1 July 2012

OOTD: Sunday Edition & Product Review!

"One way I could sum you up
altogether, you got a black heart"

Stooshe. 'Black heart'.

Jumper - West Coast
Leggings - West Coast
Necklace - Miss Selfridge

-Just a casual Sunday outfit, nothing to fancy going on with my makeup and my hair has just been washed so please excuse the frizzage! I cannot actually believe how much it has grown though and I truly do believe the darker colour makes it look much, much more healthy!
I have spent the best part of the morning sorting out all of the outfits that I want to take to London with me on Wednesday and tidying up the house.
I woke up this morning in disbelief that it is actually July!

Anyway, I have been wanting to write a review on the Natural Collection 'Tinted moisturiser' for a little while now as I have been wearing it non stop in the daytime opposed to my normal foundations.
(A mix up between MAC 'Studio Fix Fluid', Revlon 'Colorstay' and Bourjois 'Healthy Mix')
"Light, sheer cover for a natural looking finish. Contains moisturisers to leave your skin feeling supple and soft. Suitable for all skin types and fragrance free."

I first picked it up when it was super hot in May and all my foundation was literally running off my face  / looked horrendously cakey whilst I was out shopping.
I wanted something that was light and not too heavy to wear in the heat and something that did not make me resemble a melting candle.
I was in Boots with my mum and she recommened this product to me and I am so glad she did as it is fantastic!
At a barginous £1.99 you really can't got wrong with chucking this into your makeup bag for the summer months - a product that gives you a dewy, sunkissed finish.

The only negative of this product is the fact it comes in a limited shade variation.
'Natural', 'Beige' and 'Fair' so it wouldn't be suitable for people with a darker skin tone.
As you can see from the picture above, the swatch is parcially blended and matches my fake tanned skin very well. I sometimes put a touch of this product on before bed so that I don't look as horrendously pale in the face when I wake up on a morning.
I am in the shade 'Beige'. 
I myself have combination skin and it doesn't leave my face looking tacky, patchy or orange in the slightly more oily and dryer areas. 
I am wearing the tinted moisturiser in the pictures above as my skin is not in a bad state at the moment but I wouldn't recommend this if you are trying to conceal a lot of blemishes as it is so very sheer and light.

Have you ever tried the Natural Collection 'Tinted Moisturiser'?
I hope you have all had/having a lovely weekend.



  1. Gorgeous jumper! x

  2. You are gorgeous! Love the outfit :) xx.

  3. Stunning :) And I absolutely love that tinted moisturiser. Kinda makes me wonder why I spend so much on foundations, when this tinted moisturiser is only £1.99. Haha definitely worth it!


  4. Love your jumper! You look great. I'm definitely going to try this now, it looks great on you in the photos! I work in Boots but always overlooked the natural collection bits, I assumed that being so cheap it couldn't be that good. An example of how doesn't always define the quality of a product! x

  5. I have the tinted moisteriser and I love it. For only £1.99 I think it is a must have and perfect for the summer. :) http://ellie-rosee.blogspot.co.uk/

  6. i love your leggings!!! im a huge leopard print fan! and every time i see your red hair i want to dye mine red again! dodi xxx

  7. i cant wait to try it now xx



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