GLOSSYBOX: August 2012

 The international 
August 2012 edition

- This months edition of 'Glossybox' includes products from around the world. 
The month of August sees the iconic pretty pink box filled with 'international superstars'.

This summer, Glossybox really is going global…

Pro White
"Optically brigtening effect nail polish with anti-yellowing formulafor radiant white and gleaming nails."
Full size product: £7.85/10ml

- I find this a very useful and practical product to be included in the box.
As an avid nail polish wearer I always find that my nails are stained a funny shade of yellowy/orange whenever I remove my polish to apply a new shade.
I have found it rather difficult to remove the staining (especially on my toes) 
I must admit, I am rather lazy when it comes to applying basecoats to my nails and if I did, perhaps the staining would not occur as strongly.
I am hoping this product works a little miracle!

Valentina Assoluto Eau de Parfum.
"Valentina assoluto eau de parfum, is an intentionally seductive, intense, beautiful feminine fragrance by Valentino."
Full size product: £61/50ml

- I think this is very pretty floral fragrance, it is strong and lingering on the skin. I doubt it would replace my old time favourites YSL 'Cinema' and Vivienne Westwood 'Naughty Alice' but it is a pretty fragrance and I will certainly make use of the sample bottle.
The scent smells expensive and although it carries lots of floral and musky notes it also contains the deep undertones of cedarwood giving the scent more depth and pizaz.

Deep cleansing oil
"This revolutionary water based-soluble cleanser is better than any other make-up remover you've ever tried."
Full size product: £18.50/200ml

- With my face not in the best state at the moment I have yet to try this product. I am always a little worried about applying oil based products to my oily skin.
 Surely the logistics of that don't work?
Once I get my face back into it's normal state I will be interested in trying this just for my interest to see whether oil and oil work harmoniously together?
Have you had experiences with oil based makeup removers?

Vera Valenti
L'ombre a' paupiere margarita
"An eyeshadow palette offering a selection of ten different colours with an applicator included."
Full size product: £3.85/7ml

- This product reminds me of something you would get free in Claires lucky bag.
I would not regard this pallet  as a 'luxury' sample.
The colours albeit ones that I would wear and suit me remind me of an old eyeshadow quad my Nana gave me that she used to use in the 1980's. There is something very 1980's about these eyeshadow pigments. Never the less it shall get used as I do like wearing greens and neutrals.
The pigmentation of the shades is fairly good so I will be interested to test their wearability.

"The original lipstick sealer and the secret of long lasting feather fade and water resistant lipstick."
Full size product: £3.99/7ml
United Kingdom

- I LOVE lipcoat, it is the perfect sealent for my favourite lipstick MAC 'Girl About Town'.
I have been buying Lipcoat for years and it really does work.
Again, I wouldn't deem this a luxury sample but very handy for lippy lover such as myself. Especially those who like to go bold with a statement lip of hot pink or kissable red.

Lipstick in 'Glossy pink'
"Professional beauty lipstick for soft and glamorous lips with a luminous , long lasting colour."
Full size product: £9.50/4g

-I have been really enjoying the little 'Glossybox' extras that we have been recieving in the recent monthly boxes.
Although the lipstick bullet feels so cheaply packaged, the colour of this lippy is very wearble for all skin tones and is great for a daytime lip. I like the versatitily of this lipstick and I shall certainly have it in my everyday makeup bag!

Overall, I feel it was another average box, some cute products included but again nothing that wows me completely.
I would say my favourite product is the Lipcoat (which I could pick up from Bodycare!) and my least favourite product is the Vera Valenti eyeshadow pallette.
What do you think of this months Glossybox?
Love Holl.

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