REVIEW: John Freida 'FULL REPAIR' Deep conditioner.

 "I'd love to kiss you but 
i've just washed my hair…."
Bette Davies

- As a self confessed hair dye addict, I am always really conscious that my ruby red locks tend to not only look crispy but also feel ridiculously dry.

 This is ofcourse not how I want my hair to feel and look so I have been conducting a few measures to  somewhat revitalise my hair.

At the very worst moments of my hair dye obsession, I would colour my hair every three weeks, sometimes less and slap on a colour toner every week.
When you have red hair, all you want to do is prevent your colour from fading so quickly. 
In turn the colour fade turned me into a crazy woman, always on a mission to keep my red looking vibrant instead of flat.

I have realised that in order for my hair to grow longer it needs to be in much better condition.
This is why I have started introducing regular trims and hair damage rescue products and oils to my haircare routine.

One paricular product that I have noted that has made a considerable difference to the quality of my hair is the. John Frieda, 'Full Repair', Deep conditioner
I bought this from Superdrug and it retails there for £5.99.
Ofcourse, this is a one of purchase I don't like to spend a ridiculous amount on hair products but I really needed something to restore some shine and silk back into my hair.

I have always been an avid fan of John Frieda products, the 'Radiant red' line has always impressed me. And ofcourse, when I was a brunette, the 'Brilliant Brunette' range I liked also.

So what exactly is the product intended to do for our hair?
"Revives overstyled hair, restores and stregthens. Intense repairing formula, with lightweight inca, inchi oil, penetrates deep and repairs the look and feel of over styled hair, reducing the risk of breakage. Damaged hair becomes silky and full. Safe for colour treated and chemically treated hair."

I firstly shampooed and conditoned my hair using Clynol's 'Colour and Care' shampoo and conditioner.
Then after rinsing my hair clear I applied a generous amount of this product and left it to nourish my hair whilst wrapped in a hair towel.
I left the deep conditioner on for around an hour.

I noticed a large difference in the condition of my hair after repeating this process around three times.
My boyfriend commented that my hair no longer feels dry and now feels nice and soft and I have noticed it myself when it comes to running a brush through my mop.
It is now swishy and soft again.
My hair feels full of life and the colour vibrancy has also improved.
Instead of looking dull and matte, my hair now has colour dimensions.

Have you ever tried a hair mask?
Have you noticed results?
Love, Holl

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