looking fresh. 
After a fortnight or so of shampooing and conditioning and heat from straightening irons and hairdryers
that once lush ruby red turns into a strange dilute, pinky orange toned, watercolour mess.  
It is for this reason that I now tend to use the more plum toned dark browns rather than the full on tomato orange toned reds.
Black cherry from Loreal Casting Creme gloss is an example of one of my favourites.
I find that these shades tend to blend nicer with my regrowth (a very very dark brown) and don't tend to fade much at all. 
The depth of colour is still there four, five weeks on from the first application.
I have never had as many compliments on my hair colour as I have since choosing the plum toned reds.
I feel that my hair looks much healthier and shinier also.

1. Orange toned red

Darker, plum toned red

As I am trying to grow my hair I have been staying away from too much heat and dye.
Instead I have been touching up my colour with the Directions Paint Pots.
They contain no amonia or bleach and are literally colour enhancing toners.
For a mere £3.99 at Xtras you can't go wrong.
Here is what I do;

Paint Pot in 'Pillarbox Red'

Hair, five weeks after dye application.

I applied the Pillarbox red to damp hair.

looks like I have had brain surgery!

I left the toner on for 40mins whilst I tucked into a yummy jacket potato

As you can see my hair is totally revitatlised in colour!

Have you ever tried the paint pots?
Love, Holl

Favourite Fridays!

"You are my Friday favourites
20th July 2012."

Every Friday for the month of July I have been linking you to two of my favourite blogs of the week. There were no set rules or regulations, I just said that no matter if you have 3000 readers or 0 readers it really didn't matter if I thought your blog was interesting and a great read that I think my own readers would love. 

 I was overwhelmed by the response from everybody linking me to their blogs and I have absolutley loved looking at them all and I have followed some of them also. 
I have been inspired by a lot of your blogs also!
 Not to mention the lovely comments people left with their links, the few that touched me the most were the bloggers who said they were inspired by Good Golly Miss Hollie to start writing themselves! 
What also really touched me was the fact that some of the bloggers that I mentioned kindly wrote a little thankyou post to me which I thought was sooo lovely!
 I have loved seeking out new blogs through 'Favourite Fridays' and I shall be doing another monthly favourites very soon! 
So without further ado, here are the last two of my Friday Favourites blogs!


- Frankys blog is quite possibly my favourite blog to read.
 Big statement, I know and I am sure she is well aware of my love for love audrey as I seem to tweet her enough telling her!
I can't exactly put my finger on what it is I love about it most.
(Perhaps it is my obsession with Audrey Hepburn you've seen the pictures in my room right? that first attracted me to her blog)
I can't even remember how I found her blog, but I am so glad I did and have been a firm fan ever since.
I love that her blog is honest and real. It's like a little diary and although everything she writes about is real I always feel like I am reading a fairytale, especially when she posted about her amazing wedding.
She covers everything I would say her blog is a lifestyle blog I think that sums up what I mean by everything. She has been blogging for years and I love reading some of her oldest posts, her blog really is like a scrapbook of memories, it's just ace
Please go and read her blog, I really think you will love it.


I have absolutley no idea how I found Abbis blog but when I did I have always looked forward to her posts. I love that her blog is neat and tidy and easy to read when I log onto blogger late on a night to catch up on my favourite reads I like to read something that is easy on the eye and Abbis blog is just that.
 It is a fashion and beauty based blog and I like the way she writes very indepth reviews and content.
 If you visit her blog check out her post all about foundation, it is very informative and helpful.
I love Abbis blog, a firm Good Golly Miss Hollie fave!

I hope that you have enjoyed reading some of the blogs that I chosen and have found some that you have liked and followed!
Love, Holl

19 July 2012

Clothing Haul !

We all love 

It feels like I haven't filmed a haul in absolutely ages
As I am now fully landed back on Youtube turf I figuired that a collective clothing haul would be a fun video to get me back into the swing of filming. I am a total nosey parker and I love watching haul videos, so if you do also, I hope you enjoy this one :) 
Love, Holl xo
(ps. why do the thumbnails on my youtube videos always look ridiculous ha ha!)


18 July 2012

Something that cheered up a rainy day.

Personalised Pictures from 
bags of love
much more than just a photograph…..

- You may have seen me pop a little photo on the instagram feed recently of my new laptop bag.
I just la la, LOVE it!
The website
 You can pop on over to it by clicking here 
lets you create a quirky personalised product using a picture of your choice to customise everything from cushions to napkins to bags to blinds you name it, bags of love will personalise it for you.
I chose to personalise a 15" macbook pro case for my laptop using
my good golly miss hollie header.
I thought this was something a little bit groovy seeing as though my blog and youtube channel are what I use my laptop for mostly.

The laptop bag is made to a high standard and feels very substantial and hardy, something you need when hauling around something as expensive and as precious as a laptop!
My picture is printed on both sides and the case is made from wetsuit style padding, has sturdy piped edging and a double zip fastening.

