BRB - London Calling!

"Sun is in the sky, oh why, oh why

Lily Allen. 'LDN'.

- With a bit of luck, by the time you are reading this post I shall be well on my way to the big smoke.


Well, as close to being 'well on my way' as a four hour, thirty five minute coach journey can be.
I will be most likely be spending my time reinacting 'Coach Trip', eating lots of sweeties, annoying my fellow travellers / coach mates by talking too loudly, reading 'I heart London' on my kindle and habitualy worrying every two minutes that I need a wee!
(I once travelled all the way from Leeds to Paris on a coach and I must have nattered on / worried that I needed a wee about two hundred times all the way there, it was so annoying! I have a freaky *thing* about needing a wee!)
When I say that I am going to London, I mean that we are.
Boyfy and I are going to London. Together, obviously haha!
It will be super nice to spend some time together on our own and just chill our beans after how mad the past few weeks have been.
It did make me smile after we had booked our little trip as the furthest place we ever went on a 'date' when we were six years old was to the bottom of the school field where our friends dared us to
"kiss on the lips." 
And then when we were fifteen the furthest place we ever went together was Leeds and we didn't speak much all day because I didn't like his shoes!
How things have changed!
(Not his shoes though ;) Haha only kidding!
Although, I do realise that people think we are nutters as it is an absolutley ridonkulous time to get back together again admist exams, a busy, busy summer and not forgetting the fact we are both leaving for opposite ends of the country in 10 weeks!
We are crazy cats but yes he is my childhood sweetheart AWH!

As I am not throwing myself on a plane to somewhere lovely and hot this summer I figuired that this little excursion is indeed my summer holiday
So please Mr Raincloud, stay away from London town for a few days!
Pretty, pretty please!

Ofcourse, I shall be writing a mammoth post on all the things we got up to in London when I get back but I have always loved watching peoples 'packing' videos or reading blog posts about the outfits and makeup that they are taking away with them, and after a few requests on Twitter to write a 'packing' post of my own I thought why not ey? 

Here is my cute purple suitcase that I am taking with me it is perfect for travelling as it's super small and compact, something I needed when travelling across London on tubes and what not.

And ofcourse my cutie little London wash bag.

I didn't want a hugmongous affair and I knew that all my tattle would not fit in a simple weekend bag'
Anybody would think I was going for a month nevermind three days!

It was bought for me for when I may want to come home from uni at weekends.
I do hope that I get in I mean, now I  have an iron, a duvet, a kettle, a door rack, a lamp, a cookbook and now a suitcase!
No pressure then Holls?

The clothes!

Bag - Zara  Red, 'messenger with edging.'
Blazer - New Look
Gold waistbelt - Warehouse
Black cami - Primark
Embellished tunic - A charity shop (the label has been removed)
'Wet look leggings' - Topshop
Leopard print sandals - Primark

Bag - As above
Zebra print hoodie - West Coast
Leggings - As above
'London Calling' T-shirt - Primark
Buckled Boots - New Look

Bag - As above
Gold skinny belt - Warehouse
Leopard print dress/tunic - Warehoise
Embellished waistcoat - Zara
Tights - Matalan

Dress - 'Apricot' at New Look

The Bag.
A few weeks ago you may have seen this picture on my Instagram.
A huuuuge Zara box that contained my new baby!
Whilst I was laid flat on the floor on top of a million psychology notes completley exhausted I was in desperate need of 'pick me up'. I opened up my macbook and went straight to the Zara website and ordered this.
I knew that my current handbag the Focoo would never fit all my bits and bobs in for London and I really wanted a bag with a shoulder strap. So ofcourse the Zara messenger for £19.99 was the perfect choice!


Sooo I think that is everything, I will be back on Saturday!
Ooh, also my 'Favourite Friday' will go up on Saturday as I can't seem to get my post schedualing to work properly. :( 
See you all soon!

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