The Fake Tan Diaries. Make Believe REVIEW.

Make believe 
Self tan lotion

- For the past three months or so, I have worn not an ounce of fake tan on my skin. 
Big statement for me right??
There came a point where seeing my patchy, orange, nasty, discoloured neck, arms and shoulders in my boyfriends bathroom mirror made me feel a little bit gross.

  (May I add that the mirror in question makes you look horrendous at the best of times, it is 100% the worst mirror to look in when you have just woken up from your slumber)
I'd had enough and I quit the bottle.
The bottle of St Moriz dark lotion found is way to the very back of my beauty trunk.

Now, three months has passed and I am fed up of looking positivily ghostly.
I have really tried to embrace the pale but I just can't do it.
I don't look right on nights out, I don't feel as confident in myself and in my dresses and I generally just feel stark white and transparent.
I look like I have had a fortnight in the north pole nevermind the med.

The Leeds blogger meet up didn't help matters either when off I tottered all casper-esc and the Xen tan lady was wearing the most wonderfully applied, golden fake tan.
Basically, I have been yearning for the tan.

I know me, and I just feel so much more confident sporting a tan!

Lately I have been trying out some new tanning products.

The product I would like to share with you today is the
Make Believe
Self Tan lotion in Zone 3 - Medium tan.

"We believe that it requires more than colour alone to achieve the perfect tan, good preparation and healthy moisturised skin are an essential part of your flawless look.
Our formulations not only deliver lasting streak free colour, but also help with your skins conditioning needs and are packed with an extensive compliment of ingredients to ensure you look and feel your best"

Moisturising - The rain forest blend is an infusion of naturally derived exotic rainforest oils that imparts intense moisturisation. Cohune oil, Brazil Nut oil and all spice extract.

Caffiene -  helps to stimulate cellulite breakdown.

CO-Enzyme - helps reduce fatty acids.

Buplerum Falcatum Root extract - helps tighten the skin with firming and toning benefits.

Fruit extracts - provide anto oxidants and melanin stimulants.

The shade medium 3 is designed to give you the classic holiday tan. There are 5 shades to choose from
The colour develops in 2-4 hours.


One day after application

What do I think of Make Believe tan?
Firstly the smell of this product is amazing, I really cannot put my finger on what exactly it is but it smells of sweets and fruit and well, Christmas time!
It is just lovely.
I also like the creamy consistency of this product.
Some people may hate this but I actually enjoy the fact that you can't exactly see where the tan is being applied as instead it feels like you are literally applying a moisturiser.
This tends to make me apply the product more liberally.
I really like the colour pay off of this product it stays true to it's word and gives you a beautiful sunkissed glow.
Nothing orange, nothing Essex-esc.
The colour of my skin is very similar to a shade I would gain from a holiday abroad.
Being naturally pale I only tend to pick up a sunkissed glow in a fortnight so I like that this product stays true to me.

 Have you ever tried this tan?
Which is your favourite fake tan on the market?
Love, Holl

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