I think personalised items make such a lovely gift and a great way to relieve memories and have a sentimental photograph become much more than just a photograph.

Bags of love let you also create personalised gifts for occasions such as weddings, christenings and birthdays. I love things like this and I imagine that anybody who receives a personalised gift like those from bags of love would feel very special and would treasure it forever.
Have you ever had anything personalised before?
Love, Holl


16 July 2012

Products I Love! Back on Youtube!

So worth the hype.
I am back on YouTube!
I hope you enjoy the video, it was great getting back into filming again and I hope the quality is okay for you all!
There is a full list and pictures of the products mentioned in the video below .
Love, Holl

Bourjois Healthy Mix - Shade 53
  Bourjois 10 Hour sleep effect - Shade 53

  MAC Girl About Town - Amplified

Bourjois Delice de Poudre - 51 

Eyelure Girls Aloud Lashes - 'Nicola'

Crest White Strips Supreme

Savlon antiseptic cream
TCP antiseptic liquid

Creightons Bronze Ambition - Bronze me Mousse

Nails inc polishes Power Pink, Victoria, 'Shoreditch' Instyle special, and Hampsted Heath 

14 July 2012

"I hope your face gets better" - Laura.

The Unporefessional
And me.

- I always get super excited when a cool freebie comes attached to my favourite magazine, whether it be the Nails inc specials with Instyle or a Ciate paintpot with Marie Claire.
I have always been the same, I remember going wild for a makeup bag free with 'Girl Talk' or a free lipgloss with 'Bliss'.

In the July edition of my favourite magazine Glamour we were treated to the choice of three Benefit minis. 'The Porefessional', 'That Gal' and 'Bad gal lash mascara'.
I am usually one to collect all three freebies but having already tried both 'That Gal' and the 'Bad gal lash mascara' I figuired it was time to try the Porefessional.

The Porefessional can be used as a primer and aims to minimise the appearance of pores.
For a girl like myself who always wears makeup and also has rather large pores (particulally around and on my nose and chin) this product seemed like something I was looking to try.

Thursday night called for my friend Charlottes 19th birthday night out in Leeds and ofcourse such an occasion called for my makeup to stay put!
The Porefessional is thrown highly up on a pedestal by Benefit as the no.1 best selling primer.
So with this in mind the first thing I did was slap the Porefessional on underneath my usual choice of foundation.

Now, everybody has products that work effectivley for them and some that do not.
For me, this product did not.

I have quite hardy skin, and by that I mean that I can pretty much use whatever I like and it never causes me to break out or have a reaction.

Having used the Porefessional as a primer I have since found a product that causes my skin to
erupt, horrendously, no exaggeration.

I have not changed my diet, my everyday facial cleansers or my everyday makeup products for a long time now and I know what works for me. Since using this product I have never seen anything like it.
My face is one swollen, sore mess.
Firstly, I HATED the consistency of the strange oily product, it felt awful as I applied it to my skin almost like rubbing silky grease over your face but I accepted that and popped on the rest of my makeup, I noticed as the night progressed that my entire face was feeling bruised and tight (you know that feeling of a spot bubbling).
I came home at ridiculous-o-clock and cleansed my face, it was then that I realised something was not right.
As I have said before I am lucky to have clear skin with the occasional break out but nothing like this.
I know the pictures below are grim but I had to showcase the horrendous, boils on my face. All of which under the skin are very swollen and painful, the pictures don't make them look as terrible as they feel :(.

Even Dan noted that they were not just any old pimples they were large boils, all concentrated on the areas that I have larger pores and had dabbed the Porefessional.
I can only put it down to the oily nature of the product underneath my makeup mixed with the heat of nightclubs that has caused such a mess on my face.
Either way, I shall not be using it again, it did a similar albeit less severe thing to me whilst I was in London.
I am so annoyed as I have a family party tonight and I hate feeling self conscious and aware that there is something hideous on my face. I wouldn't even mind if it was just one or two pimples.
So mr Porefessional I shall not revisit you and you are heading straight for the bin.
Have you ever tried this product?
Has the same thing happened to you?
Let me know your thoughts!
Love, Holl

13 July 2012

Favourite Fridays

"You are my Friday favourites
13th July 2012."

Every Friday for the month of July I will be linking you to two of my favourite blogs of the week.
There were no set rules or regulations, I just said that no matter if you have 3000 readers or 0 readers it really didn't matter if I thought your blog was interesting and a great read that I think my own readers would love.

I was overwhelmed by the response from everybody linking me to their blogs and I have absolutley loved looking at them all and I have followed some of them also. I have been inspired by a lot of your blogs also!
Not to mention the lovely comments people left with their links, the few that touched me the most were the bloggers who said they were inspired by Good Golly Miss Hollie to start writing themselves!

