Superdrug Haul

"Natural beauty takes at least  
two hours in front of a mirror"
Pamela Anderson

- You know when you just have a really quite awful day at work and you are just willing the clock to strike 5pm? 
Thursday was one of those days.
After what seemed like an eternity, 5 bells rolled around and I was straight out of the door.
I practically teleported myself to Superdrug in a flash and sped around the store like pacman, basket in hand and a rolling list of items in my head.

I have been wanting to treat myself to some new cosmetics for a while now and although my makeup collection houses many half used products I just wanted to buy something new.

The first item on my mental list was foundation. 
I have been on a mission to try out new drugstore foundations as I wanted a new, exciting alternative my reliable favourites Bourjois Healthy Mix and Revlon Colorstay.
Having asked for your recommendations on Twitter it was noticable that there were two hot shot favourites that I needed to try. The first was Revlon Photoready and the second was Rimmels 'Wake me up'.

I opted to go for the latter and for a reasonable £8.99 the orange lidded glass bottle was in the basket.
I picked up the shade 200, Soft Beige and it seems a reasonable colour match to my MAC NW20 skin.
Now, I am not going to do a full on review of this product as I haven't really had an opportunity to test it out properly however, I did apply it this morning for the first time and although it is nothing mind blowing, I do love the coverage and the overall look of the foundation on my face.
 It is now a good 8 hours since I applied it and it is still sitting fresh on my face.
On first impressions I like it, I like it a lot…But more on the road test later.

Concealer is the product that I orginally popped into Superdrug for.
I haven't been entirely happy with my Revlon concealer and now it has come to an end I have been looking for a superior alternative.

Low and behold I picked up the £4.99 Collection 2000, Lasting Perfection concealer in Medium 3.
Again, I will be doing a review on this product after I have had an opportunity to test it properly, touch wood my skin has been pretty clear again since Porefessionalgate (lets not even talk about that) and I haven't needed to use the Lasting Perfection for concealing blemishes instead, I used it this morning under my eyes and to eradicate any redness around my nose and I have to say this little wonder gets a thumbs up from me also.

Another makeup item that I popped into my basket was a liquid eyeliner.
I have always had bad experiences with liquid liners and they have always dried out super quickly and not been very effective in their application.

In all honesty I wasn't expecting big things from this £1 MUA waterproof liquid liner.
It has however held its own and has created a lovely, consistent line on my upper lash line.
I am not sure what has come over me but I have ditched the eye shadow and the full on eye makeup in general and opted for a more natural makeup application.
I am pretty sure Louise from 'Made in Chelsea' has inspired me to sport the naked eye, liquid liner look
and I have to say it is bloody nice to not come home from work at the end of the day and have to see myself with smudged, creased eyeshadow. The pretty neat line of liner stays put and looks clean.
I just need to work on my application to get it spot on.
Practise makes perfect and all that.

Hairdye was next on the list!
Surprise! Surprise!

I picked up the Superdrug own brand dye 'Colour Vibrance' in the colour ' Hot Red'. This was only £3.99 and really does contend with the bigger brands.
I just needed my roots refreshing a little bit as my toner is lightening up the ends of my hair but not re colouring my roots. I do love freshly dyed, vibrantly coloured hair!

Finally I popped a tinted moisturiser in my basket. I chose the Superdrugs own brand Gradual Body Tan in medium to dark as I feel the results last a little longer and the tanner gets to work quicker than the ones designed for very fair skin which also tend to be quite orange toned.

It was a barginous £2.99 and used underneath my St Moriz fake tan I reckon it creates a rather lovely deep glow!

And that is everything I picked up, I am travelling to my (hopefully) new home for the next 3 years tomorrow.
Hello Liverpool
I am very excited to have a proper look around the city and get my bearings a little bit.
I am also quite nervous, I hope that I like it! I haven't heard anybody say a bad word about the city so I do hope they are all right.
Love, Holl
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