"I hope your face gets better" - Laura.

The Unporefessional
And me.

- I always get super excited when a cool freebie comes attached to my favourite magazine, whether it be the Nails inc specials with Instyle or a Ciate paintpot with Marie Claire.
I have always been the same, I remember going wild for a makeup bag free with 'Girl Talk' or a free lipgloss with 'Bliss'.

In the July edition of my favourite magazine Glamour we were treated to the choice of three Benefit minis. 'The Porefessional', 'That Gal' and 'Bad gal lash mascara'.
I am usually one to collect all three freebies but having already tried both 'That Gal' and the 'Bad gal lash mascara' I figuired it was time to try the Porefessional.

The Porefessional can be used as a primer and aims to minimise the appearance of pores.
For a girl like myself who always wears makeup and also has rather large pores (particulally around and on my nose and chin) this product seemed like something I was looking to try.

Thursday night called for my friend Charlottes 19th birthday night out in Leeds and ofcourse such an occasion called for my makeup to stay put!
The Porefessional is thrown highly up on a pedestal by Benefit as the no.1 best selling primer.
So with this in mind the first thing I did was slap the Porefessional on underneath my usual choice of foundation.

Now, everybody has products that work effectivley for them and some that do not.
For me, this product did not.

I have quite hardy skin, and by that I mean that I can pretty much use whatever I like and it never causes me to break out or have a reaction.

Having used the Porefessional as a primer I have since found a product that causes my skin to
erupt, horrendously, no exaggeration.

I have not changed my diet, my everyday facial cleansers or my everyday makeup products for a long time now and I know what works for me. Since using this product I have never seen anything like it.
My face is one swollen, sore mess.
Firstly, I HATED the consistency of the strange oily product, it felt awful as I applied it to my skin almost like rubbing silky grease over your face but I accepted that and popped on the rest of my makeup, I noticed as the night progressed that my entire face was feeling bruised and tight (you know that feeling of a spot bubbling).
I came home at ridiculous-o-clock and cleansed my face, it was then that I realised something was not right.
As I have said before I am lucky to have clear skin with the occasional break out but nothing like this.
I know the pictures below are grim but I had to showcase the horrendous, boils on my face. All of which under the skin are very swollen and painful, the pictures don't make them look as terrible as they feel :(.

Even Dan noted that they were not just any old pimples they were large boils, all concentrated on the areas that I have larger pores and had dabbed the Porefessional.
I can only put it down to the oily nature of the product underneath my makeup mixed with the heat of nightclubs that has caused such a mess on my face.
Either way, I shall not be using it again, it did a similar albeit less severe thing to me whilst I was in London.
I am so annoyed as I have a family party tonight and I hate feeling self conscious and aware that there is something hideous on my face. I wouldn't even mind if it was just one or two pimples.
So mr Porefessional I shall not revisit you and you are heading straight for the bin.
Have you ever tried this product?
Has the same thing happened to you?
Let me know your thoughts!
Love, Holl
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