29 August 2012

The 2012 Leeds Blogger meet up.


- Saturday the 18th of August saw beauty, lifestyle and fashion bloggers alike colaborate as one big northern team for the 2012 Leeds blogger meet.

Following on from the success of the 2011 Blogger meet
The afternoon was once more arranged by the lovely Ray of (Ohwhoisshe.com) and Tor of (thatspeachy.com)
Two absolutley lovely girls with fantastic blogs who I am sure you have come across in the bloggersphere.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thankyou to both Ray and Tor for taking the time out to arrange such a wonderful afternoon for us all.
It is not often us northern bloggers get a chance to have companies showcase their products to us or have an opportunity to meet other bloggers in an event like Saturdays.

The event was held at Mook bar in the city centre.
 I arrived there with my friend and fellow blogger Jo.
I wore a plain black tank top with a bright red maxi skirt and layered gold, vintage chains.
On my lips, I wore 'Girl about Town' and no fake tan!
I took along my Ebay studded 'focco' and my Primark studded, leather jacket.
It was great to see both some familiar faces and some new faces also.
It was particulaly nice to catch up with Sinead (daintydollymix.com) who I had met the previous year and who has also been nominated for a Cosmo blogger award!

Cocktails  were 2-4-1 at the bar so myself and Jo were straight in on the Cosmos and French Martinis!
Next up it was goody bag time! 
We were all lined up as the goody bags were passed down the line
 and I have to say I was particually touched as I was called to the front by Tor and Ray for my special bag that contained something leopard print…but more on that later ;).

More mingling and drinks later we were introduced to Valerie from (mywild.co.uk)
she spoke to us all about her new company and gave us intresting information about the different kinds of African oils and how they are beneficial to our skin.

Next up we had a rather informative talk from the  Xen Tan lady, Amy who I have to say was sporting the most amazing, even fake tan I have ever seen!
As you know I rather like fake tan…okay, I rather love fake tan so this was an ideal showcase for myself. We were even treated to little sample sizes of Xen tans best selling products.
As a bargain beauty girl I have never tried Xen tan before as the price has made me back away a little but I am excited to try the product to see if it really is as good as it is hyped up to be.
And, if it good enough for Kate Middleton then…..
Amy also introduced us to Glamglow, a deep, nourishing face mask.
I tried a little swatch on my hand and it left my hand feeling deeply moisturised, I can't wait to try it on my face, it has tea leaves inside the product to exfoliate the skin which I think is rather snazzy.

We were also very lucky to be given an item of clothing from (glamorousuk.com) which was amazing!
If you know me, you will know that I am obsessed with a few things in life, two of which are vintage teacups, teapots and antiques and leopard print.
So when I saw this blouse I was in LOVE, It was as though it was made for me!

It was a huge success and I know that everybody enjoyed themselves!
I cannot believe how generous the event sponsors were with these goody bags!
I can't quite believe that I got some leopard print Tweezermans also!
A big fat HA to you, unruly brows!

I am sure there are lots more pictures of the event flying around, so I might pop some more on this post when I find them. 
I had a really great time and it was the perfect end to a fantastic week!
Love, Holl
Click HERE for more information 


  1. Wow this looks amazing! You got some great goodies :) xxx.

  2. Great to meet you! :)


  3. It looks like you had an amazing time! Very jealous of your tweezerman tweezers too! xx

  4. WOW, looks like you all had an amazing time and got some lovely things! I love everything leopard print to, sooo bliddly jealous of your tweezermans ;) xxx.

  5. cant believe i didnt know about the leeds meetup! guttted, looks like it was great!
    nicola xxx

  6. Hope you had an amazing time! It looks like you did :) The blouse is gorgeous !!!!!

    Beautiful Dreams

  7. So many goodies aha!


  8. great post i love everything you got! x

  9. it was lovely to meet you again, great post xx

  10. sounds like you had alot of fun xx


  11. There need to be more Leeds meet ups in the future- I'm still new to the whole blogging thing and would love to go to something like this one day and meet other bloggers from round here!
    Kaz x

  12. lovely write up.. :)
    i too got that black blouse and printed tweezers! they not only look amazing but are amazing!!! :)
    love that other blouse you got too, very cute.


  13. I really wish I'd of come to this, it sounds like such a lovely day! Hopefully next year I'll be feeling a bit more brave haha x


  14. you got some lovely goodies!
    & i love the blouse! :) xx

  15. We had such an amazing time didn't we Hollie , we need to plan another get together soon please. SO PROUD OF YOU , read your article in Gratiza you clever girl! xxxx

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