I love a blog that when I click on I see content I am sure you have heard me harp on about that millions of times but when I clicked on Rochelles blog I saw lots of writing and vivid pictures that I loved. 
I would say that Rochelles blog is very lifestyle focused with memoirs of her travels and the yummy food she eats. 
I simply love her little tagline of:
"This place will take note of the excitements and struggles as I will be open to new challenges, share my knowledge, realize mystery, catch a smiles, discover every taste, came across every places, land my goals, show how much I care and love deeply."
Definitely give Rochelles blog a chance.

I like Mels blog for the sole reason that her blog is packed full of beauty reviews! As a beauty blogger myself I always like to discover affordable beauty products and I feel Mels blog is a place where you definitely can. Mels blog is a makeup lovers kinda blog, check it out!

Next week is my last Friday Favourites for this month (no doubt it will come back again!)
So please, if you want to leave your links again by popping them in the comments below.

Love, Holl

10 July 2012

HELP, required.

"Oh dear diary I met a boy
he made my dull heart light up with joy"

Marina and the Diamonds. 'Bubblegum bitch'.

- Hi everyone, I am looking to you for some inspiration.
 I have been neglecting my Youtube channel for some time now, and I really want to ressurect it from the poor sorry state that it is in.

I have had a few people asking me why I no longer make videos and I simply have no defined reason as to why, I think it is because I wanted to throw all my energy in this blog.
(You know it is my baby)
and videos got put onto the back burner.
Not only that but I would have so many problems getting them to upload in any kind of quality that was worth watching and the whole process would frustrate me.

I have decided that I would like to give youtube videos another go.
And I look to you to help me get started and give me the kick up the bum to get me started because I really want to film again.

I have turned over a new Youtube leaf and I am looking to film one video per week for you all.

So, do you have any Youtube video requests?
I am hoping to get stuck in straight away so if you have any requests pop them in the comments below and let me know so I can get my filming hat on.

I was spurred on to do this after a few comments left on various blog posts asking me to make videos, I don't think some readers knew I actually did make videos.
Once upon a time

Also, do you think I should leave the videos I have already made on my channel or get rid of them completley and start a fresh batch?

Let me know any of your ideas and requests etc!
And ofcourse I shall still spend 99.9% of my time working away here on my blog, I just figuired that it would be nice to start making videos again.


8 July 2012

I LOVE London!

"The city is my church
it wraps me in the sparkling skyline"

M83. 'Midnight City'.

- Hi everyone, I have now left the smoke and I am now back in northen England territory 
  *Super glum Face*
I have had an absolutely fantastic three days in London and I really, really did not want to come home!
I have been dreaming about going back again for ages, and ages and walking through London at nightime was just amazing.

 London is just buzzing and alive rather than dowdy and grim like the city I live in.
I have not been as happy as I was for those three days in such a long, long time.
I am so jealous of my boyfriend and my Stanford Blatch who will be moving there in September for university!

We had a lovely time exploring, shopping and eating super nice food.
 It was perfect.
Instead of rambling on, I will just show you a few sneaky highlight photographs from the trillion snaps that I took!
And I have to say that seeing a certain Jamie Laing of Made in Chelsea on the Kings Road was the highlight of my year!
Dan and I were sat at the window seats of Starbucks in Chelsea and it was raining outside and we had just stopped off for a cup of tea to try and shake the grim weather / going home blues.
I was staring into space when Dan said so casually
 "Thats him"
 I was oblivious, thinking to myself
who, who's him?
I looked up, did a triple take and screamed !
 It was actually Jamie Laing walking past on his phone!
By the time I had closed my mouth, caught my breath and blinked, I grabbed my camera and managed to snap a quick picture of him walking past.
I wanted to go to Chelsea in the pursuit to see a cast member of my favourite TV show, not for one minute did I think I actually would!
It made me giggle, there I was making such a fuss about the fact I had seen him and nobody else in the coffee shop batted an eyelid!!!

Onto the Snaps

 Arriving in Victoria station, and it's straight to the Weatherspoons for early afternoon drinks and food. After travelling on a coach for 4 hours it was just what the doctor ordered!

We ate the yummiest food at a french restaurant in the financial district (very near Liverpool Street station) I had the nicest French Onion soup and the steak was the die fort

My first black cab ride. This was the funniest moment, the driver was so grumpy.

We hopped on the London eye at sunset. Awwh

The London Goodies

MAC 'Girl about Town' from Harrods

Black, patent makeup bag from Harrods

London bus cup! From Leicester Square

OPI 'Lincoln Park after dark' from Harrods

Rose gold Aldo watch (Michael Korrs style) from Aldo, Camden

And there you have it! I cannot wait to go back again, I am so thankfull that the weather was kind to us and stayed dry and sunny for the most part of our trip, I think the prayers from my previous post were answered!
I am now going to watch the rest of the Wimbledon mens final with a bowl of strawberries from my strawberry plant. I shall be back with another post very soon!
Love, Holl xo

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