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While the rest of the species decended from apes,  the red heads decended from cats.
An absolutley bonkers quote that I found.

- It is common knowledge that dyed red hair is nightmare to keep looking fresh. 
After a fortnight or so of shampooing and conditioning and heat from straightening irons and hairdryers
that once lush ruby red turns into a strange dilute, pinky orange toned, watercolour mess.  
It is for this reason that I now tend to use the more plum toned dark browns rather than the full on tomato orange toned reds.
Black cherry from Loreal Casting Creme gloss is an example of one of my favourites.
I find that these shades tend to blend nicer with my regrowth (a very very dark brown) and don't tend to fade much at all. 
The depth of colour is still there four, five weeks on from the first application.
I have never had as many compliments on my hair colour as I have since choosing the plum toned reds.
I feel that my hair looks much healthier and shinier also.

1. Orange toned red

Darker, plum toned red

As I am trying to grow my hair I have been staying away from too much heat and dye.
Instead I have been touching up my colour with the Directions Paint Pots.
They contain no amonia or bleach and are literally colour enhancing toners.
For a mere £3.99 at Xtras you can't go wrong.
Here is what I do;

Paint Pot in 'Pillarbox Red'

Hair, five weeks after dye application.

I applied the Pillarbox red to damp hair.

looks like I have had brain surgery!

I left the toner on for 40mins whilst I tucked into a yummy jacket potato

As you can see my hair is totally revitatlised in colour!

Have you ever tried the paint pots?
Love, Holl
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