Favourite Fridays!

"You are my Friday favourites
20th July 2012."

Every Friday for the month of July I have been linking you to two of my favourite blogs of the week. There were no set rules or regulations, I just said that no matter if you have 3000 readers or 0 readers it really didn't matter if I thought your blog was interesting and a great read that I think my own readers would love. 

 I was overwhelmed by the response from everybody linking me to their blogs and I have absolutley loved looking at them all and I have followed some of them also. 
I have been inspired by a lot of your blogs also!
 Not to mention the lovely comments people left with their links, the few that touched me the most were the bloggers who said they were inspired by Good Golly Miss Hollie to start writing themselves! 
What also really touched me was the fact that some of the bloggers that I mentioned kindly wrote a little thankyou post to me which I thought was sooo lovely!
 I have loved seeking out new blogs through 'Favourite Fridays' and I shall be doing another monthly favourites very soon! 
So without further ado, here are the last two of my Friday Favourites blogs!


- Frankys blog is quite possibly my favourite blog to read.
 Big statement, I know and I am sure she is well aware of my love for love audrey as I seem to tweet her enough telling her!
I can't exactly put my finger on what it is I love about it most.
(Perhaps it is my obsession with Audrey Hepburn you've seen the pictures in my room right? that first attracted me to her blog)
I can't even remember how I found her blog, but I am so glad I did and have been a firm fan ever since.
I love that her blog is honest and real. It's like a little diary and although everything she writes about is real I always feel like I am reading a fairytale, especially when she posted about her amazing wedding.
She covers everything I would say her blog is a lifestyle blog I think that sums up what I mean by everything. She has been blogging for years and I love reading some of her oldest posts, her blog really is like a scrapbook of memories, it's just ace
Please go and read her blog, I really think you will love it.


I have absolutley no idea how I found Abbis blog but when I did I have always looked forward to her posts. I love that her blog is neat and tidy and easy to read when I log onto blogger late on a night to catch up on my favourite reads I like to read something that is easy on the eye and Abbis blog is just that.
 It is a fashion and beauty based blog and I like the way she writes very indepth reviews and content.
 If you visit her blog check out her post all about foundation, it is very informative and helpful.
I love Abbis blog, a firm Good Golly Miss Hollie fave!

I hope that you have enjoyed reading some of the blogs that I chosen and have found some that you have liked and followed!
Love, Holl
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