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July 2012
GLOSSYBOX does Festival Glam!

"With the festival season upon us, whether you are a strictly Glastonbury girl, in which case you will be taking a well-deserved rest this year, or a Wireless fan, rock the festival look with this months Glossybox. These festival beauty essentials will get your look by experimenting with the differnt products. What a line up!"

- I always seem to have a funny little anecdote to co inside with my monthly Glossybox post however, this morning the receiving of my box was sadly rather un eventful. 
A lady wearing an almost identical turqoise dress to me (Mine is from Miss Selfridge bought in my Vanessa Hudgens girl crush stage circa 2009) delivered my box to me through the living room window and within seconds the dainty pale pink box was opened.

This months theme is 'Festival Glam' and as a festival goer myself I was interested to see what products 
would give me festival fever.

Bex London
Londoner Urban Fragrance
-Four high concentrate, modern fragrances, inspired by the unique character and idiosyncrasies of London.
Full size product retails at £81.00/100ml

I quite possibly got myself a little giddy over this product although shamefully for reasons I should be a little embarrased about. 
There are four perfume samples all named after a London postcode area, N6, W1X, SE1 and EC2.
I recieved the fragrance N6 and it smells absolutley divine.
As you know, I am obsessed with all things London and I was ridiculously happy to have N6 in my box simply because that postcode is Hampstead Heath somewhere I rather like and also the name of my favourite nailpolish….
I did say I was sad.
In all seriousness though I would love to test the other fragrances as this one is gorgeous it is a rather woody, sensual scent perhaps more of a night time fragrance as opposed to a daytime scent.

Awapuhi Wild Ginger
Texturising sea spray
- Create a tousled, beachy style any time. This surf-inspired spray adds texture and body to any locks.
Full size product retails at £18.95/150ml

This is really a product that I will throw into my handbag to keep topping up the volume in my hair if I am wearing my hair wavy. I have used the sample and I have to say it's nothing special just gives your hair a bit of a boost and prevents it from falling lank as the day progresses.

Calming Cream
- This green-tinted cream works by neutralising the redness often noticed on the cheeks and chin area.
Full size product retails at £14.95/15ml

Now this really is my kind of product. - It even smells luxurious
 One of the things that goes part and parcel of having super dark hair very pale skin is that broken capillaries, pores, dark hair and redness show up more prominently on the face. I have a rather red face, a reason for my love of MAC foundations which aim to cancel out the redness in my face. I also tried this product this morning and I feel that it worked a miracle, the green in the cream is completley unoticable and the red in my face was almost eradicated. I would look into purchasing this product full size. 

Jelly Pong Pong
Lip frosting
- A multifunctional cream gloss. Use on lips for a tint of colour, or cheeks for a luminous glow.
Full size product retails at £10.00/15ml

Although this product looks, smells and tastes like something you would give to a little kid it really is quite a lovely product. It leaves your lips looking lovely and glossy, it is not gloopy in the slightest and is perfect patted onto the lip on its own or to wear underneath your favourite lipstick. It doesn't hold too much pigmentation and for this reason I probably would use it on the top of my cheekbone for a subtle highlight.

Hulie Prodigieuse
- Apply this dry oil to your face, body and hair all year round, in summer and in winter.
Full size product retails at £17.50/50ml

I have become fairly infactuated with oils. I feel that over the past 12 months they have really become a popular 'must have' beauty product, stemming from the hype on argan oil for your hair.
Although I would not be daring enough to apply this product to my face (you know what happens when anything oily comes into contact with my skin, all hell breaks loose) I would certainly apply this dry oil to the ends of my hair as I have been doing with the vo5 hot oil. I feel it really makes a difference!

The bonus product in this months box came from Elizabeth Arden's visible difference gentle hydrating line.

Included were three tiny samples of the hydrating cleanser the optimizing skin serum and the hydrating cream in spy 15.

I am happy to say that I do love this months Glossybox edition. 
Although, in all seriousness would I really haul these items to Leeds festival with me?
Probably not aside from the lip frosting and the calming cream.
I guess my idea of a festival essentials box would be very different. 
Vaseline and Dry shampoo anyone?
Love, Holl

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