REVIEW: Clean and Clear 'Deep action wash'.

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- I have noticed that my local Co-op is now stocking a much wider range of hair and beauty products which, when a complete beauty junkie such as myself lives literally a five minute walk away is dangerous.

You are all probably well aware of the skin issues that I have been having latley.
It has provoked me to read more skincare product reviews in a bid to find one that works for me.
Having had the intention to pick up the Soap and Glory 'Peaches and Clean' and completley forgot after a busy day at work, I opted to pick up the Clean and Clear 'Deep action, cream wash' on one of my visits to the Co-op.

Retailing at £2.99 it is a reasonably priced cleanser from a well known highstreet, skincare brand.
For me, one of the main selling points of this product was the fact it contains Salicylic acid.
Salicylic acid is used to treat many skin complaints including acne, proriasis and dermititus. 
It also used in some shampoos to help prevent dandruff due to it's positive effect on skin cells.
It causes the epidermis (the outer layer of skin) to shed more frequently, opening up clogged pores and preventing them from becoming blocked again by reducing the pore diameter.
It is all very clever.

"Clean and Clear 'Deep action, cream wash' cleans deep down to effectively remove dirt, oil and impurities without clogging pores, and contains a special ingredient to help prevent spots and breakouts. The tingling sensation tells you your skin has been throughly cleaned, leaving it cool, refreshed and really clear."

After discovering that I was indeed sending my skin into a meltdown by cleansing it too much. (Morning and night is way too excesive for me) I only use this product on an evening. 
I take the majority of my makeup off with an anti bacteria facewipe from 'Skin Deep'  and then cleanse my face with the cream wash using warm water and one of my 'Washi' hot clothes and 'Skin Polishing' towel.

I have noticed a considerable difference in my skin since using this product.
Although I have been conducting other changes such as drinking much more water, using a Clearasil toner and using an oil free facial moisturiser alongside this product, but I genuinley feel it has made a difference.
I have much less break out and blemishes on my face, the little collections of blemishes around my hairline and chin are dissapearing and I have a generally even complexion again.
My make up also applies really nicely and leaves a dewy and natural finish, no flaky skin and no excessive oil!
Have you ever tried this product?
Love, Holl

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