3 Hot Picks From Primark...

Hot picks from Primark...

- I will always be very willing to shout from the rooftops that 99.9% of my clothes, jackets, shoes and accessories are bought from good old Primark
 Primarni to most of us these days.
I absolutley love Primark.
I wince away from buying clothes from the likes of River Island and Topshop when I know for a fact that I can pick up something similar for a much more attractive price in Primark.

This week I have three hot pics.
Although I am always making a mad dash to Primark to pick up a new budget outfit I recently 
limited my habits to only choosing three items that I needed rather than wanted.

My favourites this week….

Faux leather Studded Jacket
(Between £10 and £20 pounds?)

- I have seen this faux leather jacket doing the rounds in the Youtube and Blogging community for some time now and in all honesty I was rather excited when I saw the jackets sat on their hangers in the doorway of my local Primark.
I have always gotten it wrong with faux leather jackets.
I always get them too small or too large.
I can't say I have ever owned one I actually liked.
I picked this jacket up in a size 10 and found that it was quite laggy around the chest area and only looked reasonable with the zip pulled upwards so that the two side pannels crossed.
I always tend to wear my jackets open to display whatever top or jumper it is I am wearing so I opted to try the size 8.
 I am in no way a size 8 in any other clothing garment so I was quite shocked to discover that the size 8 looked much more fitted on my body and generally looked much nicer.

The Bag,
'Structured shopper'
- Yes, that old chestnut!
I really, really,really need to STOP buying bags.
 I just get a kick from doing so.
For some girls it is shoes, for myself it is handbags.
There is something about sporting a new piece of arm candy that just makes me feel fizzy inside!
Anyway, it is the start of a new 'school' season so ofcourse I need a new bag!
This is quite possibly the largest bag ever.
Please welcome to my shoulder the Zara 'bucket bag' dupe.
Ofcourse it isn't exactly the same as the one we all lust for but it is rather lovely.
For starters it very spacious and comes complete with both long and short shoulder straps.
I am a little dissapointed in the lack of a zip and having merely a press stud hold the sides together, but disputes aside I like the sturdy structure of this bag and for the price you can't go wrong!
As my red Zara 'messenger' was my summer bag, this is my autumnal side kick!
I chose to purchase the tan version from that and the black shade as I felt it looked a little more Zara-esc and a little more happening than the standard black - again, very autumnal and also matches with my new tan winter boots!

Leopard print owl Pjarmas
Top: £3 Bottoms: £5

- As you are all probably really tired of me saying.
Anyway, I wanted to some new 'wintery' p-jays.
Now, you are well aware that I am a leopard print fiend so when I spotted this pair of jarmas
I figuired they were the ones.
I can't get over how cute the little owl is with the leopard print ear muffs.
I also love that you can mix and match the tops and bottoms as they are sold seperatley.
I have to be honest it was indeed the bottoms that attracted me mostly!
I reckon they will be nice and cosy for lolling around the flat in and warm for the wintery months ahead!

What have you picked up from Primark recently?
Oh, and as a little extra I picked up this amazing leopard print and rose gold wrapping paper for my boyfriends birthday presents hehe ;) 

He will definatley know they are from me!

Love, Holl

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