How much is my face worth?

"I love the confidence  
that makeup gives me"
Tyra Banks

- I currently hold my makeup collection (If you would like to read more about my makeup collection and storage click here ) in my four tier storage system.

With me moving away to university in a months time I have been pondering about what exactly I am going to do with it all.
And although I change my mind at the blink of an eye, I have currently settled on just taking the essentials that I will require for daytime and nighttime looks.
Transporting it around with me and storing it all in my everyday makeup bag,
which looks a little something like this.

- This little moment of thought caused me to think about my university budget and how much I will have set aside for cosmetic items, as I can put money on the fact that I will romp through foundation like nobodys business.

With all of this in my mind, I decided to calculate how much exactly my entire face is worth when it is lathered in products.
I hope that the final figuire will scare me somewhat and I will be startled into thinking about 'budget friendly' cosmetics for the near future!
I am not getting along well with the thought that I will not be able to spend the same amount of money on makeup as I am used to doing for the next three years.
Every lesson is an experience and all that!
This post will also give you a little insight into the products that I reach for in my everyday makeup routine, although I shall be making an updates Youtube video on both the 'whats in my makeup bag tag' and 'my updated everyday makeup routine' very soon!

Soooo, onto the facial calculations so to speak, I am not including skincare or tools just purely my facial cosmetics.

Murad - Skin perfecting Primer £29.00
Rimmel - 'Wake me up foundation' £8.99
Collection 2000 - Lasting perfection concealer £3.99
MUA -  Brow shadow 99p
Bourjois -  'Delice De Poudre' £6.99
Bobbi Brown - Eyeshadow (used as a blush) £16.50
Max Factor - Facefinity Compact Foundation £10.99
Urban Decay - Primer Potion £14.50
Urban Decay -NAKED Pallette £36.00
MAC - Eye kohl smoulder £6.00
MAC - Zoom lash mascara £13.00
MUA Liquid eyeliner £1.00
MAC 'Girl About Town' lipstick £14.00

TOTAL = £161.95
I knew it would be a lot!
I definitly won't be able to shell out this hefty sum all the time so I shall be replacing some of the higher end MAC, Bobbi Brown and Murad products with much sheaper alternatives from the likes of MUA and BeautyUK.
How much does your face cost?
Love, Holl

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