The full tale about my face….

"Once upon a time, on an important day
my face erupted…."

- Hi Everyone! 
I apologise for my posts being a little sporadic this week, I have been super, super busy working away on a little project.
And in amongst that I have been shopping with my mum to loot all of my university living goodies
(6 days till results argh!)
And then…….
 spending every other free second catching up with my friends who have been on holiday over the summer and seeing boyfy as every day that passes is another day closer to not seeing him.
Sad face!

This afternoon I have ventured inside and out of the sunshine to talk about my face.
Ahhhh lovely!

Okay, so as you know my face and I have not been friends latley.
It all started with 'Porefessional Gate' and ever since that day things have no longer been the same!

I have always preached on about having nice, clear skin and only having to deal with the occasional blemish here and there.
Karma certainly came and bit me on the bum with that one!

I figuired that cleansing my skin morning and night with a select few products
 (all from the same line in  a 3 step series)
would help and my face  return to it's normal self.
In reality my skin which has never been acustomed to being cleansed DAY and NIGHT went into culture shock and started erupting all over the bloody place!
It was even worse than it was in the first place.
And all at a time when I really, really needed my face to be nice and clear!

I quit the extreme cleansing and began some very drastic tactics.
And I know I shouldn't have done it,
 I know, I know.
I am sharing this in the hope that you do not do the same!

To start, I just used my old faithful Cleanse and Polish on an evening, just like before.
Taking my makeup off with a face wipe and then finishing off with the hot cloth cleanser.
That all sounds good and dandy so far right?

Then the extreme antics began…
(Please do not try this at home)

I dried off my face and doused it in neat TCP. Not watered down, no, NEAT TCP.
Not only was the smell deathly but my face felt like I had been stung by a million bee's and a trillion wasps.
But I figuired, no pain, no gain right?

Burn you nasty spots, burn away…

Secondly I put a large helping of my arch nemisis 'Panoxyl' on top of my angry, red, bulging spots which were popping up left right and centre by the second!
Not only did this add to the pain but I already hate this evil stuff for being so drying and horrible.
But my reasoning was,


Before I hopped into bed I rubbed a good helping of savlon all over my face.
When I awoke in the morning, I was greeted by a rather strange sight.

I wouldn't be lying if I said that I resembled an extremley sunburnt, peely person crossed with someone who had undergone several chemical peels.


So now I still have red spots but they are also neighbours with extreme dry patches that my foundation clings to, my face is tight and sore and generally looks horrendous.
Can anybody suggest some skincare that is good for oily skin?
My skin has certainly changed and it is too much for me to handle!
Love, Holl

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