Favourite Fridays

"You are my Friday favourites
13th July 2012."

Every Friday for the month of July I will be linking you to two of my favourite blogs of the week.
There were no set rules or regulations, I just said that no matter if you have 3000 readers or 0 readers it really didn't matter if I thought your blog was interesting and a great read that I think my own readers would love.

I was overwhelmed by the response from everybody linking me to their blogs and I have absolutley loved looking at them all and I have followed some of them also. I have been inspired by a lot of your blogs also!
Not to mention the lovely comments people left with their links, the few that touched me the most were the bloggers who said they were inspired by Good Golly Miss Hollie to start writing themselves!

I love a blog that when I click on I see content I am sure you have heard me harp on about that millions of times but when I clicked on Rochelles blog I saw lots of writing and vivid pictures that I loved. 
I would say that Rochelles blog is very lifestyle focused with memoirs of her travels and the yummy food she eats. 
I simply love her little tagline of:
"This place will take note of the excitements and struggles as I will be open to new challenges, share my knowledge, realize mystery, catch a smiles, discover every taste, came across every places, land my goals, show how much I care and love deeply."
Definitely give Rochelles blog a chance.

I like Mels blog for the sole reason that her blog is packed full of beauty reviews! As a beauty blogger myself I always like to discover affordable beauty products and I feel Mels blog is a place where you definitely can. Mels blog is a makeup lovers kinda blog, check it out!

Next week is my last Friday Favourites for this month (no doubt it will come back again!)
So please, if you want to leave your links again by popping them in the comments below.

Love, Holl
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