Indie Business of the week!


-  I have been looking for a lovely indie brand to talk about for some time now and ironically
a couple of days a go, I discovered
 Prairie Charms

"Prairie prides itself in sourcing its gems and charms worldwide and aims to provide you with an eclectic mix of the finest, eye-catching gemstones available each with their own 'charming' (get it?) differences derived from natures' own eye. You can never have too many accessories and here at Prairie we strive to update our collections on a regular basis, and better yet all our bracelets are limited edition and fully interchangeable so you can mix and match any set and be safe in the knowledge you own a gem of individuality! And to give back, 10% of proceeds benefit the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, 'Kiss it Better' campaign so you can be a sparkle of hope in the life of a child. 
 Stephanie ♥"

- I was struck by the lovely, intricate pieces and simply HAD to buy one for myself.

I bought this lovely little bracelet named aptly 'Peace Comes From Within' and if you know me, you will know why I picked it.

I love the little Buddha head charm positioned neatly amongst spherical, black beads.
Looking at this bracelet makes me feel very mellow and calm and well…peaceful.

There are so many different, lovely items to choose from including friendship bracelets and brooches.
It is such a lovely little online shop.
Which of the pieces interest you?
Love, Holl
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