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classy and fabulous
Coco Chanel

- As somebody who mainly works Saturday and Sunday I always dedicate Sunday night to be the night of beautifying.
I suppose it has always been the same, when I was little Sunday night was the time to get my school bag all sorted, have a bath with my 'Matey' bubble bath, wash my super long hair with Loreal kids shampoo and watch 'Monarch of the Glen' whilst my dad dried my hair as it was too long for me to handle.

These days I like to book the bathroom for a good two hours for some ultimate relaxation time 
and to make myself look half decent for the week ahead.

I start off by running a toner through my hair to keep my colour alive.
 I am currently using the La Riche, Directions 'Paint Pots' in the colour 'Pillarbox Red'. 
I pop a good amount onto my hair and leave it on my head covered by an old towel for around 30 minutes. 
Whilst sat with the toner on my head I also put on my 'Supreme' Crest whitening strips, also for 30 minutes.
I do look a little amusing with red splashed all around my forehead whilst being unable to speak without dribbling all over the place.

After the 30 minutes has passed I shampoo and condition my hair using the Schwarzkopf 'Gliss' range.
The liquid silk shampoo and the ultimate volume conditioner.
(For more about those products and my full haircare routine in general click here)

I then set my bubble bath going and throw in my favourite Lush bath ballistic 'Twilight'.
In the bath I cleanse my face using my Liz Earle 'Cleanse and Polish' followed by an apricot exfoliator
(My in-depth skincare routine can be found here)
I then like to apply a face mask, my current favourite is the Montagne Jeunesse 'Dead Sea mud spa' mask which is an actual face mask containing product that you apply to your face, it is so unbeliveably refreshing and soothing!
I shall certainly be writing a review on the fabulous little product super soon.

I also pop on a hair mask, my two current favourites are the Lee Stafford 'For hair that doesn't grow past a certain length' conditioner and the Phillip Kingsley 'Elasticizer'. Both of which leave my hair lovely and nourished and ridiculously soft.

After exfoliating and moisturising my skin using the St Tropez, Gradual tan moisturiser in medium to dark, I apply St Moriz tanning lotion in dark.
 I much prefer the lotion as it is less drying on the skin and a little product goes a longer distance in comparason with the mousse. I leave this on over night to develop and then wash off the guide colour in the morning.
 On my face I apply the L'occitane 'Eau Radieuse' toner and once that has soaked in I apply a generous amount of Sudacreme to my face to again get to work whilst I am asleep.  

Lastly, I get on with my nails using the Venique top coat as a base coat I apply my colour of choice, This week I am wearing Venique 'San tro Play'  - a gorgeous lilac purple with a pearl finish, followed by another layer of the Venique glossy top coat.

Then, before I go to sleep I apply a generous amount of the Soap and Glory 'Hand Food' to my feet, especially on my heels and on my hands.
And then I wake up on Monday morning smelling like a biscuit and glowing a funny tinge of green and  it is time to start taming my unruly post sleep mop - but that can be another post for another day!
What are your favourite pampering essentials?
Love, Holl

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