Shopping for a new life….

 "Everything will alright in the end, and if it's not alright ,
it's not the end…."

- As I mentioned in my previous post, this week I have been shopping for a new life. 
A new life where I require pans, a tin opener and a potato masher…

It is all very exciting.

 Results pending, in exactly four weeks today I will be sat in a new room in a new city wondering what on earth has happened.
I have since decided to stop moaning on about leaving everything behind here and blubbering on about how I will miss family, friends, boyfriend etc.

Moving away will be bloody amazing! And from now on, all I shall do is embrace it and get ridiculously excited about the whole thing!
I must admit as soon as I find out I am in (if indeed I am 'in') I will be
super giddy and fizzing with excitement.

I keep popping the odd Instagram (@goodgollymisshollie) photograph up on my Twitter feed showcasing some of the items I have picked up for university.
I was then tweeted by quite a few lovely people suggesting I write a post on the goodies that I have aquired. 

Whilst I won't bore you with endless pictures of wooden spoons and ring binders I will show you some of the more exciting and in true form to myself 'quirky' bits and pieces.
It may well be said that it looks as though I am furnishing a six year olds bedroom nevermind a place for a student to live.
But, I suppose you can't have too many sparkly pink accesories right?

Whilst stationary may be one of the less crucial items on my mums mental shopping list.
As a stationary freak I pushed 'stationary essentials' right to the front of my own mental list.
I have always been a lover of quirky notepads and I always find myself having a pencil case full of pens, highlighters and marker pens.
(May I just add, I am very aware that I am a COMPLETE sado) 

This afternoon I found myself with a shopping basket filled with notepads!
And I have to say I jolly well love them!

In particular I love this little one.

Albeit it being rather pricey it is made to a luxurious standard.
The story behind me purchasing this notebook derives from my love for
the artist Gustav Kilmt's 1908, oil painting 'The Kiss'
It is my favourite piece of artwork and although there are many imitations of the piece I would love to have an entire wall dedicated to 'The Kiss'.

Other bits and pieces
(My aim is to make this little room as homely and as lovely as possible)….

Have you bought any uni goodies yet?
I apreiciate that I may have jumped the gun a tad but never fear, I have kept all of my reciepts ;)
Love, Holl

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