I LOVE London!

"The city is my church
it wraps me in the sparkling skyline"

M83. 'Midnight City'.

- Hi everyone, I have now left the smoke and I am now back in northen England territory 
  *Super glum Face*
I have had an absolutely fantastic three days in London and I really, really did not want to come home!
I have been dreaming about going back again for ages, and ages and walking through London at nightime was just amazing.

 London is just buzzing and alive rather than dowdy and grim like the city I live in.
I have not been as happy as I was for those three days in such a long, long time.
I am so jealous of my boyfriend and my Stanford Blatch who will be moving there in September for university!

We had a lovely time exploring, shopping and eating super nice food.
 It was perfect.
Instead of rambling on, I will just show you a few sneaky highlight photographs from the trillion snaps that I took!
And I have to say that seeing a certain Jamie Laing of Made in Chelsea on the Kings Road was the highlight of my year!
Dan and I were sat at the window seats of Starbucks in Chelsea and it was raining outside and we had just stopped off for a cup of tea to try and shake the grim weather / going home blues.
I was staring into space when Dan said so casually
 "Thats him"
 I was oblivious, thinking to myself
who, who's him?
I looked up, did a triple take and screamed !
 It was actually Jamie Laing walking past on his phone!
By the time I had closed my mouth, caught my breath and blinked, I grabbed my camera and managed to snap a quick picture of him walking past.
I wanted to go to Chelsea in the pursuit to see a cast member of my favourite TV show, not for one minute did I think I actually would!
It made me giggle, there I was making such a fuss about the fact I had seen him and nobody else in the coffee shop batted an eyelid!!!

Onto the Snaps

 Arriving in Victoria station, and it's straight to the Weatherspoons for early afternoon drinks and food. After travelling on a coach for 4 hours it was just what the doctor ordered!

We ate the yummiest food at a french restaurant in the financial district (very near Liverpool Street station) I had the nicest French Onion soup and the steak was the die fort

My first black cab ride. This was the funniest moment, the driver was so grumpy.

We hopped on the London eye at sunset. Awwh

The London Goodies

MAC 'Girl about Town' from Harrods

Black, patent makeup bag from Harrods

London bus cup! From Leicester Square

OPI 'Lincoln Park after dark' from Harrods

Rose gold Aldo watch (Michael Korrs style) from Aldo, Camden

And there you have it! I cannot wait to go back again, I am so thankfull that the weather was kind to us and stayed dry and sunny for the most part of our trip, I think the prayers from my previous post were answered!
I am now going to watch the rest of the Wimbledon mens final with a bowl of strawberries from my strawberry plant. I shall be back with another post very soon!
Love, Holl xo

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